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Living in Canada, you know the pain of Canadian winters. Driving through slush and snow, nothing makes you want to vacation somewhere warm more than hearing the jingle on the radio. Now SelloffVacations is making it even easier for Canadians to travel as they introduce their new Travel FX card. And they want to give you a chance to win some money of your own.


Canadians have been travelling with SellOffVacations for 30 years. SellOffVacations is known for making travel easy and affordable. Now, they are introducing their Travel FX card to help Canadians travel without the pain of trying to convert money while away.

The Travel FX Card

Most travel cards convert Canadian dollars into local currency when you buy something abroad. I’ve spent time in American stores and restaurants trying to calculate the exchange rate on my iPhone to figure out if a $500 Travel Card bought in the Canada would cover a $400 purchase in the US.

Instead of using that approach, the NEW SellOffVacations Travel FX card is instead preloaded with the foreign currency of your choice. A huge bonus is that by preloading the card in the country’s currency, the foreign exchange rate is locked in and you don’t need to worry about fluctuations as you travel. I’m now wishing that option had been available a few months ago when the Canadian dollar was much stronger than it is now ahead of our trip to Hawaii next week.

The SelloffVacations Travel FX card also gets rid of the pain of using a traditional credit card and being faced with the question of whether you purchase on the spot in local currency or purchase in Canadian dollars. I’ve returned home from more than one trip to find the fees were much higher than I expected.

The SellOffVacations Travel FX card is an easy solution. Load with the local currency and know what it will cost you in Canadian dollars from the get-go. Travel to the country and know that spending $100 US Dollars will actually withdraw $100 US Dollars from the card. Easy peasy.


Using the SellOffVacations Travel FX card

So how does the card actually work? You can order the SellOffVacations Travel FX Card here. You simply purchase the card currently at a low fee, lock in the exchange rate and secure the funds on your new card. You can then use the SellOffVacations Travel FX Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted including online, over the phone, and at ATMs.

You can load up to equivalent of $3000 CDN in US Dollars, Mexican Pesos, British Pounds and Euros.


Card security is important to all travelers and SellOffVacations understands this concern. The SellOffVacations Travel FX Card is protected with PIN and chip technology. The card contains no links to your main bank account.

Re-loading the SellOffVacations Travel FX Card

If you need more money while on the go, it is easy to reload your Travel FX Card. You can also track your spending in real time.  Find out more here or here here.

Twitter Party Details

To learn more about the SellOffVacations Travel FX Card make sure to join me and hosts @rossanawyatt and @cammipham  on Twitter on Wednesday, February 10th at 9:30 PM ET. Make sure to RSVP for the party to be eligible for over $2000 in prizes including:

  • Early bird prize – 1 x $100 gift card
  • 7 x $100 gift card
  • 1 x $500 gift card
  • Grand Prize 1 x $1000 gift card

I’ll be tweeting from beautiful Oahu, Hawaii! Can’t wait to see you all there.

  *DISCLAIMER:This post is brought to you by SellOffVacations™. All thoughts, opinions are my own.

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