Black Friday Canada

There are perks to being Canadian like free health care and unlimited maple syrup but we do miss out on some of America’s greatest traditions like Super Bowl commercials and of course Black Friday. That being said, a lot of retailers are now offering Canadians deals to shop in Canada instead of crossing the border. Here are the best deals I’ve found that you can easily take advantage of in Canada. And hey you don’t even have to cook a turkey and then abandon your families to get in line at Walmart or Toys r Us.

Black Friday Canada


Target Canada is going hard advertising on morning shows, with targeted Facebook ads and more. What I like about Target’s offerings this year is that although the electronics aren’t mind-blowing cheap, you get target gift cards back with purchase. Gift cards you could use on say practical things like more electronics or pajamas. Plus, if you combine them with the kind of promo codes you can find online on Raise and other sites you can save even more.

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I am a little curious to see how Target handles Black Friday in Canada, as the stores here seem rather empty at most times including the stock on the shelves. Not curious enough to wait in line at a Target unfortunately. Black Friday begins at 6:00 am on Friday November 28th and technically continues through the weekend although I would caution I don’t feel there’s enough stock at most Target stores to make it passed noon on Black Friday.

Tip: In comparing the US and Canadian Target flyers, a lot of the big ticket items are the same and shockingly the same price. Don’t drive to the US and face customs charges if you are really just looking for electronics and kids toys and pyjamas.

For flyers from other big retailers click on the links that follow:

Best Buy (opens Friday at 6:00 am);

Walmart (Check local listings. Sale starts Friday morning);

Old Navy (opens Friday at 7:00 am- 50% off everything in store and online).


It isn’t really Christmas unless you are searching endlessly for deals on toys your kids will only play with for 3 days. Toys R Us Canada definitely has this category wrapped up with a price match guarantee and 50% off sale. Stores open at 7:00 am on Black Friday.

Toys R Us Black Friday

Tip: Toys r Us offers amazing deals on batteries this time of year (i.e. buy a mega pack on sale and still get one free). Pick some up for the entire next year.


Porter Airlines is offering the best deal I have found so far with 60% off flights. Porter’s Black Friday sale is already open and remains open until 11:59 pm on November 28th. Disclaimer: I LOVE Porter. I love the outfits, the raccoon, the small airports and the free wine. Most of all I love the online sales.

Are you staying put this year for Black Friday Canada? Found a great deal? Leave it in the comments below!

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