2015 Fitness Trends

It’s the start of a New Year and as moms, we want to be as fit as we can for our kids and ourselves. It’s not all about working out though and nutrition and even relaxation play a big role in our general fitness and wellbeing. I’ve been trying new and different ways to workout, get nutritious and relax and I wanted to share them with you. As you know, I am not a doctor, personal trainer or nutritionist. These are just things I have tried and loved. There are no affiliate links in this post and I have not been paid to post about any of these services.

Ten 2015 Fitness Trends to Try

1. Warm Water & Lemon

A great friend of mine, stellar nutritionist and yoga guru recently sat down with me to talk about kicking off 2015 right. Her biggest recommendation was the simple step of starting everyday drinking warm water and lemon. She is not alone in the belief that this is the only way to start your day. Turns out this simple trick helps improve digestion, boosts mineral absorption like Vitamin C, and naturally detoxifies your body. How much do you need? According to her, you should drink as much as you can before having anything to eat. Also if you have purified warm water even better. The water does not need to be hot. Just warm will do.

2. Detox

DetoxWe’ve all heard about every different Detox on the market and I’m sure most of you have tried more than one but it can be hard to find one that actually yields results. My friend was telling me about the success of her 7-day detox diet the other day and how finding the right company to do it with makes all the difference — and I agree 100%.

In my early-ish 30s, I developed a complete intolerance to dairy. I have gone through food allergy testing, pill and juice detoxes and more without much help. By the time Christmas was over this year, I felt bloated, full of chocolate and slightly hopeless. I read an article on a friend’s Facebook page about Wholy Tea and figured it was worth a try. My previous juice detox had cost me almost $300 and in the end, I mostly gagged on the strange flavours of cayenne peppers and juice and then gave up halfway through. Wholy Tea was essentially a dollar a day so I figured I might as well try it.

The first thing I noticed was that it tasted good. Like really good. Normal ice tea good. After that, I went through the process and found that not only did I lose some weight, I lost a lot of my Christmas bloat. I can see it being a regular fixture every 3 or 4 months in 2015.

3. Get Bendy in Jock Yoga

Whether or not you are a natural yogi, Jock Yoga may be something you really fall in love with. I’ve been doing it regularly for over 2 years and find that the fast pace and OMM-less atmosphere make it a perfect fit for me. The practice of Jock Yoga is focused on strength and endurance rather than flexibility. You will find all sorts of people in the classes. It also is practiced to modern music (dance and top 40). Check out jockyoga.com for more.

Here is a basic intro to proper chaturanga from Jock Yoga creator Michael DeCorte made for Glow Magazine. Don’t let it scare you. Not many people are doing the advanced poses at the end in these classes.

4. Barre Fitness / Ballet Fitness

BarreworkAnother fitness trend I am personally loving is ballet fitness classes (barre fitness) offered in many gyms and studios. The most popular in Toronto being Barreworks which was named the Best Workout Studio in Toronto 2 years in a row by Now Magazine and Toronto Life.

If you ever dreamed of being a ballerina as a girl, this is the workout for you. I find the classes challenging and also incredibly fun. You get to do your standard pliés and ballet moves but also hold toning balls for a little more of a workout. The classes are designed to blend yoga, Pilates, and fitness conditioning with a touch of dance resulting in fat burning, muscle sculpting and stress relief.

It’s definitely a trend that is spreading quickly because it is efficient and fun. Have you seen ballet dancers’ bodies? I thought I would feel stupid doing it but I don’t. You won’t either. Check out this video from Barreworks for a great intro to barre fitness.



5. Lululemon High Times Pant

Lululemon High Times PantAs I said earlier, I was feeling more than a wee bit bloated after Christmas. Frankly the last thing I wanted to do was walk into Jock Yoga or Barreworks, worrying that my 2 kids and 8000 bottles of wine later belly was popping out. One night while strolling through Lululemon in Toronto, I hit the jackpot when I noticed something called the High Times Pant. Basically, ladies, the pant keeps your belly where you want it while you are downward dogging, bending over a barre or in my case more than once leaning on a different kind of bar exhausted and sipping pinot grigio.

6. Float Tanks

Float tanks are taking Canada by storm as the ultimate tool in relaxation. The tanks are filled with water at 93 degrees which is your exact body temperature with the room heated to the exact same temperature. The tanks are filled with 1000 pounds of salt making you float on the surface. The benefits to floating are endless but include stress relief, relief from pain and injuries, regulated sleep patterns, improved concentration, full body detoxification and even skin rejuvenation. Float Tanks are located across Toronto and Canada and are worth a try even if all you get out of it is one solid hour to yourself.

Floatation Tank

Photo Credit: http://www.extravaganzi.com/


7. Walking Dates

I discovered the joy of walking dates recently, when my friend Tanya invited me for coffee once our kids started school. I always feel weird admitting this but I’ve never had coffee and I feel really weird sitting in Starbucks sipping water. We decided instead to go for a walk which has now turned into a tradition. Instead of sitting, we spend our time together walking. Our conversations range from our childhoods to every day life stresses but at the end we both feel we’ve had a little fitness and some good friend to friend therapy. Taking the first step is easy and it will help you take a bigger step towards general happiness and wellness in 2015.

8. Massages

Are you ready for this stat? The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association estimates over 23 million people, or 67 per cent of the Canadian population have extended health care benefits. Still most companies admit under 20% of their employees or employees’ spouses use the benefits that cover massages. Check you coverage. You may be shocked to find out your plan will cover at least a massage every 30 days. In my humble opinion, the best Toronto massage is found at the Four Seasons. Of course most days, any old massage is a great one.

9. Chocolate

Photo Credit: Soma Chocolatemaker

Photo Credit: Soma Chocolatemaker

The secret to making chocolate healthy is simply to make sure you are eating actual chocolate. According to Women’s Health Magazine, if you stick to chocolate that is at least 70% cacao, you can reap massive benefits from eating up to 7 ounces or about four dark chocolate bars a week.

The benefits to consuming real chocolate include a reduce risk of heart failure, easier weight loss, diabetes prevention and more. My favourite store in Canada for real authentic chocolate is Soma Chocolatemaker.

10. Wine

Want some good news? Wine and particurlarly red wine is good for you. More here. Just don’t drink the whole bottle. That apparently defeats the benefits. It’s a theory I’m currently testing.

2015 Fitness Trends

These are my first steps to fitness in 2015. What are yours?


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  1. I really enjoyed this post and am going to add some of these to my routine – especially the chocolate!

    cortney blackburn / Reply
  2. Great list! I would LOVE to win a Barreworks pass!!

    Ciana / Reply
  3. I would love love love to try Barreworks! I have been looking for new ways to get fit and healthy! I really think this kind of exercise would be really neat!

    Jahra / Reply
  4. Great post. Love barreworks. Really want to try a float tank too!

    Sam Taus / Reply
  5. I took ballet classes throughout my teens and loved it, and have been so curious about Barreworks! Would really love to try out their classes!

    Denise / Reply
  6. I don’t know were I’d be without my floats, floats are a big part of my life

    Lise Anderson / Reply
  7. Awesome Post! Love Barreworks!!

    Maria / Reply

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