Unicef Trick or Treat

images-1Remember those little orange Unicef boxes that you used to lug around every Halloween. Well they are back…sort of. Here is the low down on Unicef Trick or Treat and how you and your kids can help!

Unicef Trick or Treat

As our kids are being raised in the digital era, the Unicef Trick or Treat website provides two alternatives: online fundraising or the traditional door to door campaign.

Online fundraising Unicef

The online fundraising site allows kids to set up a fundraising page through Crowdrise.com. The site shows the top trick-or-treaters which today sadly are mostly adults.

If you want your kids to go old school this Halloween, you can print labels from Unicef to put on cans. Once your kids collect all their coins, it is probably easiest to count them up and actually make the payment via website on a Visa and then head to the bank and pay off the charge.

Unicef can

You can of course tie the two together and double fundraise this Halloween!

About Unicef Trick or Treat

Since 1950 kids have been participating in Unicef Trick or Treat. The campaign originally began in America as a way to help kids who needed more than candy. Since 1950 more than $170 million has been raised in America alone for the cause. In Canada, October 31st is officially national Unicef day and Canadians are invited to donate trick-or-treating funds through the Canadian Unicef site.

Where Does the Money Go?

As a kid, I always wondered two things on the day after Halloween. The first was where did all my Snickers bars go (I’m looking at you Dad) and the second was where did those orange boxes full of change go. As an adult, I was interested to learn that 91.2 cents of every dollar goes directly to children around the world. Unicef Canada has now adopted a new slogan, No Child Too Far.

How Does Only a Few Dollars Count?

Even if you are thinking its too close to Halloween to bother, consider that if you are able to raise $5, a child who is undernourished will be fed for 5 days. A small collection of $10 will help Unicef vaccinate 280 children. Even a $1 donation will make a huge difference by providing a child with clean and safe drinking water for 40 days.

for unicef

How Can You Help?

There are a few ways to help. You can go ahead and set up an online fundraising site. You can go old school and equip your kids with cans labeled for Unicef. You can even help by simply having coins at the door in case Unicef trick-or-treaters come to your house. Keep in mind that even small donations can add up to a big difference in the life of a child.

Why I Think Its Important?

UnicefI love the Unicef Trick or Treat campaign as it was a huge part of my Halloween growing up. No one at Unicef contacted me or asked me to write this post and in all reality, I didn’t even tell them I was. I am releasing it a few days early, as I want to give you time to consider introducing this initiative to your kids. A small can on a bit of string is the perfect introduction for very young trick-or-treaters into the reality that not every one is quite as privileged as they are. Unicef is the first fundraiser I ever participated in and one that shaped my view of the world. Kids need to be introduced to the concept that there are children just like them out there without food and water. It always blow my mind when mine get sick that a few days of diarrhoea and television at home could mean death for a child in another country.

Do I think you need to email all your friends and do a last minute scramble? No. I do think it would be beneficial to go through the Unicef website with kids and introduce them to the facts and then let them decide if they want to fundraise for kids around the world. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a kid who isn’t touched by the reality of what’s happening elsewhere on Earth.

Pay It Forward Friday

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Did you Unicef Trick or Treat as a kid? Will you do it with your kids this Halloween?

All photos in this post are credited to Unicef.


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