My Buddy Swiffer

MyBuddySwifferAs a mom of 2 and dog mom of 2, I often feel like I’m alone in the battle to keep the house clean. Managing spills, crumbs, dog hair and doggie “accidents” can be a tad bit overwhelming. My plan in the past and to this day has always been to rely on a good friend who understood the frustrations and didn’t judge as I swept up the messes and then rewarded myself with those mini chocolate bars I buy months in advance in case Halloween pops up on me. That friend is my buddy Swiffer.

Me and My Buddy Swiffer

My relationship with my buddy Swiffer isn’t a new one. My first dog Daisy was a shedding Jack Russell and my buddy Swiffer and I spent a lot of time together in those days. Since having babies, I have relied on Swiffer to clean everything from floor to ceiling. I even went as far as to rip all the carpets out of our house.

Swiffer Fanatic

Recently, my buddy Swiffer and I have taken our relationship to a new level. Although I don’t often work with brands on the blog, I had to smile with I was approached by Swiffer to become a brand ambassador on their new Swiffer Fanatic squad. They loved that Charlie had bedazzled our Swiffer and wanted to know if I wanted to help spread the joy that is the Swiffer brand. Over the next year, my job as a Swiffer Fanatic will be to help spread the Swiffer Effect by paying it forward in my own community through exciting activities, product trials, giveaways, and more. If you read this blog often, you know that paying it forward is very important to me and I was glad to be able to bring the Swiffer Effect to Toronto.

Swiffer Headquarters

When Swiffer and I formalized our relationship, it meant more than a change in my Facebook status. Instead Swiffer swept me off my feet and brought me to Cincinnati, Ohio, the headquarters for Swiffer. Together we stayed at a gorgeous hotel, ate delicious food and talked about forming our year long alliance that will include getting the opportunity to delivery Swiffer boxes just like these to people like you!


Insider Swiffer Tips

Though the whole trip was excellent, the things I wanted to share most with you were some insider tips on how to properly use Swiffer products. I am not much for reading instruction labels so a lot of these came as a big surprise to me. They have also helped keep are house even cleaner in less time.

1. Swiffer Sweeper Weaving Motion

From Day 1 of having a shedding dog, I had a Swiffer Sweeper. Those tiny white hairs stuck to everything and covered my floors in a layer of white hair that made it seem like I had 9 puppies not one living in the house. Even back then the Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth was the only tool that could keep the situation under control. Turns out that the Swiffer is designed to be most effective if you think of one side of it as the front. You should always move the Swiffer in a forward motion with the front of the pad catching dirt, hair and dust. To go the other way, a quick flick of the wrist will turn the Swiffer so the front will be facing any direction you need to go. Think of making an S pattern and swerving to turn instead of pushing the Swiffer Sweeper forwards and then pulling it back.

2. Swiffer Duster Fluffing

When you remove the Swiffer Duster from the packing it is quite flat. In the past, I have just inserted it on the duster stick and been on my way. Although this works, it turns out you can supercharge your Swiffer Duster by fluffing it before you place it on the stick. Probably not news to most of you as the instructions are conveniently printed on the side of the box, but it has seriously extended the life of my Swiffer Duster giving it more room to trap even more dust.

3. Swiffer Wet Jet Innovations

Although not really an insider tip, I wanted to bring up quickly some of the innovations on the new Swiffer Wet Jet. Having relied mostly on my Swiffer Sweeper with wet cloth to clean our floors, I couldn’t believe how much more powerful the Wet Jet was when I tried it. I haven’t had a Wet Jet in quite a few years and can tell you the new dual sprayer design and easy to find battery compartment make using the Wet Jet easier and even quicker. Even the design of the new box meant that I could quickly opened the box without scissors or a knife, assemble the wet jet and get to mopping in under 2 minutes. Particularly helpful as one of those earlier mentioned “pet accidents” had just occurred.

4. Swiffer Brand versus Store Brand

The final thing I wanted to mention was that I finally answered the age old question of whether or not the store brand knock-off pads and dusters are the same as the ones made by Swiffer. They have to be right? Not even close. I was able to the compare up close and learnt that only Swiffer is able to use their patented technology so while the pads and dusters may look the same, they lack the essential tools that make Swiffer products work. You don’t need to take my word for it, just grab an official Swiffer Sweeper pad and hold it in one hand with the store brand in the other. You will immediately see the difference.

What’s Next For Me and My Buddy Swiffer

As me and my buddy Swiffer embark on this year long journey together, you will get to hear more about the products and why I love them. More importantly, you will get to take part in some surprise deliveries and giveaways as I go around town spreading the Swiffer Effect. Keep an eye on this page and my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more to come!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I am part of the #SwifferFanatic team receiving perks and benefits and as always all views and experiences are always that of my own.

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