25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit – Book Review

As you know by now, I am a proud Canadian. As a traveler, I have been privileged to visit several different countries but to me Canada is home. Recently, fellow travel blogger Jody Robbins asked me to check our her new book 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit. This review will let you know why it’s a great buy or gift for any family who loves to travel.

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit By Jody Robbins

As much as I love the Internet, I am a book girl. I have never made the jump to an e-reader and frankly don’t intend to. Books are an escape for me. 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit is the perfect example. The book not only lists some of my favourite Canadian destinations, it provides images to help you plan your dream Canadian adventure. Wih each destination, you’ll even find tips on where to eat, sleep and how to get around using public transportation.

What I love most about this book is the tone that resonates within every page. Jody Robbins clearly loves travel and loves Canada. This book is her way of sharing those loves with the world. Through it, she is encouraging families from places near and far to truly experience the land she and I call home.

Which 25 Places are Tops in Canada for Families?

While expected places like Toronto, Niagara Falls and Quebec City to make the list, there are also a few hidden gems to learn about. Ever heard of Saguenay Fjord? Me neither, but now I am planning an adventure to the 105 Kilometre inlet that is home to whales, wolves and caribou.

Why Travel Canada Now?

This summer, Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary through Canada 150. Not only is admission to Canada’s National Parks free but cities across the country are hosting epic events to help celebrate. With the Canadian dollar sitting lower than the U.S. dollar, it’s even easier for our North American neighbours to come explore.

What Tops the 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit?

While Jody Robbins does not play favourites in her book, I will. My new home town of Calgary is one of my favourite places to recommend to families. A foodie city that is full of energy welcomes you with incredible offerings for families like the Brainasium outdoor playground at the Telus Spark science centre. After exploring the city, head to Banff National Park to see the best of the Canadian Rockies or to Drumheller and Dinosaur Provincial Park to explore the badlands. Each of these areas are recommended by Robbins and clearly also hold a place in her heart as places worth exploring.

Want to head East? Robbins recommends incredible spots like New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Western Newfoundland. While I’ve explored these places without my kids, a read of this book has convinced me it’s probably time to head back with them in tow.

Travel Tips

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit concludes with a list of travel tips from packing like a pro to saving money. These are great for families who are ready to hit the road but a little nervous of whats to come. I found that even with how much we travel the tips were a perfect read before we begin our summer travels to British Columbia and the United States.

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit

Whether you are a seasoned family traveler or ready to plan some new adventures, 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit By Jody Robbins is a great read. Her love of travel is inspiring and her recommendations will help you and your kids get excited for your next Canadian adventure!

Hiking in Canmore

Happy travels to you all.

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