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I wasn’t going to put this post up quite yet but so many Toronto moms have contacted me to ask where we were yesterday when I was posting photos via Instagram and Twitter that I figured I would share this before tomorrow’s dreaded PA day. We were checking out Planet Fun located in Toronto at Eglinton East and Warden in the old home of Funnelz.

What is Planet Fun?

TorontoAs you would expect, Planet Fun is similar to most indoor playgrounds in Toronto. Still, it returns to fill a huge gap for indoor fun on Toronto’s East end. Although smaller places like Sprouts in Leslieville dot Queen and Kingston road, the east side of Toronto has left parents with kids over 4 with very little cheap, accessible, indoor fun.

The good news is you no longer will have to trek your kids to Toronto on really cold days as Planet Fun is launching with 10,000 square feet of indoor fun for less than lunch at McDonalds would cost. Admission is $8 for the first child and $5 for siblings over 1. Parents are admitted free and receive good perks like free Wi-Fi and comfy couches.

Management and Safety

I contacted Planet Fun myself as I was desperate to get in and see the new set up. I loved Funnelz when it first opened and as a non-winter person really wanted to bring my kids in to get their opinions of the playground. I met with management who impressed me from the get go. Planet Fun did not reopen Funnelz. They instead went out and purchased a HUGE brand new indoor playground from the same people that make all the McDonalds indoor playgrounds. Why? Because they are the safest. But safety doesn’t stop there. Unlike other indoor playgrounds I have seen, Planet Fun has hired staff to man the playground. Sure accidents will still happen but moms and dads can relax a little knowing the entire structure is adult accessible and nice young energetic staff members are willing to get in it and fetch your children.

I was most impressed watching Charlie bounce in the bouncy house. As you may now know from Charlie’s famed arm breaking incident, Charlie has very little concept of fear. Somehow she managed in all her excitement to literally bounce out of the bouncy house as she has done numerous times before. Instead of rolling down the ramp thing as usual, a young gentleman caught her midair and placed her gently back in the house. It was pretty impressive. All this being said the safety crew are not babysitters so you cannot just expect to leave your kids there unattended. Well you can but I’ll get to that in a minute.


The final thing that impressed me about the stay was their commitment to cleanliness. A big complaint about Funnelz was that it got very dirty near the end of its run. The staff here understands the importance of cleanliness and are committed to keeping Planet Fun clean. Seriously, just drop something on the ground and watch them quickly run over and pick it up.

Indoor Playground

The structure itself is quite fun. How do I know? I went through the whole thing top to bottom in the name of research of course. The slides are fun but beware the three blue and pink slides are FAST. Kids are warned before going down them and shown how to land. I figured the best way to show you the giant structure was to let Will give you a tour from a kids point of view. So without further ado:


Special Needs

A nice thing about Planet Fun is they are focused on welcoming every child to the facility. Some of the managers are even trained PSWs who have worked in the past with different types of autism and other needs. When installing the smaller slides, the staff was consulted to choose structures that would include a sensory experience and a sensory table has also been put into the space. The entire structure is adult accessible so you do not need to worry about any child getting stuck inside of it. You are welcome to enter it yourself and play with your kids and on hand staff know the quickest ways to get up and find your children. Particularly when they are hiding from you because its time to leave.



Planet Fun is striving to be a peanut safe facility. That being said there is no guarantee the entire place will be peanut free. All food sold at Planet Fun is being made onsite and I was impressed by the selection they plan to offer. Kids and adults will be able to choose from fresh pasta made to order, salads, pizza, and even gluten-free options.


When you arrive at Planet Fun you will no doubt notice the giant Cineplex next door to it and long to escape and watch a movie. The good news is you can! Planet Fun is offering both a Drop and Shop program as well as a Dinner and a Movie program. Dinner and a Movie will include dropping your kids off on a Friday or Saturday night where they will enjoy movie night in the party room complete with food and entertainment. There will also be xboxes onsite and of course the chance to just play in the structure completely supervised. I brought Charlie home around 7 pm and after a few hours at Planet Fun and a quick dinner, my four year old transferred directly to bed and slept through the night. Not a bad plan for a weekend night. To learn more about the babysitting services including availability and rates call (416) 750-7529.

Birthday Parties

Of course Planet Fun will also specialize in birthday parties. Complete packages start from $295.

Grand Opening!

Planet Fun is hosting its Grand Opening Friday, December 5th at 5:00 pm. They are open all day Friday (from 10 am on) to accommodate for the PA day. The Grand Opening will feature face painting, a chance to play, lots of onsite staff, food, treats, draws and a visit from a very special Christmas guest. No its not Anna and Elsa.

Win a Pack of 10 Day Passes!

Planet Fun was so excited to welcome my readers that they offered to give away a package of 10 day passes to one lucky winner. You can enter here from now until December 19 at noon. I will draw the winner that day to make sure you have the passes in time for the school holidays!


Have any questions or comments about Planet Fun? Leave them below.


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