Philips Sound Father’s Day Giveaway

What Dad doesn’t love to listen to music on the go? My friends at Philips Sound have come up with a great Father’s Day gift pack for me to share you! Here is what you can win!

Ultra Slim Multiple Outlet

How often are you stuck without enough plugs? With all the technology families today have it is a common problem. My favourite travel fix is the Philips Ultra Slim Multiple Outlet. The outlet is light and thin and will fit right into Dad’s briefcase or carry on. Plug it in and you have two extra outlets and two USB outlets at your fingertips. Forget about carrying all those adapters around!P1010387

Action Fit  Headphones

I have been using these headphones for a while and absolutely love them. With 3 different sized caps, they will fit any size ears. The reason I love these so much is that they are rain and sweat proof. No more getting shocked in the ear when you break a sweat in the gym. Note: They are pink so a good chance Dad might re-gift these back to you before he tries them. Once he tries them, you have no chance of getting them.


Philips Wireless Portable Speaker

No matter where Dad goes, he can bring the party with him with this Philips Wireless Portable Speaker. The speaker is light, sleek and bluetooth compatible. Add in a built in rechargeable battery and Dad is ready to take his music wherever he goes.


Enter Now!

Want to win this awesome Philips prize back for someone you love or to keep for yourself? Just enter here. Contest open in the US and Canada until Friday June 27, 2014.


58 Comments on this post

  1. I would blast Dreams by Fleetwood Mac while sipping on a wine spritzer with all my girlfriends singing along!!

    Emily / Reply
  2. Thriller would be my first song to play!

    Ace / Reply
  3. Knowing my dad its going to be the old country classics.

    donna makayak / Reply
  4. Probably a Disney song!

    Megan / Reply
  5. Queen Princes of the Universe.

    Eric R / Reply
  6. I would blast Mr Fete. It is my sons guaranteed get up and dance song.

    Brandee H / Reply
  7. Seeing as this would be for my husband, the first song would be something by Boston or Bruce Springsteen.

    Monique L.S. / Reply
  8. The first song would be ‘come with me now’ – kongos

    Monica / Reply
  9. I’d play “Carry on My Wayward Son” by Kansas!

    Katie Contests / Reply
  10. I would blast Happy from Pharrell because I would be happy I won.

    paul gorecki / Reply
  11. The first song I would blast is “Curses” by Bullet For My valentine!

    Marci Wright / Reply
  12. Stairway to Heaven 🙂

    Lori Jackson / Reply
  13. I would blast THRILLER

    Maureen G / Reply
  14. I would blast anything Guns & Roses.

    Marla King / Reply
  15. I would probably be blasting Frozen songs out first. Or maybe Crazy Love by Hawk Nelson.

    Viv Sluys / Reply
  16. I would blast “Song 2′ by Blur

    spamgirl / Reply
  17. I would be blasting Christian music, such as Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin.

    Natalie / Reply
  18. I would rock the song by Micheal Frante’ Say Hey (I love you)

    KAren E Hill / Reply
  19. something country , probably Thats my kinda night Luke Bryan

    sarah jackson / Reply
  20. Something by Nickleback 🙂

    Andrea Amy / Reply
  21. I would play Wild Love by Pitbull!

    Courtnie / Reply
  22. I would blast a dance song to test the speaker

    Yuen C / Reply
  23. 5:15 by The Who

    Jason E Woods / Reply
  24. I would blast either “Rock N Roll All Nite”, by Kiss or “Rockstar” by Nickelback.

    Mike Bratek / Reply
  25. Tornado by Little Big Town

    Cristy Ridey / Reply
  26. I would listen to Mony Mony.

    joanne darrell / Reply
  27. I would love to blast out that Happy song by Pharrel. It’s stuck in my head 🙂

    Suzie B / Reply
  28. I would blast out Sweet child of mine by Guns N Roses!

    Gord / Reply
  29. I would be rocking out to Blurred Lines!

    Crystal Englot / Reply
  30. Definitely a song by Queen!

    Melissa A. / Reply
  31. I’d blast American Authors- Best Day of My Life!

    Alana / Reply
  32. Celebrate.

    Alexa Nernberg / Reply
  33. I would play the song Bohemian Rhapsody full blast.

    Suzanne G / Reply
  34. If I die young by Perry.

    nicolthepickle / Reply
  35. anything by BRMC

    Vesper / Reply
  36. Vultres by John Mayer

    Taylor Allen / Reply
  37. maggie may

    barbara butler / Reply
  38. Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys

    Paola / Reply
  39. Would probably listen to some of our kids songs on the iPod lol. Maybe the Hampster Dance

    Allison lesley / Reply
  40. One of Dave Alvin’s songs

    Eugenie / Reply
  41. The Story by Brandi Carlile

    Howell / Reply
  42. I would blast Give A Little More by Maroon 5 then follow with Unfinished Symphony by Massive Attack!


    Mishelle / Reply
  43. Anything by arcade fire 🙂

    jessica s / Reply
  44. Pride and Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughan

    david e / Reply
  45. I would listen to Owl City Fire Flies 🙂

    Kelly / Reply
  46. i would blast “dont stop believin”

    kristen visser / Reply
  47. Roar By Katy Perry

    stacey t / Reply
  48. Happy by Pharrell Williams!

    Susan T. / Reply
  49. I would blast a David Guetta song

    Eldon / Reply
  50. First song would be Shine On you Crazy Diamond by Floyd

    Karin Dollery / Reply
  51. Aqualung by Jethro Tull.

    David H / Reply
  52. If I won the Phillips Sound Speaker, I would blast out anything by Pitbull 🙂

    Betsy Barnes / Reply
  53. “More Than a Feeling” by Boston

    Heather Voorhees / Reply
  54. Bad to the Bone 🙂

    claudia m / Reply
  55. Beegees, I saw Barry Gibb in Concert last month and got the anthology! 🙂

    Diana Smith Hill / Reply
  56. Don’t Blink

    ellen casper / Reply
  57. I’ll blast JT’s album

    Chrissy N / Reply

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