Baby Travel Gear Giveaway!

I truly believe that the sooner you teach a baby to travel, the easier their lives will be. In a world where grandparents, friends and family live in many far away places, your kids are eventually going to need to go somewhere.


These items are some of my favourite pieces of baby travel gear that I have relied on in the past and still do today.

Cloud B

My first question whenever I meet someone about to have a baby is: “Do you have a sleep sheep?”. Introduced to me by a friend after the birth of my second child, I could not believe we had survived the first year of Will’s life without one. Cloud B, who makes the sleep sheep, specialize in toys that are also sleep aids. The sleep sheep is the most famous but we also love the Cloud B Twilight Turtle that turns your child’s room into a starlit night.

Baby Travel Gear

Although we no longer use the Sleep Sheep as the kids are 4 and 5, we still bring the Twilight Turtle on all our vacations. It is light enough and small enough to pack and gives the kids comfort in dark hotel rooms. It also works well as a nightlight they can carry to the hotel bathroom instead of leaving the noisy bathroom fan and light on.

Cloud B has introduced two brand new products to me that are similar to the Sleep Sheep and Twilight Turtle and just as wonderful.

Nighty Night Owl

The Nighty Night Owl is adorable and also plays 4 soothing sounds to help your child sleep. It is tiny enough to fit in a carry on, strap to a stroller or for a small child to hold and cuddle on a plane.

Cloud B

Tranquil Starfish

The Tranquil Starfish is similar to the Twilight Turtle but instead of projecting starts it projects a gently moving underwater effect on the ceiling. It also plays 2 sounds, a soothing melody or ocean waves. I have, in the past, had to download white noise apps for my iPhone to help drown out the background noise of loud hotels and guests in the hallways and love that the Starfish has the additional sound option. Be warned parents: Listening to the Starfish this evening almost lulled me right to sleep. If you are hoping to stay up, you might want to turn it off once your child falls asleep.

Baby Travel Gear

Smart Trike 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic Tricycle

As a traveling mom with places to go, my biggest dilemma was having a child that hated being in a stroller. She would scream and kick and do just about anything to get out of every stroller we tried. In the end, we bought a tricycle much like the Smart Trike and found she would happily sit for hours on the bike.

Every mom or dad knows that if you can’t easily steer a stroller, wagon or in this case tricycle, you will not use it. Any kid mover worth its cost also needs to have storage.

Introducing the Smart Trike 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic Tricycle. You will love how easily the 1 touch steering works and I can guarantee you will be able to steer with only one hand. At 10 months, your baby can start using the tricycle as they are strapped in to a comfortable high backed seat and the bike is completely controlled by you. At 18 months, the high back is removed by the bike is still fully controlled by you. Once your baby grows into a toddler, the pedals fold down so he or she can learn how to peddle while you steer. Once the child is ready, the parent handle can be removed and your 3 year old can bike freely. The bike also comes with a UV protective canopy, cup holder, and toy cell phone for the busy corporate toddler on the go.

Baby Travel Gear

Now the exciting part! You can win the brand new Nighty Night Owl, the Tranquil Starfish AND the Smart Trike 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic Tricycle from, Cloud B and Smart Trike. A prize valued at over $250! Enter between now and June 15, 2014. We will pick the winner one the contest closes at 11:59 pm on Father’s Day.

The contest winner was announced Jun 16, 2014. Congratulations to Bailey Grad!

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  1. I would take these with us when we go to New York this summer. My daughter will love the little owl and starfish. And I’ve wanted to get her a Trike for so long.

    Thanks for the chance!

    Monique L.S. / Reply
  2. Our first planned trip with new baby girl is to Montana, so that’s where I would take them if I won!!

    Lindsay / Reply
  3. I would take them to NYC!

    Meagan / Reply
  4. Well where I would to go is Greece this fall. But I’m pretty sure the vacations that we are taking are back home West to see our families and a week in the Okanagan. I’m still holding out for Greece though 🙂 Oh and New York for Christmas to show little man where we used to live!

    Sarah Law / Reply
  5. We travel so much, that trike would be awesome to win!!

    Tiersha Whitmore / Reply
  6. We’d take these on a roadtrip to Alberta!

    Percy / Reply
  7. Where would I take these items? I don’t exactly know, but I would give these to my sister for her baby and she might take them on trips to see family.

    barleecreations / Reply
  8. Since 2 year old is a good sleeper and new baby isn’t arriving until September, I would take them to Florida with us either in the fall or next spring!

    Lia / Reply
  9. I’d love to take these items to some tropical destination- i’m not picky – just nice beach, nice weather and good food 🙂

    Bailey / Reply
  10. I am a grandmother and obviously totally out of date as to what is available today. I never heard of the Smart Trike. What a neat idea. Good Luck with your content – I know exactly to who I would give this marvelous package.

    Lenie / Reply
  11. My children are long grown up but I’ll never forget the time my little daughter didn’t have any sleep animal along on a trip. We were in a small town and no stores open. I made her one out of a wash cloth and sewed on eyes and mouth. She was dubious but did go to sleep. Your suggestions look wonderful.

    Beth Niebuhr / Reply
  12. I would take it on our next family trip to Oregon 🙂

    Rachel / Reply
  13. I think I want one of those tranquil starfish for myself! 🙂 We are planning a 14 hour road trip this summer, and I’m already starting to stockpile activities for the car. I agree that the sooner your kids get used to traveling, the more freedom your whole family will have.

    Meredith Wouters / Reply
  14. I couldn’t agree more with starting to travel with the kiddos when they are young. Thanks!!!

    Michelle Dettorre / Reply
  15. Hi Sarah! I think it’s very important to bring babies traveling, to teach them how important is to explore the world, stimulating their curiosity. Will do the same with my baby when I’ll have one. 🙂

    Ilaria / Reply
  16. Hopefully we will be taking them to Disneyworld!!

    Jennifer / Reply
  17. We would take them to grandma’s house in Alabama – taking baby #2 to my hometown for the first time in a few weeks!

  18. i would give the CloudB to my kids and give the trike to my brother and his wife who are expecting in Sept!

    April Brenay / Reply
  19. I’d take them on vacation this summer with us to the beach

    heather way / Reply
  20. We’re heading to Norway this summer. Nora would love to cruise the mountains in that bad boy! I wonder if you can check it like a stroller.

    Amy / Reply
  21. Taking them to our vacation in WIlliamsburg

    Kathy / Reply
  22. We’d take them to the park 🙂 and visits to the inlaws

    Tamar / Reply
  23. I would take these items everywhere! We are planning a trip with the kids in August. These items would be life savers!!

    Racheal L. / Reply
  24. I would take these items to grandmas when we go visit this summer.

    Gina Ferrell / Reply
  25. We would take them to Disney world with us!!

    Michelle Weaver / Reply
  26. I am having baby number 2 in 2 weeks, so not sure how much traveling well be doing this summer!

    Ryan Origon / Reply
  27. I would take these items with on our road trip to visit my in-laws this summer.

    Kimberly / Reply
  28. I would take it with me when i went walking with my 3 boys.

    Betty Canterbury / Reply
  29. I would take these items with when we travel to chicago, we go atleast 4x a year to see my Dad. Also, we are traveling to Disney this winter, so these would be very helpful !

    Noelle Carroll / Reply
  30. perfect for a zoo trip.

    Miranda McCallister / Reply
  31. I would take these items with us on our mini vacations to the beach, lake and aquarium this summer.


    Jill Myrick / Reply
  32. I’d taake this on all our upcoming trips!

    Sonya / Reply
  33. These would be great when we go stay at our friend’s cottage this summer. Would help my daughter feel like she is at home.

    Monique L.S. / Reply
  34. I would use this awesome prize to help with the trip to take my newborn baby daughter to meet her grandparents (my in-laws) in Boston (almost 12 hours away!)

    Cameron / Reply
  35. I’d take these on our trip to Panama City Beach!

    Chris Shari Alligood / Reply
  36. We would take these camping with us and also the trike would be used all over town. We would also send this gear along with our kids to have sleepovers at their grandparents’ house.

    Viv Sluys / Reply
  37. I would take these with me everywhere. Especially to all the beaches trips with my daughter, that I plan this summer.

    CHRISTINA London / Reply
  38. I would take this everywhere we go

    Stephanie Mago-Eagle / Reply
  39. If I win this, it would be donated to a single Mum in dire straights who needs this badly. She has 3 small boys under 5 and has to walk or bus everywhere. This stroller trike would help her out so much

    KAren E Hill / Reply
  40. I would use the cloud b items for my 5 year old. He has severe anxiety and lights and music calm him and I would use the trike for going anywhere! I don’t drive and my youngest would love it 🙂

    Andrea Amy / Reply
  41. I would take it to the park and day trips.

    Yuen C / Reply

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