Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

DisclosureAfter 110 years, any hotel would have a lot of history and some spider webs to clear out. At the end of the 2014 season, this was the case with Cedar Point Hotel Breakers which originally opened in 1905 and is still welcoming Cedar Point guests today. How do you renovate a historic hotel to bring it up to date without losing a lot of history and charm? Just like Hotel Breakers did before opening back up for the 2015 season.

The back patio at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers- A History Preserved

Having visited Cedar Point Hotel Breakers in the past, I was nervous to walk back though its doors. In the past it wasn’t the most up to date theme park hotel and I equally worried its historic architecture would be replaced by generic remodelling. Luckily, I was wrong.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers New Renovations

The new re-design of Hotel Breakers is absolutely gorgeous. Gone are the walls that needed paint jobs and carpets waiting to be replaced. Instead, the hotel is clean, modern and still historic.

The walls of the hallways, upper lobby and behind the check-in desk are covered in gorgeous modern takes on historic photographs of Cedar Point. Inside the lobby, children and adults alike are mesmerized by replica carousel horses teamed with modern clean furniture, a kids space and fun circus mirrors.

Old amusement park photos line the walls at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Past the lobby, the common space of the Hotel Breakers is stunning. Walking towards Lake Erie, guests enter a gorgeous 5 story rotunda and can mingle and chat at the Surf Lounge bar and patio or Starbucks. The hotel’s historic theme even continues as large fire pits outside are designed with iron carousel horse gates.

The Rooms

The rooms at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers have undergone major renovations. I last stayed at the hotel in October 2014. The difference between then and now is unimaginable. Every thing has been renovated. We walked into an incredibly fun and clean room with a modern theme. The kids couldn’t believe the headboards were photographs of the park. The bedding was new, clean and crisp. We even had a small fridge and microwave with plenty of shelves for snacks and food.

A renovated room at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

The bathrooms in the rooms have also all been renovated and everything worked perfectly. The color scheme in the room is bright colors with lots of red. I seriously had to remind myself not to take the adorable desk and mirror set home with me.

Cute Desk Set at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

While staying at the hotel, we received great service and found the entire hotel was kept spotless. All in all, I was overly impressed with the change.

Lake Erie, Snoopy and Easy Dining Options

Beyond the fact that the hotel renovations are incredible, there are a few other bonuses to staying at Hotel Breakers. I loved that Snoopy was in the hotel at least twice a day. The kids loved seeing him in his chef outfit and pjs. There are also ample opportunities for some good one on one time.

Snoopy at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Each night Hotel Breakers provides live entertainment on its mile-long beach. We loved having access to the clean beach that was well lifeguarded and it was nice to have music to enjoy at night.

Live entertainment nightly at the Hotel Breakers Cedar Point

The Hotel Breakers has a full service Starbucks, a bar, TGI Friday’s Restaurant and Bar, a Perkins Restaurant and TOMO Hibachi Grill onsite which makes dining with kids incredibly easy. Because we had the fridge in our room, we mostly dined in our room for breakfast but enjoyed dinner at TGI Friday’s. The staff is knowledgeable and is used to exhausted kids who have been in the park all day. Our server was funny, quick witted and great with kids. It was an easy place to eat, relax and sip a glass of wine while the kids played on the well manicured grass.

Dining with Kids at TGI Fridays Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

Cedar Point Ticket Prices

When staying at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers, guests are offered the best deal on Cedar Point ticket prices. One day admission for guests of the hotel is $39, two days is $76 and entry any day after 4 pm is $25. This is comparatively cheaper than the gate prices which are $50 per day and $37 for after 4 pm admission. Hotel Breakers guests are also offered deals on admission to Cedar Point’s water park Soak City.

Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio at Night

Cedar Point Early Admission

Another huge benefit to staying at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers is that guests of the Cedar Point hotels receive early admission to the park. Hotel guests are invited to enter the park one hour before the gates open to ride some of Cedar Point’s best rides. The rides that were open early on the day we visited were:

This is a giant advantage for families as we had time to ride every ride in Planet Snoopy without a wait and even got to ride the GateKeeper which is one of my favourite rides at Cedar Point.

Cedar Point Family Rides

One of the things that surprised me most about heading to Cedar Point with kids was how many rides we could actually ride together. When I have visited in the past, I’ve always gone without my kids to be able to enjoy the world famous coasters and didn’t spend much time looking around at the family activities.

This time I was shocked when reviewing the park map to see that most rides only required kids to be 48″ tall and plenty more were suitable for smaller children. We loved walking through the park and discovering new areas that had not only kids rides but rides we could do together as a family like Pipe Scream.

We spent from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm at Cedar Point and never ran out of rides to try, shows to watch or new places to explore.

What Not To Miss At Cedar Point With Kids

Pre-planning your time at Cedar Point is recommended as there is so much to do onsite and at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers. Here is a quick list of things that your kids will absolutely love and I haven’t seen at other parks:

  • Lake Erie Eagles: From the moment I saw this ride, I knew we had to try it. Kids can control the ride with a swinging panel. The ride to me felt like what I imagine riding on a paper airplane would feel like. My kids loved it and begged to ride more than once.
  • Sky Ride: The Sky Ride is a gondola system that flies 92 feet above the park. It gives kids a great view of the park and the rides and is a great break for the whole family.
  • Hotel Breakers Kids’ Pool: I love a good kids’ pool and the one at Hotel Breakers is awesome. There are various sprinklers and fountains as well as three slides. The pool is shallow enough that you won’t worry and has a great beach walk-in for smaller kids. The lifeguards are incredibly professional and attentive. It’s worth booking a night at the Hotel Breakers just for the kids pool and beach.

The Hotel Breakers kids pool is awesome

  • Snoopy and Pals Shows: Cedar Point offers a variety of Snoopy shows at Camp Snoopy, Planet Snoopy and once daily on the main stage in Celebration Plaza. What I loved about these shows was that, at the smaller shows held at Camp Snoopy and Planet Snoopy, kids were invited to participate in the whole show. Charlie loved dancing and singing in the show as did many of the other kids visiting that day. The characters at Cedar Point are incredibly accessible and great with kids. A must do.
  • The Barnyard: A great place for kids at Cedar Point (and goat loving adults like myself) is The Barnyard in FrontierTown. Its shaded and filled with barnyard animals like goats, pigs and even a baby cow.
  • Soak City: If you have an extra day at Cedar Point, check out Soak City. It’s a huge park with a number of cool play zones for smaller kids and slides for bigger kids. We loved racing down the Dragster H2O as a family and enjoyed lounging in the lazy river before our drive home.

Soak City at Cedar Point

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers

All in all our trip to Cedar Point Hotel Breakers was fantastic. We enjoyed the hotel, had a blast at the pool and beach and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the park and Soak City. As a family, we have decided that Cedar Point Hotel Breakers will be a continuing tradition for us each summer.


Have any questions about Cedar Point Hotel Breakers or visiting the parks? Leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you.

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  1. I was really impressed with the renovations at Hotel Breakers and I love, love, love the new cabana lounges on the beach. I can’t wait to visit again with my big kids and see what they think of the new look.

    Tonya / Reply
  2. What a great spot to bring the kids! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Nicole / Reply
  3. Hotel with so much History! looks lovely! My kids would have loved Cedar Point when they were younger, they would probably love pipe scream still 🙂

    samiya selim / Reply
  4. My love for the water park goes without saying, but those headboards are awesome! I want to create that for my daughter’s room.

    Lesley / Reply
  5. This hotel looks incredible (and your kids seem incredibly happy there); where is it located?

    Victoria / Reply
  6. You know, I’d never think of going MidWest to go to a beach, but you’ve proven me wrong. I loved the decor at this place, and if the beach is nice and water warm, then why not?

    Jolanta / Reply
  7. The buzz really seams justified about this new hotel renovation. The pictures look great. Such an affordable alternative for a theme park vacation.

    Robin / Reply
  8. Any recommendations on which room location? Poolside, parkside, lakeside? Rotunda, tower?

    Janet / Reply
    • We were in the tower which was clean and pretty quiet. The other side is closer to the park but really its a quick walk no matter what. I heard from other visitors that the higher floor lakeview suites are worth the upgrade. We thought our room was perfect so all in all I think you’ll be happy. If you have more than 4 or older kids, I would look at higher floors in the towers that have bigger rooms. Otherwise book and have a blast!

  9. Thanks for sharing these hotels pics for me. I love water park. Me and my family will do a plan for going one of tour those including a water park. I am so happy by see your hotel. thanks

    Condorny.com / Reply

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