Virginia Beach Resort Hotel

DisclosureWhen I contacted the Virginia Beach Visitors Bureau, they reassured me that they would place me and the kids in a hotel that would be a perfect fit for us. Instead of being near the famous Virginia Beach Boardwalk, we were on the Chesapeake Bay. Here is why they were right and what I loved about the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel.

Pick Your Poison

IMG_9767When planning a trip to Virginia Beach, location is key. You have a few choices but the main two are to stay near Beach Street USA and the Boardwalk or on the Chesapeake Bay. As a mother and traveler, I spend a lot of time in noisy locations, for me, the Chesapeake Bay was the dream spot to stay. We were a quick 10 minute drive to the action but during the day and at night we shared our glorious beach with only about 20 people. Most of them families who own a home in Virginia Beach or were staying at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel. We would return to this location again and again.

Kids Camps

On check-in, I was directed to the kids camp sign up desk. The girl working the camps explained that there are a variety of programs designed to give parents a break. I asked how much it cost and was shocked that it was included in the room rate. I watched her all day as she did different activities with a number of different kids. She took some out to the beach to find shells and hermit crabs and she did crafts out of the sun with others. The best part was that at night the kids camp offers dinner and a movie for your kids while you relax and enjoy dinner at Tradewinds overlooking the ocean. Fresh crab cakes are always delicious but even better with a glass of chilled wine and no one saying “mom, mom, mom, mom”.


IMG_9761The rooms at the hotel are nice and spacious but definitely nothing that will blow your socks off. I didn’t like that the beds were actually in the front room and not facing the ocean at first but found at night it was nice to put the kids to bed and be able to enjoy to the view. Make sure to ask for a room away from the elevators. We were directly next to them and were woken up quite a bit from people coming and going late at night.

The View

I already discussed the location but I can’t miss out on telling you about the view. Book a room looking over the Chesapeake Bay for an incredible view of the bay and its resident dolphins during the day and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel at night. The bridge is known as one of the seven modern engineering wonders of the world and it is mind blowing to see how the bridge suddenly tunnels into the ocean when lit up at night. We loved watching the comings and going on the Bay and it was as peaceful a view as we have enjoyed on this trip.


Trade winds

Virginia BeachTradewinds, the restaurant and bar at the hotel, has a great patio that overlooks the Bay. They also serve fresh seafood and cold drinks. Having gone to the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, I loved returning home to this great restaurant. The staff were friendly and helpful and the food was delicious. What more could you ask for. Don’t be turned off by its less than modern appearance, sit outside and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Visit Virginia Beach

The women working at the Visit Virginia Beach office were some of the most passionate visitor bureau employees I have had the pleasure of working with. No matter where you want to stay in Virginia Beach or what you want to do, they are a fountain of knowledge. Make sure to contact them for help with booking the Virginia Beach Hotel Resort or any other stay in Virginia Beach.

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