US and Canada Hatchimals Giveaway

This time of year can be stressful for a lot of parents. While Hatchimals did not make my kids lists to Santa, I know they made a few of yours. I was lucky enough to come across one and thought what better way to say thank you for visiting my site over the last year than to host a US and Canada Hatchimals Giveaway.

The rules are simple. Enter below before Midnight on Monday December 19. The Hatchimals will be rushed shipped to the winner the next morning. Feel free to share the giveaway with your friends and come back daily for more chances to enter! Contest is open throughout the US and Canada excluding Quebec.

Thanks again for making the last year so incredible and best of luck in this US and Canada Hatchimals Giveaway.

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  1. Merry Christmas

    Shari Noland / Reply
  2. what a great gift to watch the kids open on Christmas morning!

    Shannon / Reply
  3. Thank you very much Sarah! No need to thank us, I come to visit to see what wonderful adventures you and the kids are up to. You’ve given us many vacation ideas 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    ruth moreira-lozon / Reply
  4. Oh my gosh, Audrey was totally wanting one of these, although I think it would have to be a shared gift. I’m throwing my name in the hat and sharing now! Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Lisa / Reply
  5. Great Scout , Marty, I can’t find one for my niece’s big X-Mas gift. She loves hatchimals. This would make her day. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

    Edmond / Reply
  6. Oh , I hope that I win. Merry Christmas Everyone.

    James Tyler Roberts / Reply
  7. Thank you so much for the chance to win this guy!!!

    Lynda Cook / Reply
  8. My granddaughter would enjoy this.

    Donna L / Reply
  9. My wonderful niece Mya would go nuts over a Hatchimal!

    Cloe St-Amour / Reply
  10. I would say ME! Ha, ha! But maybe my kids would enjoy it as much as I would 🙂 We could do it together. My youngest would be the most age appropriate for this (but they would all secretly like it)

    Yvonne Delgado / Reply
  11. My son wants a Hatchimal SO much..

    Darrah Bailey / Reply
  12. My daughters Vayda and Bella both wrote this on their wish list for Santaking! They are even willing to share !

    Karla Davila / Reply
  13. My friend Zaa Zaa, for her daughter

    Mary Warner / Reply
  14. I have two boys who would love a Hatchimal!

    loucheryl / Reply
  15. My niece has been begging for one and they are darn near impossible to find,

    Dixie / Reply
  16. I’m hoping to win this for my nephew. I think he would really enjoy it.

    Alison King / Reply
  17. My daughter wants a hatchimal.

    BobbiJo Pentney / Reply
  18. My niece will love one!

    Darlene Carbajal / Reply
  19. Aww! Fingers crossed! My daughter wants a Hatchimal! 😘❤🙏

    Courtney P / Reply
  20. My cousin! She’d love these.

    `Edye / Reply
  21. I would love to win for my 3 year old or my 5 yr old niece!

    Shannon / Reply
  22. My daughter, she is 3, would love one.

    Riya / Reply
  23. My daughter would like this she is asking for one

    Julie bolduc / Reply
  24. My grand daughter Thera would love one

    Margaret H / Reply
  25. My daughter would love to have a hatchimal!

    Kristin C / Reply
  26. My dear daughter

    Surbhi K. / Reply
  27. My granddaughter in my life needs a Hatchimal

    Carole Dube / Reply
  28. My nephew would go crazy for one of these! He loves cute toys like these.

    Carol S / Reply
  29. My granddaughter would love to have the Hatchimal in her life

    Lynda Cook / Reply
  30. I would love to win for my granddaughter

    christina moore / Reply
  31. My son Breton loves all of these little toys; he’s got such an imagination!

    Christine Larade / Reply
  32. My grandson would love to have a Hatchimal in his life.

    Suzanne Giroux / Reply
  33. My 4 year old niece has been talking about hatchimals for weeks now! She’s writing letters to Santa in hopes of opening one on Christmas morning. We’ve searched so many stores trying to find one for her. She would love to get this!

    Thank you for the awesome contest and for your generosity!

    Kenzie / Reply
  34. No one NEEDS a hatchimal. lol. but my daughter really wants one and we have been watching people on youtube unbox and bring these things to “life” and she has become a bit obsessed with the idea of having one of her own.

    Laura Grace Andry / Reply
  35. My 5 year old girl needs a hatchimal… bad!

    Rebecca H / Reply
  36. My 6-yr-old JUST informed me this week that he expects to get one!😳

    Katie Smith / Reply
  37. Would love one for my daughter

    Linda Svarovsky / Reply
  38. My youngest daughter would love this.

    angela m / Reply
  39. My niece would love this.

    Marlene V / Reply
  40. If I won I would give this to my nephew!

    Arielle / Reply
  41. My granddaughter has one think on her list this year and it’s a hatchimals.

    kathy downey / Reply
  42. My son would love this!

    Nici Robinson / Reply
  43. I would actually love to win this for a dear friend of mine who’s daughter would really like one

    kristen visser / Reply
  44. I would have to choose one of the 5 kids in our family.

    Ira / Reply
  45. My daughter would really love a Hatchimal!

    Julie / Reply
  46. My daughter! We saw them the day before they sold out everywhere. She didn’t seem interested at the time, but she was secretly going to write it down for Santa to bring her one. Doh!

    MaryAnn / Reply
  47. My niece would love a Hatchimal. Haven’t been able to find one.

    Judy Cowan / Reply
  48. My kids would love a Hatchimal. It would be a lot of fun!

    Josh S / Reply
  49. My daughter needs a Hatchimal. She asked for one for Christmas but I didn’t realize they were gonna be such a big thing. They are so cute and love that they are interactive.

    Leeanne c / Reply
  50. My granddaughter has been asking for one for Christmas

    Catherine Robichaud / Reply
  51. This is fantastic opportunity! Thanks for the chance to bring one home!

    Devon Jackson-Campbell / Reply
  52. My daughter would love a hatchimal!

    Jenness M / Reply
  53. My DD would love to get one, though, I don’t know if she *needs* one.

    Sunshine H / Reply
  54. My six year old really wants a hatchimal!

    anna / Reply
  55. My 7 year old daughter needs a hatchimal , well she thinks she needs it , I think she wants it lol

    Sarah Jackson / Reply
  56. My 4 year old would really love one. Thank you for the chance!!

    Allison Lesley / Reply
  57. My daughter would absolutely love one 🙂

    Caryn Coates / Reply
  58. The person who wants this from my life would be my beautiful granddaughter Kylie Rose. She would absolutely LOVE it!

    Bobbie Smith / Reply
  59. My 6 year old daughter has a Hatchimal at the top of her wish list!

    Lindsay T / Reply
  60. One of my nieces thinks that if Santa doesnt bring a hatchimal, she will just fall apart. She really needs one.

    ellen beck / Reply
  61. My 6 yr old wants one sooo bad lol, every where is out and the prices online are absolutely ridiculous!!

    Victoria Robinson / Reply
  62. My niece absolutely needs a Hatchimal!

    Kim Niland / Reply
  63. My daughter would think it was the coolest ever.

    nicolthepickle / Reply
  64. My niece needs a hatchimal this year.

    loriag / Reply
  65. My daughter would love a hatchimal. her friend got one for her bday earlier int he fall so she wants one too. They are adorbs 🙂

    ruth moreira-lozon / Reply
  66. My grandson would love a Hatchimal.

    Carolanne / Reply
  67. I would like one for my cousins

    Sara Zielinski / Reply
  68. My youngest daughter would love a Hatchimal.

    Robyn Bellefleur / Reply
  69. My nephew really wants one.

    Elaine G / Reply
  70. my son would LOVE one 🙂

    janine a / Reply
  71. My niece would freak out to get this!

    Tracy D / Reply
  72. My two boys would love this!

    Joshua Spiers / Reply
  73. My youngest daughter would love to get a hatchimal.

    naiddia p / Reply
  74. My son needs one!

    Elle / Reply
  75. My granddaughter needs a Hatchimal.

    Ellie Wright / Reply
  76. My niece really wants one!

    crystal porter / Reply
  77. Who in your life needs a hatchimals?
    My daughter dont really need it but does want it. its her only thing on her llist to santa ahhhhh. in our home we do one gift from santa as my daughter knows that santa has many other children to give toys to. every year santa brings her the gift she asked for. last year was arts and crafts (mom wishing she would of asked for it again lol) so we are all on the hunt for the top toy #Hatchimals and thank you for such a amazing contest you rock..

    Agnes Chamberlain / Reply
  78. My granddaughter would be over the moon to get one.

    Chandra Christine O'Connor / Reply
  79. My Daughter Would love one. For her Birthday. Her Birthday is Jsut after Christmas on New years eve. And dose not have a lot of kids at her party on newyears eve day. So this woudl so make her Birthday

    Caroline Davis / Reply
  80. My kids would absolutely love this

    Cheryl / Reply
  81. My kids can’t believe that the elves can’t get enough supplies to make more Hatchimals in time for Christmas. It would be so magical for them if a Hatchimal was left by Santa!

    Beth Henry / Reply
  82. My daughter would love one. ❤

    Holly Fisher / Reply
  83. My son and daughter both really want one, unfortunately I will not spend $150-$200 for one

    Judy Hunting / Reply
  84. The knee in who needs a Hatchimal is my daughter. Been trying to find one everywhere but no luck. I could even benefit like the big kid at heart I am would love a Hatchimal in the house.

    Leeanne c / Reply
  85. My nephew would love this

    Julie bolduc / Reply
  86. My friend Mary is looking for one!

    Nasreen / Reply
  87. Any of my mom’s friends that have kids!

    Calvin F. / Reply
  88. My nephew wants a Hatchimals! This is a pretty cool toy & it’s too bad so many kids will be without one this year 🙁

    Krista M / Reply
  89. I would pay this forward to Carey Hurst. Her son would love this

    Lori JB / Reply
    • Oh my goodness I just saw this scrolling to answer. Thank you so much for thinking of me , you are amazing

      Carey Hurst / (in reply to Lori JB) Reply
  90. Thanks for chance to win

    Alycia Tedford / Reply
  91. My daughter would just love one of these.

    Bridgett Wilbur / Reply
  92. That’s one great prize.!. I’d love to win a Hatchimals!
    Thanks for the chance to win!🎅🏼

    Julia / Reply
  93. Layla would be ecstatic with this!

    Nancy / Reply
  94. Fingers crossed! Hope i get to deliver this to my niece! Make me world’s best Aunt!

    Sarah / Reply
  95. Happy holidays !!!!

    paula rooney / Reply
  96. my youngest son is into hatchimals -top of his wishlist

    Lisa Neutel / Reply
  97. My youngest son wants a blue/green draggle hatchimal.

    Francine / Reply
  98. I know a little girl that would love this Thank you for the chance to win.

    Mary Simpson / Reply
  99. My kids need a Hatchimal! I would love to give them each one.

    Jessica W. / Reply
  100. My son does , he really wants one . Thank you and good luck to everyone

    Carey Hurst / Reply
  101. My 2 youngest great granddaughters who are sisters really want one.

    cheryl hodgkins / Reply
  102. my niece!! she would be so ecstatic!!

    amber cheras / Reply
  103. My son really wants one. hes 8 and has been bullyed for the last couple years and the last couple months have been worse 🙁

    patricia furlong / Reply
  104. Will give to my friends daughter who asked for one
    for Christmas

    charline ketchum / Reply
  105. I’d live to give this to my son !

    Leigh Nash / Reply
  106. My kids would love a Hatchimal and I would love to see what all the fuss is about

    Jonnie / Reply
  107. My gtreat niece and great nephew so would love to have one

    Tina F / Reply
  108. Fingers crossed! My daughter would love this. Thanks Sarah!

    Ruth Moreira-Lozon / Reply
  109. My niece’s little girl would love a Hatchimal!

    Shelley Hickey / Reply
  110. My son needs one.

    Marina M. / Reply
  111. My #2 daughter would love a hatchimal. She did a toy test of them and was told they would only be about $40-50. Surprise.

    Melanie D / Reply
  112. My children would love this gift.

    Sandra Gutierrez / Reply
  113. My little nephew Nolan would love it! Thankyou…

    Rhonda W G. / Reply
  114. My three year old son would love a hatchimal 🙂

    Cassandra / Reply
  115. My little niece is really really hoping for one from Santa and she has been a good girl! I wouldn’t say she needs one but she would be tickled pink if Santa brought her one!! Thanks for the chance

    Emmy / Reply
  116. My 6 year old son would be over the moon to have a Hatchimal for Christmas! He’s asked me so many times but we haven’t been able to afford one this year, thank you so much for the chance to win <3 Merry Christmas!

    Sarah Henson / Reply
  117. My 6-year-old niece REALLY wants one! I’d be the best aunt for sure if I could surprise her with one!

    Liz N / Reply
  118. My daughter needs one thank you so much!

    Darlene Schuller / Reply
  119. It is on the Wish List for my grand daughter Marissa

  120. My Grandson has one on his wishlist from Santa this year , thanks for the chance 🙂

    Treen Goodwin / Reply
  121. I would make at least one granddaughter very happy!

    Ruth Howes / Reply
  122. Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these. I’m trying to win one for my 4 year old daughter. It”s the only thing she is asking for (aside from candy canes) for Christmas. I had to tell her that Santa might not be able to bring one because they don’t make them and ran out of parts…she was sad but I told her that the easter bunny might be able to If Santa couldn’t. She was pretty happy about that lol.

    Tiffany Joliat / Reply
  123. My little grandson was asking for one for Christmas. Happy Holidays 🙂

    Darla Peduzzi / Reply
  124. My 4 year old daughter wants Hatchimals sooo bad for Christmas! She literally is constantly talking about them!

    Miranda Burdette / Reply
  125. My daughter needs a Hatchimal!! They look amazing, I have been looking for one everywhere!

    Stephanie / Reply
  126. My kids really really want one!

    Andrea / Reply
  127. My niece needs a Hatchimal!

    HEIDI C. / Reply
  128. My youngest daughter would love one.

    Tabathia B / Reply
  129. My god daughter would love one.

    Lushka Smith / Reply

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