Trump SoHo with Kids

The Trump name is one that you hear a lot these days. Donald Trump is, as you know, running for president of the USA and making headlines daily. As I checked into the Trump SoHo late this summer, I wondered what effect his presidential run would have on our stay at one of his most well known hotels. Turns out the answer was none. It was clear that love him or hate him, the Trump properties are simply completely different entities from the political campaign. In fact, as we settled into the Trump SoHo, it was easy to see that if any Trump had a say in this hotel, it was Ivanka.

The Entrance to the Spa at the Trump Soho

But would the Trump SoHo in all its glory and style be welcoming to a mom and her two kids? That was left for us to find out.

Trump SoHo

First the logistics. The Trump SoHo is located as you would assume in Manhattan and South of Houston, hence SoHo.  What I loved about it was that we weren’t stuck in Times Square. I love New York as much as the next person but find that staying in or near Times Square tends to overwhelm my kids and makes things like taking time to chill out a little more difficult.

The property has valet parking and you will likely need to use it if you drive into the city. Overnight parking around the hotel is hard to find.  Since the hotel is close to the Holland Tunnel, it also becomes difficult to navigate around the tunnel traffic at specific times of the day. I gladly handed over my keys to the valet team and did not request them back until the morning we were leaving Manhattan. When we headed to Times Square, it was an easy under $10 cab ride or about 15 minute subway ride.

The lobby of the hotel is gorgeous. Stylish people sip cocktails and enjoy the onsite restaurants which include Koi SoHo, a contemporary Japanese restaurant and Bar D’eau, the poolside lounge.


Check-in was a breeze and within minutes the kids and I were in a junior suite on the 40th floor enjoying the most incredibly view of the Hudson River I have ever seen.


The Rooms

A surprising feature of the Trump SoHo is the size of the rooms. Even the rooms that aren’t suites are quite a bit larger than you expect compared to other New York City hotels. The three of us had plenty of space, a huge tub with a killer view and room to lounge after a long day of exploring the city.

The Bathroom at the Trump SoHo

Although I had grand plans to dine out the whole time, more than once we were too exhausted and decided on room service. The kid’s menu offered healthy and delicious options. Everything I tried off the regular menu was fantastic.

The Pool

I’m a huge fan of pools especially when traveling with kids and was glad the Trump SoHo had one. The pool is located on the 8th floor near the spa. Although having my two with me meant no spa time, I did sneak in a quick tour and was really impressed. The spa was designed by Ivanka Trump and is a true Hammam spa. Her travels influenced the design of the spa and it really is like stepping into another world.


The pool itself is on the smaller side but even with about almost 20 kids in it there was plenty of space. The deck itself is well designed with plenty of cosy seating. After long days of walking in the heat, it was nice to have somewhere to refresh and relax. We enjoyed the pool most nights and often between 4 and 7 found it filled with kids staying at the hotel. There were quite a few points during the day where the kids also had the pool to themselves. A nice touch is the on-duty lifeguard who in our experience was great with kids and a lot of fun.

Playing in the pool when visiting the Trump Soho With Kids

The food and service by the pool are impeccable. Charlie loved cuddling up in her Trump Kids bathrobe after a swim and enjoying the chicken and avocado sandwich of the children’s menu. There are more traditional kid’s options too which Will preferred. Like the Trump Miami, the Trump Soho also happens to make a fabulous Mojito.

Enjoying the Pool at the Trump Soho with Kids


The location of the Trump SoHo is incredible. Located amongst New York row houses and close to Little Italy and Sullivan street, we found plenty to do within a few minutes walk of the hotel. The area felt incredibly safe and its a location I would choose again. Our favourite finds in the neighbourhood included Ladurée SoHo, where we indulged in traditional French macaron and the best hazelnut chocolate cake I have ever tried, and Piccola Cucina whose lasagna is enough to head straight back to New York City for.

Make sure to check out LaDurée near the Trump Soho for authentic Parisienne Macarons

Trump SoHo With Kids – New York City Activities

We spent 3 fun filled days in New York City seeking out great kids activities. Here are our favourites:

  • Gazillion Bubble Show: I’ve now seen the Gazillion Bubble show twice and I can tell you this is one of the most fun and unique experiences you can enjoy with kids. Located off Broadway, the show is a great introduction to live theatre for kids and is mesmerizing no matter what age you are. I spent most of the show just watching the faces of the children in the crowd and it was an incredible sight. You may wonder how much one person can really do with bubble solution but trust me this show is non-stop action with mind blowing bubble tricks.

A not to miss when visiting the Trump Soho with Kids is the Gazillion Bubble Show

  • Nintendo World Store: This store is part Nintendo store and part museum. Whether you have die-hard gamer kids like mine or just happen to have dabbled in Nintendo in your childhood, this store is worth checking out. The museum includes every type of gaming system ever offered by Nintendo. The progression of gaming when it is laid out before you is undeniably cool. There is also a still working Game Boy that survived a bombing in the Gulf War. Kids will love trying out the numerous gaming stations and checking out the full collection of Amiibos on display in the store.

Visiting Nintendo World with Kids in New York City

  • American Girl: The draw of the American Girl store in NYC is evident as soon we you see it. It’s impossible to miss and even Will wanted to go check it out. We scheduled lunch as a nice treat and really enjoyed it. We were offered a variety of options, numerous courses and some dolls to dine with. The food was good but the moment was even better. Charlie was in heaven and it was worth it just to see the joy on her face. The store itself will take you quite a while to go though and kids are able to try out the accessories and play with a variety of really cool things. Our entire store experience lasted almost 4 hours and at that point I was actually dragging both Will and Charlie out the doors. Even if you don’t have a doll, I would recommend booking a meal at the store where you are given some quality time with the dolls and some great treats to take home to remember your day.

Visiting American Girl while staying at the Trump SoHo with kids

Trump SoHo with Kids

Our stay at the Trump SoHo will be remembered fondly by myself and the kids. They loved the Trump SoHo’s attention to detail that surprisingly included them. Child size robes and a cookie decorating station in the room made them feel recognized in a big city. They ever received  business cards as they were inducted in the Young Entrepreneurs SoHo program that is part of the larger Trump Kids program.

The perks of being a member of the YES Young Entrepreneurs Society at the Trump SoHo with Kids

The program is set up for kids who stay at the hotel as well as kids who live in the neighbourhood. Membership includes invitations to cookings classes and beauty days  at the Trump SoHo as well as other perks like in-room DVD selection and the ability to borrow a gaming console.

If staying with younger kids, the program also includes access to Vibe strollers, high chairs and backpack carriers. The hotel also offers nanny services.

Although you may find the Trump SoHo slightly intimidating if you arrive on a Friday night with kids, you’ll soon learn how welcome they are at the hotel and be joining in on the fun of the pool deck or in the Library where you can enjoy a cocktail and the kids can chill out in style.

One of our favourite places to relax was in the Trump Soho Library

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