Tips for Getting a Better Airbnb Price

Sponsored PostNow that we’ve gone through the process of getting our house Airbnb ready, I wanted to take a moment to share some quick tips for getting a better Airbnb price. Remember, the money you make while you are away from your home can help pay your rent or mortgage and also help fund your travels so it’s important to price your house right.

Make Necessary Small Repairs and Renovations

As both Airbnb Guests and Hosts, we have noticed that even small renovations can make a big difference. Before becoming a Host make sure to do a thorough inspection of your home. Small changes like paint colour and fixing things like water damage can make a big difference in how attracted potential Guests are to your home.

Smart Home Study InfographicTake Quality Pictures for Your Listing

Notice how hotel photos always look inviting? You will want to use the same techniques when photographing your home for your Airbnb listing. A few quick tips to getting that same feel:

  • Make sure the room you are photographing is spotless. Clean up any clutter, stray clothing and blankets.
  • Turn on all the lights in the room.
  • If possible use a wide angle lens on a camera.
  • If the picture is coming out blurry, support your arms by leaning on something stable or use a tripod.

Make Sure To Highlight The Best Assets of Your Home

Much like hotel Guests, Airbnb Guests are often looking for extras in the homes they rent. Highlight if you have a hot tub, jacuzzi or pool or any outdoor entertaining space. Have kids? Families will want to know if their kids can play with toys and use baby equipment like high chairs and cribs.

Upgrade Your Home with Smart Technology

August Home Inc, makers of the August Smart Lock, August Keypad and August Doorbell Cam, recently released the results of an online study completed by 701 U.S. consumers who classify as Hosts and Guests. 60% of Guests polled indicated that they would pay more for a vacation rental with a smart home feature like a smart lock or doorbell camera.

The study also showed that 90% of the potential Guests polled were interested in a variety of smart home tech including smart TVs, smart home security systems, video-enabled doorbell cameras and app-controlled smart locks.

Seventy percent of Guests polled said they preferred a smart lock to a traditional key to avoid having to worry about losing the key. Both 90% of Hosts and Guests polled agreed that doorbell cameras provide peace of  mind.

The results of the study showed that some of the stresses eliminated by having smart locks and doorbell cameras included:

  • not needing to worry about being locked out;
  • not having to coordinate with the Hosts when arriving or departing the property; and
  • not having to worry that the door wasn’t locked upon departure.

The most telling of all the results are perhaps the best tips for getting a better Airbnb price. Not only would 60% of Guests polled pay more for a vacation rental with smart home features but 92% said they would be more likely to complete their rental reservation knowing a home had smart home features like a smart lock, keypad for entry and doorbell cam.

Prepping Your Airbnb

These quick tips for getting a better Airbnb price all start with setting your home up properly from the get-go. Before listing, make sure to present a clean, comfortable and desirable option for potential Guests. Installing an August Smart Lock and August Doorbell Cam took under an hour and provided us with the additional bonus of offering potential Guests the smart home features they crave and are willing to pay extra for.

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