Super Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when my shopping juices get flowing and I spent tons of time trying to decide what to buy for the unique and special people in my life. These people aren’t just my sister (as I like to call her the gal has had it all) but friends, neighbours and of course the kids in my life. I always find gifts that I think would be perfect for someone that loves something particular and I wanted to share it all this year in my super Holiday Gift Guide!

2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

The Modern Mom

If you are like most of my friends, you are lucky enough to have some of the things you need but are not always willing to spend money on some of the things that make you feel as good as you should. That’s why my recommendation for the modern mom is to find out what makes her feel best and give her a gift that reflects that. For me, it’s having my hair blow dried before big events. For a close girlfriend, it’s a visit to the local wax bar. Check out local salons or blow bars like Blo and wax bars like The Ten Spot close to her home or kids’ school and give her the gift of feeling great more than once a year.

A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide






The Star Wars Fanatic

2015 is the year for Star Wars gifts. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out in theatres December 18, stores can hardly keep up with the demand for Star Wars merchandise. Whether your Star Wars fanatic is a collector or not, my recommendation is to get away from the toy stores and actually head to Staples. There you will find the ULTIMATE Star Wars gift for under $50 that your fanatic probably doesn’t have: a Darth Vader toaster.

A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

The Kid Who Still Believes in Fairy Tales

As someone who is still obsessed with unicorns, I can’t imagine a toy I would have loved to receive more as a child than Starlily, a magical talking unicorn from FurReal Friends. When interacting with you or your child, Starlily moves her head and hoof, makes sounds and her purple horn even lights up. I picked one up earlier this week for Charlie and can’t wait to watch her unwrap it.

A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

The Sophisticated Drinker

Everyone knows someone who loves a great whisky or a good bottle of wine but when it’s time to surprise a sophisticated drinker it’s fun to present more than a bottle. In comes Indigo with a gift I would love to receive: Copper Mule Mugs and Royal Rose Simply Syrups (available in select Indigo stores). The copper mugs have a solid brass handle and tarnish-resistant coating making them perfect for any iced beverage. The mugs are also the perfect host to my favourite mixed drink, a Moscow Mule. Combine 1 & 1/2 ounces vodka, with 3/4 ounces of the Royal Rose Ginger Lime Syrup as well as 1/2 ounces of fresh lime juice and 4 ounces of soda water to reach sophisticated drink nirvana.

A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

Techie or Creative Kids

For techie kids or kids who love drawing and puzzles, there is no greater tool than Osmo. We have had Osmo in our house for months now and love it. Osmo is essentially an attachment and base for your iPad that brings apps to life so you child can solve puzzles, play games with others and do some pretty cool artwork. You can pick up Osmo at Indigo this holiday season.

Osmo chapters Indigo


Yoga Lover

Whether its a friend or a spouse, we all now someone that really loves Yoga. To purchase a special gift for these people, I recommend checking out Tiny Devotions. The company creates yoga jewellery and intentional accessories. Their new line of Spirit Animals is a great way to gift a friend. Each bracelet is not only based on your spirit animal but also made with gemstones worn throughout history for both their beauty and healing qualities.A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

Health Nut

We all know people who are constantly drinking protein shakes, tea and healthy beverages like citrus infused water. For them I recommend a product I have fallen in love with: the Multi Flask Total Hydration System. The Hydration System is essentially one outer shell water bottle that has easy components that you can switch in and out throughout the day. There is a component for hot beverages, infused beverages like tea, cold drinks with ice, insulated cold beverages, powdered beverages like protein shakes and fruit infused beverages. It also comes with a sipping lid for hot beverages and a spout lid for cold beverages. Best of all the bottles are BPA/BPS and Phthalate free. I use the bottle day in and day out starting with a protein shake and ending at night with warm tea or lemon infused water. For another genius idea, this time for kids, also check out Drink In The Box.

A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

Instagram Crazy Teen

While polaroid cameras are making a comeback, there is a much easier way to give your teen the same experience. I recently got an HP Envy 5540 All-In-One-Printer and absolutely love it. Not only does it do that stuff you need it to do like print and scan, it has another awesome feature. You can use the printer to directly print images from your phone (social media apps like Facebook or Instagram or your camera roll) using your wi-fi network and the HP Social Media Snapshots app. I use the HP Social Media Snapshots Removable Sticky Paper to create fun photos the kids can stick to anything. You can find the HP Envy at Staples.

A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

Sesame Street Fiend

Remember Tickle Me Elmo? Play All Day Elmo is the same concept but a much more developed version. Play All Day Elmo comes with two settings Toddler and Preschool which change the activities he suggests to your child. He also has a play and nap mode. The play mode sets the stage for Elmo to play games like Red Light Green Light with your child. In nap mode, Elmo gets very sleepy and preps your child for nap or bedtime with lovely lullabies and a kiss goodnight. Don’t worry parents, he also now comes equipped with an off switch.

A guide to what I love in my new 2015 Super Holiday Gift Guide

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