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DisclosureBefore I arrived in Vermont, I wasn’t sure I would use the Smuggler’s Notch Child Care. Frankly, I really like hanging with my kids and often find we end up finding a lot to do without using camps or child care. Still, I wanted to be able to evaluate the child care and see if I would recommend it to you so I figured I would sign Will and Charlie up for one day.

What I assumed would be a 4 hour trial, turned into 2 days of pure childhood bliss for Will and Charlie. Here are the top 5 things parents will love about Smuggler’s Notch Child Care.

A Break For and From Baby

child careSmuggler’s Notch Child Care is for every child and they mean that. Today, I was given a tour of the Treasures Child Care Center and I was truly impressed. Treasures is large, clean and works with local food co-ops to feed your kids the best food that Vermont can provide. The kids don’t just sit inside but from the time they can toddle, they explore their surroundings in huge sandboxes and nature walks along the many hiking trails. There are also rest areas and swing sets that sway in the breeze.

The childcare center works with parents and breastfeeding mothers in every way possible. They take babies as young as 6 weeks and will watch babies for an hour or all day as needed. They also provide in-room childcare and babysitting at night.

Its for Everyone

As I have already covered the Smuggler’s Notch SNAP program, I won’t go into too much detail here but will reiterate that the Smugglers’ Notch Adaptive Program for kids with special needs has virtually no restrictions. I have witnessed this program in action over the last three days and have been blown away but what I have seen. The counselors truly are above and beyond in this program and anyone with a child who may require extra care and attention should look into Smuggler’s Notch for a family vacation.

The Counselors are Awesome

campThere is really no other way to put it. The camp counselors here are awesome. From what I can tell, most of the counselors, lifeguards and guides here have had a childhood connection to Smuggler’s Notch and consider it a home away from home. They don’t regard the resort as a job but see it as a family. Will and Charlie were devastated to say goodbye to their counselors today and are already begging to return.

Smuggler's Notch

No Guilt

I’ll admit that there are times I drop my kids off on vacations at child care centres even for just an hour and feel that wonderful pang of mom guilt. You know that nagging feeling that reminds you that you should be spending time with them all of the time? This didn’t happen at all at Smuggler’s Notch. In fact, I felt guilty for picking them up early today from the kid’s camp. Smuggler’s Notch encourages you to check in on your kids as little or as much as you need to and every time I did I was reassured that the kids were having a blast. From visits with Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate, to boat races, nature hunts, frog catching and endless swimming, I couldn’t even compete with the fun they were having. Instead, I hiked, did yoga, took a Segway tour and explored different areas to take them when camp was over.

Its the Perfect Mix of Family and Vacation

Smugglers' NotchWhen your kids are not in camp, the staff here are clearly trained on how to take care of children. There are so many activities geared to families as a whole particularly hikes meant for exploring with kids. From the shuttle drivers and wait staff to those who have direct contact all day with the kids, the staff here display a clear love for kids in general and their jobs. We took a golf cart ride with a man that welcomed them into the front, had them laughing and giggling and told me to just relax for the ride. The restaurant staff know your kids are tired and bring dinner quickly. Everyone here has interacted with my kids in a way that made them feel welcome and me feel like it was okay if they were exhausted, crying or laughing their faces off.

Smuggler’s Notch

When I review hotels and resorts, I like to point out what can be improved and in this case I am not sure I can. Moving forward with this road trip, we will remember our time in Vermont fondly and not just because of the fantastic ice cream and cheese. A huge thank you goes out from me and the kids to the staff that have cared for them as you truly made this the perfect start to what will be an incredible journey.

Check out this video I made of our time here at Smuggs.

Stay tuned as I wrap up some of the activities that are not to miss in Vermont and introduce you to our next stop, Bethel, New York!

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  1. So, so cool! Loved the video at the end. Seems like you are having a blast. And nothing better than having a truly awesome child care option on a vacation. The only place we’ve been that has done it really right is at Aulani. Seems like Smuggler’s Notch has mastered it too!

  2. Brilliant place! I think I would have fun there too!

    The Crowded Planet / Reply

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