Sharklens: Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids and Adults Giveaway

The kids and I love adventures. Particularly ones in the ocean. I strive to introduce them to sea life in its natural setting. In the past, this goal hasn’t exactly lined up with what happens while we are out at sea. We all suck at snorkeling and spend most of our time at the top of the water adjusting masks and swallowing sea water. That was until we were introduced to Sharklens, an affordable full face snorkel mask that offers both kids and adult sizes. Our latest snorkeling trip in Hawaii was a bonafide success thanks to Sharklens.  Find out why I love Sharklens and enter to win two Sharklens full face snorkel masks of your own.

Sharklens Full Face Snorkel Mask

In the last few years, full face snorkel masks have popped up in almost every beach destination we have visited. It’s easy to see why. The masks cover your entire face making it easy to breathe normally with snorkeling. The struggle to find a mouthpiece that fits properly and is in good condition no longer exists as the Sharklens full face snorkel masks do it all. Sharklens masks provide a field of vision of up to 180 degrees. They also have an ergonomic design making them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Finally, they come equipped with a Dry Top system that keeps water from entering the mask through the snorkel tube.

Photo Provided By Sharklens

Depending on where you are the costs of similar masks can range from reasonable to extremely expensive. That’s what I love about Sharklens. For families, the masks are affordable. A full price mask costs $90 US but currently, the masks are on sale for $45 US, a 50% savings. The masks are incredibly durable and easy to pack meaning you won’t need to rebuy them every trip you take.

Sharklens Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids

I was extremely excited to see that Sharklens offers a full face snorkel mask for kids. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent trying to properly fit my kids in adult snorkeling gear. Usually, quality masks and snorkels are simply too big for their faces and we have to resort to less quality equipment that leaks.

From the moment I slipped the Sharklens full face snorkel on Charlie who is 6, I knew it was a quality product. Without any initial adjusting, the mask fit her comfortably and sealed perfectly to her face. Make sure to put sunscreen on your kids about 30 minutes prior to using the mask to ensure a perfect seal.

Charlie and Will both took to using the masks without any problems. I hesitated to let them dive under the water not knowing for sure that the snorkel would prevent all water from entering. It did so perfectly. In fact, I spent about 30 minutes in the ocean trying to get water through the snorkel by trying to take extremely deep breaths and nothing happened. For the first time in a very long time, I also fell back in love with snorkeling.

Measuring Kids for the Sharklens Full Face Snorkel Mask

Before ordering, you will need to measure your kids’ faces to ensure you are buying the perfect size. Sharklens provides this chart to help determine the right size mask.

Photo Provided By Sharklens

For Charlie who is 6, the child size is a perfect fit. Will who is almost 9 requires a youth size mask. To purchase a youth mask on the Sharklens site, select a full face snorkel mask and in the drop down menu choose Youth.

All Sharklens masks come equipped with a space to attach a GoPro so you can capture your memories through photos and videos.

Sharklens Full Face Snorkel Mask Giveaway

I fell head over heals in love with the Sharklens masks. We picked up the masks about halfway through our last trip to Hawaii and spent much more time on the beach than expected. We were lucky to encounter two beautiful sea turtles and plenty of gorgeous fish. I seriously cannot imagine leaving home now for any place tropical without the masks. I don’t want you to either. Enter below before April 1, 2017, to win 2 Sharklens snorkel masks of your own!


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*Contest open in US and Canada. No QC.

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  1. I would love to go with my three children and my husband – the children have never snorkled, but it is a goal we have for them as we want for them to see the magic of aquatic life.

    jay nelson / Reply
  2. I would go snorkeling with my two kids. We are going to Clearwater Beach again this summer, and these masks look amazing!

    Kathy / Reply
  3. Besides my hubby, I would LOVE to snorkel with my three little girls. They love swimming and fish, so it would be exciting to experience it with them!

    Erinn Lishman / Reply
  4. I would go snorkling with my wife.

    Mark Gordon Brown / Reply
  5. I would go snorkling with my sister!

    Brenda Nelson / Reply
  6. I would like to go snorkelling with my granddaughter.

    Suzanne G / Reply
  7. These look so fun! I’d take my kiddos snorkeling with me.

    Mary Moore / Reply
  8. I would snorkel with my daughter when we go to the beach this summer!

    Rachel B / Reply
  9. These look SO SO SO AWESOME!

    Andrea Traynor / Reply
  10. I love the full face mask. This looks like so much fun!

    Maryanne / Reply
  11. I like the built in safety valve

    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard / Reply
  12. I like that masks sealed to the face and water don’t go inside.

    Marina M. / Reply
  13. I want one!! I hate how my mask always fills with water and I have to tred water while trying to sort it out while also holding on to my kid and doing the same for his mask!! These are perfect.

    Karilyn / Reply
  14. I love that the masks come equipped with a space to attach a GoPro.

    Robyn Bellefleur / Reply
  15. My kiddo is on the spectrum and loves water, but struggles with the sensory issues of a snorkel in the mouth. This would be so awesome to try!

    C. Burke / Reply
  16. I like that it covers the whole face.

    Tammy Shelton / Reply
  17. These are so cool – my 3 boys would love them!

    Stacy / Reply
  18. These are so cool!! I especially love that you have greater field of vision!

    Ashley Cook / Reply
  19. I would love to have one of these masks for my son!!!

    Tracey / Reply
  20. I like that the masks are incredibly durable and easy to pack meaning you won’t need to rebuy them every trip you take.

    Rachel / Reply
  21. I like the built-in safety valve but I love the Sharklens masks having a space to attach a GoPro to enjoy and capture photos and videos underwater without any hassles.

    Kathleen Tibayan-Patacsil / Reply
  22. I love the full face mask. I love snorkeling, it was so much fun in Mexico!

    Carole D. / Reply
  23. I like the built in safty valve

    Kim Tanti / Reply
  24. We use to go snorkeling since we live in florida, since I became legally blind need glasses at all times and can not afford prescription goggles so we no longer go
    with the sharklens being full face I could wear my glasses and go snorkeling again
    like how you can breathe with your nose and mouth as I’m mostly a mouth breather

    Tammy Kennedy / Reply
  25. I like that they are one piece and that they are child friendly . It makes my life easier with my girls to have one piece and not fight over the glasses being on wrong n leaking constantly .

    Julie O'Brien / Reply
  26. I love that you can attach a Go Pro to the mask!

    Jonnie / Reply
  27. I’m like a kid–I panic and end up snorting water. These look like something even I can master! Neat!

    Amanda / Reply
  28. What i like best about the snorkel mask is that they provide a chart to help determine the right size mask for your child and i think a good fit is very important

    kathy downey / Reply
  29. I love that your whole face is covered. You get a better view of what you are looking at…. especially in salt water.

    Doreen Lamoureux / Reply
  30. I love that it offers a greater field of vision to see more underwater

    Kim K / Reply
  31. These look so great! I love that you can breathe through both your nose and your mouth.

    Monika / Reply
  32. I like that it seals well.

    Doris H / Reply
  33. I like that it seals well and comes in several colors!

    Carolsue / Reply
  34. I love how much it looks like they are good quality!! Very snug and a great fit!!

    Amy Heffernan / Reply
  35. I know Hudson would love that the Sharklens is a full face mask not just to cover the eyes!

    Bailey Dexter / Reply
  36. I love the full face feature!

    Erin H / Reply
  37. The whole product is my favourite feature. How neat that this exists, I never knew! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    Sarah De Diego / Reply
  38. I love the idea of a full face mask, that you can break through your nose AND mouth, and that you get better visibility. I also really, REALLY love the idea of the water seal. That part is almost too go to be true, I’m dying to try it out.

    Deanna Tousignant / Reply
  39. I’ve never actually snorkelled before and this would give me much more confidence to try it.

    Matthew Tully / Reply
  40. I love this idea. We love to snorkel but our kids are still young and don’t like getting their faces wet. This could work!

    Nicole / Reply

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