A Look Into the Day of a Real Traveling Mom

When I started traveling alone with the kids, I  knew for certain there were some things I wouldn’t give up. Good food was one of them. A lot of parents tell me that when they had kids they stopped going to really great restaurants unless they had a sitter. On the road, we don’t have that option so instead we try and find a restaurant or two each trip that is both kid-friendly and gourmet.

Before heading out to my restaurant of choice tonight, the kids and I flew kites, played in the pool and the ocean and then relaxed in our room at the Trump Miami.


I hyped up the restaurant we decided to head to for dinner thinking we would be capping of our perfect 24 hours in Miami Beach.

That’s how it went for the first hour and a half. We were welcomed into Barton G  with open arms and loved every bit of our meal. The kids got to try new things and even enjoy a little dessert. And then reality hit.


Out of nowhere, Will said his throat felt tight. I was scared he was having some random allergic reaction but then it all became clear that the pool water, ocean waves and sunshine had been a little too much on my 6 year old traveler.

He simply stood up in the middle of the restaurant and threw up. EVERYWHERE. I was worried and then I was mortified. I tried to help but it just kept coming. By the end of the “incident” we were both covered in vomit while Charlie happily finished off her dessert.

This is where you differentiate the things you can plan on a vacation and the things you can’t.

The staff of Barton G was incredible and they all ran to my aid. I took Will to the bathroom and stripped him down to his underwear. I tried to clean myself off as much as possible. After that I had to calculate how to find Charlie, pay the bill and get a practically naked 6 year old home in a cab.

Luckily the server was impeccable. She brought Charlie into the bathroom, helped me gather my stuff and let me pay the bill from there. Let’s just say, I left a pretty hefty tip. She showed me the quickest way out of the restaurant and we made our escape.

Once on the street, I still had to figure out how we were going to get back to the hotel. It wasn’t the appointed time to meet our free shuttle and I had that small issue of my half naked child, who smelled like a bucket of vomit, by my side. Luckily, a cab kindly stopped for us and we headed back to the Trump. The cab asked if he could roll the windows down and started to gag a little.

The most remarkable part of all this was that as we walked back into the hotel room, we all burst out laughing. Hysterical gut wrenching tear jerking laughter. Charlie was rolling on the ground and Will couldn’t contain himself. What could we do but laugh at this point?

That’s the reality of traveling with kids. It will never be exactly what you expect and things like tonight happen. Luckily not all the time. My favourite part was that no one freaked out. Charlie, who is only 4, sat calmly and ate her dessert (a fine looking Baked Alaska that I didn’t get to try). Will threw up everything he had eaten in at least the past week and half a pool of water and then calmly got undressed in a public washroom. He didn’t cry. There was no drama. I stayed calm, grabbed my credit card, paid the bill and exited calmly.

I left with a great opinion of a high class restaurant that treated my kids and myself perfectly in the situation and with more kindness than I would ever had expected if one could even expect this. I also left with a story that will definitely be told at birthdays, graduations and most likely a certain young man’s wedding.


All cleaned up and laughing his face off.

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  1. OMG! I was waiting to hear details after I saw your posts about tonight — was so excited for you guys to experience an awesome dinner — what a horrible ending to a wonderful evening. I am surprised it was handled as tactfully — I can imagine some of the other restaurants around the world might not have been so accommodating. Glad everything worked out, but wow! Yeah, you definitely need to tell this story at his wedding one day! LOL

    Erin / Reply
    • We eat at a lot of amazing restaurants and there are some I could picture a very different ending at. They were amazing and the food was fantastic. The best part was that Charlie just kept eating…May have to come tour the world with you two for a few weeks!

  2. Emily + I are sitting in the Geneva airport and after paying 30 euros for 2 coffees and 2 waters – we are in hysterics reading this.

    Ann / Reply
    • It was incredibly hysterical. You would have died when the cabbie started gagging. Actually you would have died the whole time. Guessing were not invited to Ben’s new restaurant for a while 😉

  3. I feel terrible laughing at your adorable little boy. Your story reads like a movie! Glad you all were able to laugh about it. In the end the best travel experiences are those where you can roll with the punches and make the best of it no matter what happens. Charlie is my hero for calmly finishing her baked Alaska. I would have done the same!

    Christina Thomas / Reply
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  5. This is so priceless. I can see one of my kids continuing to eat. 🙂

    Nasreen / Reply

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