Panasonic G85 – A Parent’s Dream Camera


Not long ago I was telling you all about how much I loved the Panasonic GX8. It was the first camera I really connected with and it made me feel like a bonafide photographer. The reality is that I’m not one but Panasonic has made it quite easy to pretend to be. Since that time, Panasonic has launched a smaller camera that I love taking with me wherever we go; the Panasonic G85. Check out why I think it’s the perfect camera for parents.

Panasonic G85

When I first picked up the Panasonic G85 (available here), I really liked the feel of it. It had some of the fun features that I missed when I transitioned from the older Panasonic G7 to the GX8. It also had a rugged exterior that made me feel like it could be around my kids and survive.

I wondered whether or not it would replace my beloved Panasonic GX8 but never really intended to start using it on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, months later, I still am not leaving home without it.

What I Love About the Panasonic G85

There’s quite a bit to like about this camera. Here are the features that I find most useful for parents.

Sealed Body & Rugged Design

I’m a mom on the go and we are always outdoors. Whether we are hiking in Hawaii or visiting amusement parks in Florida, I’m never prepared for the weather. What I love about the Panasonic G85 is that it is fully weather-sealed. While you can’t drop it in water, you can use it outside in rain and snow.  Be sure to check that all compartments are closed including the built-in flash before exposing it to water.  Don’t hesitate to catch great shots of your kids skiing or playing in the ocean.

Extra Battery Power

I noticed very quickly when using the G85 for weekends away and weekend long sports tournaments that the battery seemed to last an exceptionally long time. One of the key reasons is that the Panasonic G85 is equipped with an awesome power-save feature that you can turn on in the settings menu. You can choose for the camera to go into auto-sleep after 3, 5 or 10 seconds without use. To wake the camera back up, you simply need to press the shutter button. This has been key for me on long days out on the ocean searching for whales and big hikes with my kids. In the past, I have quickly drained camera batteries simply forgetting to turn it off. Now I don’t need to worry about it.

4K Photo

I first came across 4K photo using the Panasonic GX8. Now I can’t imagine photographing my kids without it. Essentially, using the 4K feature you can capture 30 seconds of video that is broken up into high-quality photos. This means I can capture the exact moment my kids’ toes hit freezing cold water or their mid-cartwheel smiles. It’s a feature that you’ll love if your kids are in sports as you won’t miss the moment they score a goal or cross the finish line.

16 Megapixel Live MOS Four-Thirds Sensor

As soon as I started shooting with the Panasonic G85, I noticed how clear and sharp my photos were. I found it was easy to capture fine details in shots of my kids like their eyelashes and wisps of baby hair. Although the GX8 is equipped with a 20-megapixel sensor, I find the G85 more than sufficient for the photos I am taking.

Post Focus

Post focus is one of the really fun features of the Panasonic G85. You can set the camera in post focus mode and take a photo. Then, you can look at the photo on the camera’s LCD screen and select which part of the photo you would like to be in focus. I find this a fun feature to play with and it makes for some great food shots.


One thing that has knocked my socks off with the Panasonic G85 is the incredible stability of the camera. I take a lot of night photos, particularly of fireworks, and most of the time I don’t bring along a tripod. Luckily, the Panasonic G85 is equipped with a dual image stabilizer. What this means is that it’s easier to capture clear and crisp images at night or during the day when your subject are moving. 

My first experience taking night photos with the Panasonic G85 was at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas that expressly forbids tripods. While I was nervous that I would end up with a bunch of blurry shots, I was pleasantly surprised by how sharp and clear the photos turned out. I find more and more I am leaving my tripod at home feeling confident that I can still take some pretty cool night shots without it.

Price Point

The one thing parents always ask me is what camera to buy. They need to be durable, take great photos and usually be around the $1000 price point. The Panasonic G85 sells for $1,199.99 including a weather-sealed 12-60 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Everything you need to capture great photos is included. Find it here

Panasonic G85

In the last year, I have really fallen in love with taking photos again. Now the only photos on my iPhone are those that I take on my camera and transfer via the G85’s built-in wi-fi. I love that our memories are being captured in beautiful high-quality photos that I can print and hang in our home.  The G85 really surprised me as I wasn’t sure I could love a camera as much as the Panasonic GX8. While they two are different, they both have amazing features that will capture all of your best family moments.

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Photos included in this posts were taken with the Panasonic Lumix G85. To learn more click here.

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