Mother’s Day Movie Ticket & Prize Giveaway

Since Pretty Woman was released, I have simply loved Julia Roberts. I was incredibly excited to see she has a new movie coming out with some of my other favorite actors, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston. Read on to find out all about Mother’s Day opening April 29th and enter before May 8, 2016 to win a Mother’s Day prize pack valued at over $200!

Mother’s Day Movie

There’s no better way to learn about a movie than to check out the trailer. Here’s your sneak peak at Mother’s Day now open in Canada!

Mother’s Day Prize Pack Giveaway!

While the movie is now open and the ticket screening has passed, my friends at Mother’s Day also want to share the love with an incredible prize pack from two incredible brands, Burt’s Bees and Le Chateau.


The prize pack which has a value of $200 includes all 14 shades of the Burt’s Bees 100% natural lipstick line and a $50 gift certificate to Le Chateau. A perfect gift for any mom! Ready to win? Enter here between now and Mother’s Day (Sunday May 8, 2016).

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  1. Solo mom, you are one of the classiest ladies and moms I know. Hands down!

    Keri / Reply
  2. I love contests. All contests. And you’re awesome too. Perfect combination! Hope I win Ottawa and not Moncton. 🙂

    Ryan / Reply
  3. thanks for the chance to win. I will use the GC to buy some new clothes for my post pregnancy body for the summer.

    Rebecca / Reply
  4. Awesome contest & giveaway Sarah! If I won the tickets, I would take my best friend, Brianne who is a new mom just this year! If I won $50 at Le Chateau, I would buy a fun new outfit for work in my new job that I start in July! Thanks so much!

    Caroline / Reply
  5. I would take my daughter to go see Mother’s day! And I’d get a jacket from Le Chateau!

    yvonne / Reply
  6. I’d take my daughter to see Mother’s Day with me.

    Tonya / Reply
  7. If I won the Le Chateau gift card, I’d buy my husband a shirt or two to wear on a date night.

    Tonya / Reply
  8. My sister! She’s an amazing part of my life

    Donna / Reply
  9. I would buy my son a new shirt

    Wendy hutton / Reply
  10. I would take my mom 🙂 My parents are retired and live out of town, so they are coming to Toronto tomorrow for a doctor’s appt already. this would be perfect 🙂

    ruth moreira-lozon / Reply
  11. hmm…Le Chateau gift card, I would buy a pair of pants for my honey bc he’s lost some weight recently. his bday is in May so yay! Thanks Sarah!

    ruth moreira-lozon / Reply
  12. I would buy a new bag or some other accessory!

    Tiesha / Reply
  13. I would take my mom to see Mother’s Day

    Jennifer Noel / Reply
  14. I would buy some cute costume jewelry with a Le Chateau card.

    Jennifer Noel / Reply
  15. I would buy myself some new tops!

    ivy pluchinsky / Reply
  16. I would take my mom

    margo / Reply
  17. I would buy a new date night dress if i won the le chateau card!

    Rachael Bhardwaj / Reply
  18. i would take my mom to see mothers day

    Rachael Bhardwaj / Reply
  19. I would take my daughter, her birthday is April 30th!

    Leslie Crosbie / Reply
  20. If I had $50 to spend at Le Chateau, I would take my daughter shopping for herself!

    Leslie Crosbie / Reply
  21. i would take a girlfriend, since my mom will be out of town!

    Laura Moser / Reply
  22. I would take my husband.

    Wanda Bergman / Reply
  23. I would buy myself a nice top with $50 from Le Chateau

    Kristi / Reply
  24. I’d take my Mom to see Mother’s Day.

    Rex Rugger / Reply
  25. For Le Chateau, I wouldn’t buy anything. I’d give the card to my daughter and let her pick what she wants. I’m sure she’d pick a top or two.

    Rex Rugger / Reply
  26. I would use it towards my daughter’s prom dress 🙂

    Jolie / Reply
  27. I would take my daughter to see this movie

  28. With my Chateau Card …………….I would buy my self a nice blouse

  29. I would use the gift card to purchase new work clothes.

    Tara Betterley / Reply
  30. I would put the $50 towards a new spring coat.

    Suzanne G / Reply
  31. My wife and she would love it.

    Peter Cobill / Reply
  32. I want some of those $10 and up ‘go to tops’ on the outlet part of the site. Just my style.

    Desiree Miller / Reply
  33. I would take my daughter

    Daniela Plume / Reply
  34. they have awesome jewelry!! or maybe sandals for the summer

    Laura Moser / Reply
  35. I’d give the tickets to my mother in law for her to see the movie.

    Jen / Reply
  36. I would buy some new shirts for spring from Le Chateau.

    Jen / Reply
  37. I’d like to buy some new pants

    Edith Rennes / Reply
  38. I’d take a friend.

    Edith Rennes / Reply
  39. I would buy a new sweater from Le Chateau. Their clothes are beautiful!

    Michelle / Reply
  40. I would love to see that movie!

    Jennifer McCrimmon / Reply
  41. I would buy a dress for a summer wedding ikl be attending!

    Ingrid Breau-McNicol / Reply
  42. I would purchase jewellery:)

    Sara Rai / Reply
  43. I would go to see Mothers Day with my husband.

    DebP / Reply
  44. I might spend the $50 on jewelry. Le Chateau has nice jewelry.

    DebP / Reply
  45. I would buy a shirt for my daughter in law.

    Catherine R. / Reply
  46. I’d get a new white spring dress from Le Chateau.

    Ann / Reply
  47. I’d buy some jeans! I’ve been losing weight, and it’d be nice to have something that fits snugly again!

    JayM / Reply
  48. Buy myself a cute top for the summer

    bobbiJo Pentney / Reply
  49. My mom of course!!

    Kim M / Reply
  50. Either one of my sisters

    Lisa bolduc / Reply
  51. I need a new top from Le Chateau

    Kim M / Reply
  52. I’d take my mom to the movie & then we’d go to dinner!

    KellyPC / Reply
  53. i would bring my mum!

    Nicky / Reply
  54. i would give the gc to my mom, who says she really needs a new top!

    Nicky / Reply
  55. I would take my sister to see it.

    Robyn Bellefleur / Reply
  56. I would buy something for my mom since this contest is for Mother’s Day, mom deserves an extra treat. 🙂

    Judy Thuy Duong / Reply
  57. I would take my mother-in-law

    Marlene V / Reply
  58. I would take my mom, and I would buy her some custom jewelry from Le Chateau.

    Andrea D. / Reply
  59. I would take my mother to see the movie because she is an amazing mother and I would love to treat her to a movie! this would be a perfect movie for us to enjoy!

    Tiff / Reply
  60. I would spend the giftcard on a new dress, wedding season is just around the corner! cheers!

    Rajbinder Kaur / Reply
  61. I would take my friend Kristine.

    Tracey / Reply
  62. I would buy accessories.

    Tracey / Reply
  63. I would buy something for spring, to make me feel good while enjoying the weather warm up.

    Keri / Reply
  64. I would buy a beautiful dress

    Stephanie LaPlante / Reply
  65. I’d get some new summer shorts

    Brenda Penton / Reply
  66. I would buy a new pair of shoes 🙂

    Andrea Amy / Reply
  67. If I won $50 I would put it towards a new dress! I need one for my friends upcoming wedding

    kristen visser / Reply
  68. I would buy a new sweater for myself.

    Karla Sceviour / Reply
  69. I would use it towards a new dress.

    Pam / Reply
  70. With a $50 Le Chateau gift certificate I would probably buy a dress for my daughter.

    Kristy / Reply
  71. I would like a cardigan or some sandals

    maria / Reply
  72. My 26 year old daughter would love this gift as Le Chateau is her favourite and she has lots of Burt’s Bees lip chaps.

    Lorraine B / Reply
  73. I think that i would buy a new blouse or a new dress with the fifty dollars from le chateua 🙂

    Aarone Mawdsley / Reply
  74. a gift for mom..she loves shoes..

    alessandro p / Reply
  75. I think I would buy the Leather-Like Fringe Crossbody Bag!

    Stephanie Grant / Reply
  76. I need work clothes.

    Maryanne / Reply
  77. probably shoes!

    Donna / Reply
  78. Thank you for the chance if i won, my mom would buy some shoes of course, i think all women love shoes lol

    Antoinette / Reply
  79. I would buy some great jewellry

    Betty S / Reply
  80. I would put it toward a cool coat that I adore there, the Cotton Blend Funnel Collar Anorak!

    Krista M / Reply
  81. I would buy something summery.

    Nancy / Reply

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