Monkey Bread Recipe

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I sat down with Will and Charlie this week and asked them to think about their favorite new foods from our summer road trip. The top three were not shockingly all desserts and actually were some of the most memorable foods we have tasted. We decided that now that we are home, we will be incorporating all the different types of food we have tasted during out travels into our cooking and baking. We also wanted to introduce them to you. Don’t worry, I promise there will NEVER be a recipe for cricket cookies.

Monkey Bread Recipe

This week recipe is a Monkey Bread Recipe and brought to you by Canadian blogger and kitchen maven Karlynn Johnston from The Kitchen Magpie.

Photo Credit: Karlynn Johnston / The Kitchen Magpie

Photo Credit: Karlynn Johnston / The Kitchen Magpie


We first tried monkey bread in one of the coolest restaurants we found on our trip. We were actually on our way to Leopold’s Ice Cream Shop, famous in Savannah, Georgia and encountered a huge line (I said it was famous). I talked the kids out of ice cream and into lunch and we took to the street to find something we all wanted to eat. Not far from Leopold’s, we came across the Funky Brunch Café and the kids were sold. Outside the restaurant, there was a entire area for kids to play which included chalk, skipping ropes and hop scotch courts. Once, I managed to drag them inside, we saw tables lined with griddles so you could flip your own pancakes and make fun designs.


The piece-de-resistance was that before your breakfast came you were delivered piping hot monkey bread. We tried monkey bread a few more times this summer but nothing compared to the Funky Brunch Café.

I scoured the internet for recipes for monkey bread before choosing one to introduce to you and try myself because I needed it to be authentic. With Charlie in the house, I can’t get away with sub-par baking. Also, there are different ways to make Monkey Bread and this to me seemed the most kid-friendly. I knew mine would love assembling the tiny balls of bread and then watching it come out of the oven as they remembered it looking in Savannah.


Photo Credit: Karlynn Johnston / The Kitchen Magpie


Click on this link for full recipe and instructions. The list of ingredients may look a little daunting but Karlynn assures me that its a very easy recipe and after one attempt I will be a pro. We will be baking it tomorrow morning for Sunday brunch so I will definitely post some photos of my little monkeys assembling the bread on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Hmmm mmmm, I think I would have devoured the before I had the chance to get to the camera also.

    SJ - Chasing the Donkey / Reply
  2. I think I would have to order a separate plate for my children, and one for me. It looks AMAZING! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

    Emma / Reply
  3. Ooh – I love monkey bread! There’s not many things I would choose above ice cream, but that brunch cafe may have been worth it.

    Jess / Reply
  4. This looks amazing! That glaze! Droooool.

    Adelina // Pack Me To / Reply
  5. Hi it’s Christa, host of the Sunday Traveler, I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for joining in on the fun! Monkey bread is so simple yet I always fail at making it, maybe I just need more patience or a cook that would solve everything. Your pic makes my mouth water!

    Christa / Reply

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