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For years, I have tried to find a map that we could hang in our home to show where we have been, where we are going and our bucket list destinations. Recently, while strolling through our local Ikea, the kids and I saw this map hanging up and I knew that I had found it.

travel map

Premiar World Map from Ikea

Once I got the map assembled (its from Ikea after all) and swore I would never buy another thing from Ikea, I took to the Internet to find the perfect way to mark our travel spots. I found that I liked the idea of using straight pins the best but because the map was stretched canvas it would not work. A few google searches later, I found a suggestion from a geography professor to use Mark-It Dots available at this link to The dots are 1/8″ in diameter and are perfect for the map. map stickers

Mark-it dots from

The stickers are a little deceiving as you don’t get a multi-coloured sheet like displayed on the cover but instead a sheet of each individual colour. In total there are 300 dots of each colour in a package and 2400 total stickers.

map stickers

Individual sheets of Mark-It Dots

The kids and I are already having fun determining which colours will be assigned to what category. At this point we’ve decided we will all have an individual colour, a family trip colour, a blog trip colour as well as a bucket list colour. Here is an example of what the stickers look like on the map.

Mark-It Dots on Map of World from Ikea

Green Mark-It Dots show where we have been as a family.

Having a large personalized map in your house is a great way to teach your children how big the world really is. It will also encourage your whole family to look for new locations to explore.

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