Knack Bag Review

After spending the summer traveling closer to home, I wanted to share my favorite add-on to my traveling gear. In early Spring, I picked up a new travel bag from Knack and was worried once COVID hit that I would get no use out of it. Turns out I was wrong. Here’s what you need to know about this unique travel bag.

Expandable Knack Bag for Travel

While I don’t do a lot of product reviews, I was intrigued when Knack reach out to me to try out their Knack expandable travel bag. As a mom on the go traveling alone with two kids, I loved the idea of it.

The concept behind the Knack bag is that you can truly live out of one bag. The bag is both a laptop bag as well as a carry-on bag for flights. As you unzip the bag, it opens up 75% more capacity for travel. The bag is smaller than the carry-on restrictions for almost all airlines including Air Canada.

When not being used as a carry-on the Knack bag is the size of a regular backpack.

Knack bags come in three sizes. The small bag can carry enough clothes for an overnight trip and is perfect for the gym. The medium bag carries 2-3 days of clothes. The large bag is perfect for 3-4 days of clothes.

Medium Knack bag with extra storage pocked unzipped.

To be honest, I felt the large was likely too large for a multi-use bag and decided to try out the medium bag.

First Impressions of Knack Bag

When the bag arrived, I immediately loved the color of it. The Indigo Blue is a muted gorgeous shade without being too dull or bright. The interior of the bag has a fun bright orange lining that will make anyone smile. I find it also makes it easier to find things in the bag. The zippers on the bag are of good quality and the pocket sizes are generous.

The bag is divided into numerous compartments. The front of the bag is a triangular compartment that is easily accessed. I was worried the zippers would open on their own but even on long days it never happened. There are various holders inside the front pocket for things like pens and cords which are perfect for travel. There is also a small softy lined pocket above it that perfectly fits my iPhone and sunglasses.

The middle compartment of the bag is really similar to a backpack. While there is a cushioned laptop compartment on the back of the back, I most often use this compartment for my laptop, books, and my plethora of snacks for the kids.

Where the bag really differs from other backpacks is in the main compartment. This compartment opens to reveal two sides perfect for packing carry-on luggage. While Knack categorizes the medium bag as sizable enough for 2-3 days of clothes, I find I am often able to pack 2-3 days of clothes for me and both kids.

There are numerous other pockets that complete the bag including my favorite side pocket which perfectly fits a bottle of water and is accessible with the bag still on your back.

Why Knack Bags Work For Moms

I am not sure moms are really the target market for Knack bags. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check them out. While I did fit in a few staycations with this bag, I also found that it was the perfect fit for a summer at home.

Knack Bags on the Go

Due to the fact that I got the Knack bag right when everything shut down, I found myself wanting to use it with no actual travel planned. Very quickly I realized that the bag actually worked perfectly for long days out with the kids.

On our first adventure, I took the bag on a waterfall hike with a picnic. In the past, I have mainly packed my camera equipment in a small bag with our lunch and hoped for the best. This often meant taking out all the equipment if anyone needed a simple snack or hand-wipe.

I decided to pack the Knack Bag in sections. I placed snacks in the front compartment. I used the middle compartment as a camera bag and tucked the trail guide into the pocket compartment. Finally, I packed our lunch in the carry-on portion of the bag. After a few hours, I decided I would likely not use another bag ever again.

Since that day, I have used the Knack bag for travel and found that the same formula worked for overnight use. I love being able to store my clothes in the main compartment, my laptop in the designated spot, and still have room for things like make-up and camera equipment. While the bag isn’t extremely large, it’s quite surprising how much can fit in it.

Knack Bag Final Review

In the end, I absolutely love this bag. I use it far more than I anticipated and for much more than travel. For moms on the go with smaller kids, I love that the bag is a backpack carryon leaving your hands free to carry kids, hold hands, or help with their belongings. I can easily see the small Knack bag working as a perfect diaper bag. If you want to learn more about the bags, check out

I received a Knack Bag for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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