JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa

DisclosureNever one to shy away from any JW Marriott, I was ecstatic to be invited to check out the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa. I had planned our first San Antonio day to be by the River Walk and knew that we would need a day of rest of relaxation to recuperate. Where better than a JW Marriott Resort and Spa. We drove a little over 30 minutes from the city and arrived in a whole new world. Here are the top 6 things I loved about the JW Marriott San Antonio.

Family is Priority #1

San AntonioThere have been times on this road trip, that I have found myself stressed out about arriving places with the two kids. After a lot of time exploring San Antonio, we arrived at the JW Marriott ready for some pool time. The kids were excited and hardly able to contain themselves but I knew that it really didn’t matter. The lady who checked us in was kind to them and shared their enthusiasm. Kids were everywhere and this hotel was definitely a family friend destination.

River Bluff Water Experience

I cannot say this enough, do not underestimate the value of a hotel water park. You may save some money staying at a cheaper hotel but in the end you will end up spending it on entertainment for your kids. At the JW Marriott San Antonio, the River Bluff Water Experience is beyond amazing. Although quite busy when we arrived on a hot Saturday afternoon, we still found plenty of room to swim, play and lay out in the warm sun. We ventured back out to the River Bluff on the Sunday morning and had a lot more space to ourselves. We loved the kid friendly slides, the kiddie pool and the main pool with beach entry. The lazy River also had a lot of fun elements like a slide that went directly into it and interactive water cannons.

JW MArriott

The Food

FoodIf you have been following our road trip thus far, you already know I have one mini-foodie and one mini not-so-foodie. This can be a problem especially when spice is the main ingredient in Texas. The kid also happens to be a vegetarian. Due to its family nature and size, the JW Marriott has something to offer every type of eater. We loved sitting outside in the garden to eat dinner and it was nice for the kids to get to run around and play while we ate. One night there was also a live band and food truck on the lawn that served great BBQ. Every bite we took at the JW Marriott was freshly prepared and absolutely delicious from seafood and mexican to a plain old grilled cheese sandwich.

Family Fun

photo 1-7Besides the River Bluff, there is a lot of family fun to be had at the JW Marriott San Antonio. I particularly liked how games were set up and left out for families to play.   I walked by family ping pong games, football games, and bean bag tosses. We constantly were playing games and joining families out on the lawn for gymnastics, rolling around and general family fun. For as much as I wanted to catch up on work at the JW Marriott, I was too taken with the resort to spend much time on my computer. Instead, I listened to live music while slow dancing with my son, rode water slides and played Charlie’s favourite pool game “pinchy crab”. Work took a backseat to laughter and a lot fun.

The hotel also has a kids club that runs a variety of activities during the day. Our favourite was the lazy river duck race where kids were invited to decorate ducks and race them down the lazy river. The top three and very last duck received special prizes. A nice touch is that at the end of this no cost activity, each child was given their duck to keep as a memento of their time at the resort.

JW Marriott

The Room

San AntonioI’m not one to review a resort without discussing the room. A fun family friendly hotel is great but one that pulls it off in a luxury setting is even better. When we walked into our room, I was pretty excited. Not only by the large bed and sizeable sitting area with a pull out couch but by the giant balcony that overlooked the lawn and pool.  I beelined for the patio and the kids and I immediately started to relax. Within minutes both families on either side of us came out to say hello and soon Charlie and the girls next door were playing while Will chatted with the kids on the other side. One of the families invited us to join them for s’mores that night and we gladly accepted.

The rooms are as you would expect modern, clean and comfy. The patios provide a nice space to relax (or finally get some work done) while the kids sleep. All in all, we really enjoyed our stay.

The Music

I am quickly learning that Texas is built on music. Every where we go, there is at least one singing cowboy and some good country songs. The JW Marriott took this to a whole other level. I loved being surrounded by music. In every lobby and restaurant, we found more and more music. From a guitarist upon check-in to a soloist in the bar and a full band out on the lawn, we were constantly dancing and singing. A fine way to spend a weekend.

The JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa

JW MarriottWhether you live in Texas and are looking for a family getaway or like us are exploring this incredible State, you will love the JW Marriott San Antonio. If possible, I would try to steer clear of weekends as golfers and family converge on this amazing spot. We found the Sunday of our stay a lot quieter but even at full capacity this resort functioned as a 5 start hotel should. Service was prompt and genuine from the first contact with the valet to every person we met thereafter. A great stay and an easy hotel to recommend for anyone looking for an escape near San Antonio, Texas.


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  1. The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort looks amazing. I looked at this when my family was traveling to Texas for my son’s boot camp graduation but it was outside the area he was allowed to be. Too far from the base. I love that they offer so much for families. Sometimes it’s really nice to have a down day when we travel so my husband and I can relax, but the teens don’t always agree. This would be the best of both worlds.

    Tonya / Reply
  2. How much does the room cost for each night?

    Shirley thomas / Reply
  3. Do you celebrate anything during Thanksgiving week? Is the lazy pool still open?

    Patty / Reply
    • Hi Patty,
      The hotel pools stay open as long as there is no lightning or the temperature does not drop below 50 degrees. Every year the hotel hosts a Thanksgiving Brunch with a gourmet spread of meats, fresh breads, traditional favorites, and desserts made from scratch. Make your reservation early, they fill up quickly!

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