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DisclosureAs excited as I was to check out Texas, there was no where I anticipated visiting more than the Hyatt Lost Pines. The reason being that the Hyatt Lost Pines and particularly Jill, their social media manager, inspired our summer road trip #TO2Texas. To make a long story short, on a dreary cold day in Toronto, I received a tweet from the Hyatt Lost Pines with a picture of the great scenery inviting me to come visit. Later that day, I headed to the book store and bought an old fashion paper map of North America and plotted my trip to Texas. The Hyatt Lost Pines is special to me not only for this but for the family fun we experienced while staying there. Here are my 6 reasons to visit the Hyatt Lost Pines outside of Austin, Texas.

The Rooms

Upon arriving at the Hyatt Lost Pines, you feel like you are in a different place. There are rocking chairs and green lawns everywhere you look. We checked in and were welcomed with open arms by kind and friendly staff. We were shown to our room and immediately the kids went out on the lawn to play with the other children staying at the resort. The room was clean and modern but nothing more than you would expect which in some ways made it feel even more like home.

Photo Credit: Hyatt Lost Pines

Photo Credit: Hyatt Lost Pines

The Resort

TexasThe resort at Hyatt Lost Pines is a mix of luxury resort, family cottage and summer camp. There are a variety of restaurants offering mexican and pub offerings   and a fine dining restaurant on the property. I loved that every restaurant looked over some green space that after dinner was full of children playing. It was easy to relax and enjoy a meal while the kids played within view at a playground or park.

The Animals

Hyatt Lost PinesIf you know me personally or follow this blog, you know that I love animals. I often am torn between being a family travel blogger and saying no to establishments that I don’t feel treat animals as well as they should. When I saw how the animals on the grounds of the Hyatt Lost Pines were treated, I absolutely fell in love. From the diva alpacas who knew how good they had it to the authentic Texas longhorns who were given ample space to roam and not given any type of sedation drug, each animal was content and stress free. I was particularly taken with the Hyatt Lost Pine’s newest pet dog who was a rescue picked up in bad condition as a puppy on a highway. When we were introduced, he looked like he had been purchased from a high-end breeder and was ready to take his place as new mini mascot at the resort.

Fitness and Health 

FitnessOn any vacation and particularly an extensive road trip, it is difficult to eat right and make sure your kids are eating right. The Hyatt Lost Pines has followed the lead of most other Hyatt hotels and incorporated healthier alternatives in their menu. From gluten free pastas to real food for kids, we finally felt like we were eating at home when staying at Lost Pines. One night I had a simple request of rice noodles, chicken and broccoli. The chef called down to my room to clarify my order and the three of us enjoyed a meal much like what I would choose to prepare for the kids at home. I will admit it was much tastier than what I usually pull off.

Besides a healthy menu, the Hyatt Lost Pine promotes a healthy lifestyle by lending out bikes for free instead of charging for golf carts. While we stuck to our scooters, we were constantly joined on the wide biking paths by families riding to dinner or heading to visit the animals. There were no shuttles or taxis here.

Family Fun

A big part of a successful resort stay for us is being able to do things as a family. Easy, fun, non-stressful things. That’s why I loved the Hyatt Lost Pines. From the morning activities such as horse riding and hiking to the night time movies, the Hyatt Lost Pines made family fun easy. I particularly loved that before the movie, the Hyatt Lost Pines heated towels for families to lie out on in front of the large screen. Each night, Will and Charlie ran around in the playground next to where the movie was shown while I set up our viewing space. We ate free popcorn, cuddled and sang along to Frozen or laughed at the Croods. These were the moments, I will treasure most from this summer vacation.

Check out this Youtube video to see what we got up to at the Hyatt Lost Pines.

For even more family fun at the Hyatt Lost Pines check out this list of 12 great activities for families at the resort written by my friend Rebecca at

A Break From Family Fun

TexasNot that we don’t all love family fun but with golf courses, a spa and tennis, you may want to take advantage of Camp Hyatt. I signed the kids up for one morning at the camp and was relieved that I did. I dropped them off a little after 9:00 am to find 4 other kids waiting for them. They immediately headed out to the park and to explore the grounds. While they were at camp, I would like to say that I hiked, rode horses and golfed but honestly I just took a much needed break. I ventured past all the family pools to the adult only section and basked in sunlight and silence. At one point, I was sitting in the hot tub alone starring at the beautiful landscape when a friendly squirrel and beautiful monarch butterfly arrived to keep me company. At that moment it was all so picturesque that I seriously questioned if the Hyatt Lost Pines had somehow trained a rodent and butterfly to impress writers and keep them company. When it came time to pick up the kids, I felt refreshed and relaxed and they were exhausted. The two of them came home with stories of nature walks and playground time, handmade kites and no less than 3 crafts each. We all had a great afternoon together at the pool and a much needed nap before dinner.

The Pool

The pool at the Hyatt is huge but isn’t necessarily going to blow you away when you first see it. This is what is actually kind of great about it. There is one main slide that kids over 42″ can go on alone and kids under 42″ can ride with an adult. What I loved about this set up was that we weren’t running from slide to slide and waiting in lines. This slide is twisty and fast and it will be enough to entertain kids from 2-12.

The pool itself is split up into a small splash pad, a pool with attached sand beach and another pool area with volleyball and basketball. The pools are all connected by the lazy river that runs through the water areas. I am not going to lie. I hate sand. Beaches are acceptable for a small amount of time while I am wearing appropriate shoes but in generally I really hate sand. My kids loved the sand set up at the Hyatt Lost Pines and spent hours running in and out of the water building sand castles. I was less of a fan.


Photo Credit: Hyatt Lost Pines

That being said, I loved the other pools and generally enjoyed the size of the water park. It wasn’t overwhelming and didn’t feel like a lot of work. It was suited to families staying at the resort and we really enjoyed playing in the water.

Tip: The Hyatt Lost Pines does not sell or offer life jackets on the property. This isn’t usually a problem for us but upon leaving our last hotel, we somehow lost Charlie’s puddle jumper and Will’s life jacket. Do not go there expecting the pools to be shallow enough for your kids to swim without assistance or expect there to be life jackets. Be prepared and bring your own.

Hyatt Lost Pines, Texas

Hyatt Lost PinesThe Hyatt Lost Pines was everything I wanted it to be and more. We received incredible customer service and made friends with everyone we met. I was touched when the executive chef of the hotel prepared specific meals to get us back on track to healthy eating and even checked in on us at breakfast the morning we were checking out to make sure all had gone according to our wishes. I will cherish the nights the kids and I spent cuddling on the lawn watching movies, eating s’mores and playing wiffle ball with the other kids. I loved that the resort was bike and scooter friendly and we had a blast visiting the different animal corals on our scooters. Most of all I will remember the people and the animals. I have never seen a resort care so much for cattle, donkeys and alpacas. I also have rarely seen a resort treat staff as well as the Hyatt Lost Pines did. There is a vibe about the resort that truly feels like a family cottage but in a luxury setting.

When we were leaving the Hyatt Lost Pines, I broke my no souvenir rule and bought myself a Lost Pines hat to remember our time on the property. From my friend Rib-Eye the longhorn to all the staff that took care of us, I will miss the people and animals of the Hyatt Lost Pines as well as the great state of Texas and am planning to return soon.

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  1. We’ve been there twice in the past three years and are planning to go again. It truly is a special place to take the family and get away. Great write up! I learned a few things I didn’t know before and I’m now that much more excited about going back…

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