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I was a Go Pro fan long before I was a travel writer. The idea of being able to capture footage of my kids on the go and in water was enough that I bought a Go Pro as soon as I heard about them. Since then my kids have grown and we have moved from the original Go Pro all the way through to the brand new Hero Session 4 and are still going strong.


When Go Pro began their new Go Pro for a Cause initiative I knew I had to share it.

Go Pro for a Cause

The newly introduced Go Pro for a Cause initiative is uniting the Go Pro brand with some pretty great causes. By providing regular people doing extraordinary work with Go Pro cameras, media production and most of all financial support, Go Pro is allowing them to bring their message and cause to the forefront of the internet. Go Pro also provides spaces to distribute their message on their website, through social media and on their over 3 Million subscriber strong You Tube page. This initiative helps charities grow, share their stories and inspire other people and communities to do some really great things.

More about Go Pro For a Cause

Featured Causes

Go Pro has partnered with a number of causes and given them space to share their stories. On the Go Pro site, you will also find a donate button making it even easier to help out a cause that you want to support. Some of the currently featured causes are:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: St. Jude is one the the leading hospitals in the treatment of childhood cancer and other life-threatened diseases. A remarkable fact is that the families of children at St. Jude are never billed for any treatment, travel, housing or food. The key to success is only worrying about their child getting better.
  • Mauli Ola Foundation: The Mauli Ola Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people and children with genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis by connecting them with the healing power of the ocean. Since 2007, the Foundation has hosted nearly 100 Surf Experience Days with over 1,300 cystic fibrosis patients taking part. Not only helping in the ocean, the Mauli Ola Foundation now takes to dry land to host activities and visit children in hospitals who are battling cancer and a number of other health challenges.
  • Bicycles Against Poverty: The founder of Bicycles Against Poverty built this cause on personal experience. As a boy, he used a bicycle to transport his mother to the hospital and even to drive himself when he contracted malaria. Years later, as a college student in America, he began Bicycles Against Poverty to help rural Africans who live miles from clean water, medical centres and simple things like a marketplace. The program offers lease-to-own bicycles to farmers to help their businesses grow. So far over 1,000 bicycles have been distributed with 1,000 more being distributed throughout 2015.

How Can You Get Involved?

Besides donating to any of Go Pro’s featured causes, Go Pro is offering the opportunity for Go Pro users to share their own causes and initiatives. Go Pro is accepting submissions from people just like you who want to document an organization’s story. Once you have captured video or photos of your favourite cause, head over to GoPro.Com/submit for the chance to have your footage and cause featured by Go Pro.

Learning about Go Pro for a Cause

Pay It Forward Friday

Do you know an organization that should be featured in Pay It Forward Friday? I’m always looking to help spread the word on ways we can help each other and the world we live in. Leave a comment on this post or email me directly at sarah@solomomtakesflight.com.

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