Porter Airlines Flights with Kids

DisclosureWhen Porter Airlines started up in Toronto, I couldn’t have been happier. I was young and an avid traveler who now had a way to get cheap and amazing flights to lots of great cities. Soon, I was married with kids and wondered if I could still fly my beloved Porter Airline flights out of downtown Toronto. The answer was yes. In fact, its my preferred way to fly with kids. Here’s all you need to know about Porter Airline Flights with kids.

Porter Airline Flights with Kids

When you arrive at Billy Bishop airport in downtown Toronto, you will likely notice a lot of business men, a bunch of students and a few families. These families know the secret. Porter Airline flights are amazing for kids. Welcome to the club.

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The Ferry in Toronto

with kidsWhat?!?! A Ferry? I thought we were talking airplanes. We are. But one of the fun things about booking Porter Airlines flights is you get to take a ferry to the island airport from the mainland. Notice I said get to and not have to. Until the tunnel is complete, you actually have to take the ferry but that’s not how your kids will see it. The ferry is a lot of fun and the great part for you is that its a quick 2 minute ride. So your kids have fun and you didn’t have to take them on any special boat ride on this vacation. Win win really.

Its even more fun if you are parking on the island as you get to drive your car onto the ferry. My kids go nuts for this and I have to admit that there have been days we have paid to go across just to do it. Serious entertainment for the under 4 set.

No Headaches On Porter Airlines Flights

This one is huge for me. Whenever I arrive at a Porter check-in, there is never massive lines, complaining  travellers or rude counter people. To write this article, I looked at my flight history and can tell you I have flown on over 10 Porter Airlines Flights in the last 2 years. In all these times, I don’t ever recall having a moment’s thought to how terrible travel can be.

I have had two incidences on Porter Airlines flights involving weather delays. These delays were cleared up as soon as possible and in both cases I arrived at my destinations while other airlines did not. In the meantime, I have always had a comfortable lounge and access to all I needed.

Customer Service and Kids

porter airlinesAnother thing I have noticed on Porter Airlines flights particularly out of Billy Bishop airport in Toronto is that my kids have always been treated with respect and kindness. Even passing through security seems to be a friendlier and less frightening experience for them. Although the security is just as tight, I have never found it stressful. There is also a dedicated security line for people with kids.

On our last flight to Quebec City, I mistakenly brought through a water bottle and a very kind gentleman reminded me it wasn’t allowed. Instead of being scolded, he simply took the water and directed me to the free water in the lounge.

On Porter Airlines flights, you are always allowed to pre-board with kids. With no first class or priority boarding except for people who need assistance and kids, it is really easy to get on your flight. We always sky check our bags and kid equipment like booster seats and strollers so that the items are conveniently waiting for us on the tarmac as we disembark from the flight.

FREE Perks on Porter Airlines Flights

What? Did you say free? Yup. Here is a biggie for me. While waiting for a Porter flight, you are treated as a guest and like a guest in a home, you are not charged for anything really. Instead, Porter, like a good neighbour, offers free pop, water, coffee etc as well as snacks like almonds and cookies.

Probably most importantly on my list of free things. Porter offers free wi-fi in all of their lounges.

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Alcohol is free on flights but available to purchase in the lounge.

Free Alcohol on Porter Airlines Flights

Free alchoholWhoa wait what? Alcohol is free on Porter Airlines flights? Yup. Flying with kids can be stressful and its frankly really nice to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine (or two) without yanking out a credit card. This doesn’t mean its an open bar party and I can reassure you, I have never seen any excessive drinking issues on my flights. Instead, travellers relax and enjoy a cocktail or juice while kids are offered non-alcoholic refreshments.

Free Snacks on Porter Airlines Flights

Another bonus is free snacks on board. Again, no need to find your credit card in your carry-on as Porter offers an array of free snacks for hungry travellers.


No Need to Turn off Electronics on Porter Airlines Flights

porter airlinesI must admit, every time I am on a flight and the steward asks me to turn of my kid’s non-transmitting iPad, I question how said iPad could actually take down the flight but do as I’m told.

On Porter Airlines Flights, I am always pleased that you do not have to turn off electronics but just put them in flight mode. I’ve seen many a toddler lose their mind as they watch Dora fade to black and are left to experience take-off and landing without distractions and love that this is not the case on Porter.

I also am particularly happy there are no in-flight televisions on Porter Airlines flights. As a mother, I find they are more work than enjoyment as my kids struggle with the screens and earphones. I highly suggest bringing along your own electronic and reassure you take-off and landing will be a lot easier with a favourite show or movie. As a last resort, I simply put my phone in airplane mode and hand it over to the kids who race minions and play sonic for the duration of take-off and landing.

No First Class on Porter Airlines Flights

Another thing I love about Porter particularly with kids is that there is no first-class on the flight. Everyone is in fact equal. What this means is your kids get to use the bathroom at the front of the plane. You are also able to choose seats near the bathroom if that works well for you. There are no curtains and zones that are inaccessible and everyone is given equal treatment. Plus everyone has really comfy big seats with lots of room.

POrter airlines

Sales on Porter Airlines Flights

Porter airlinesYou know those airline sales you hear about but never really experience? Not here. I have booked Porter Flights at over 60% off in the past through their internet sales.

The easiest way to find sales on Porter Airlines flights is to register on their homepage for email offers. Otherwise, keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, as I like to share their deals when I find a good one.

Porter Airlines Flights with Kids

There are few things I recommend more than flying Porter with kids. We have enjoyed so many vacations like Will’s trip to New York City and Charlie’s recent trip to Quebec City where the vacations kicked off and ended perfectly with Porter.

Have you flown Porter with Kids? If not, give it a try!

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  1. I LOVE Porter for all the above reasons. Airline of choice to get me to Sudbury and back while I’m home 🙂 Great article Sarah!

    StephSkinner / Reply
  2. I’m going to look into Porter for my trips up north! Sounds amazingly humane and pleasant. I kind of have a similar love affair with Southwest Airlines here in the US. Except Southwest doesn’t have free booze. Wise move, Porter.

    Leslie H (tripswithtykes) / Reply

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