Easy Ways to Make the Holidays More Magical with Nouwee

For Halloween this year, our whole family dressed up as the characters from Disney’s Inside Out. During the planning process, I was stumped on what we could use to replicate the glowing memory balls from the film. After seeing NOUWEE’s Luminous LED Balloons, I knew they would be perfect. We even went so far as to decorate our house with them hanging from the trees. To say the least, the balloons were a huge hit with the kids and adults in our neighbourhood. Once, I saw the whole line of products NOUWEE is bringing to Canadian families for Christmas and New Year’s, I knew I had to share it with you.

Adding magic to winter celebrations

A New Way to Send Letters to Santa

My kids have used every single method available to contact Santa in the past few years. From low tech snail mail to video messages sent to and received from the big guy himself, they seem to always find a way to let Santa know what they want for Christmas. What I love about NOUWEE’s method is that it truly is a completely different experience that involves the whole family.

The NOUWEE Dear Santa Lantern comes with a large biodegradable red lantern and a card to write a letter to Santa. With parental supervision, kids can send their wishes directly to Santa in a truly magical way. My kids loved the experience and watching their faces below the glowing lantern was incredible.


Festive Balloons

NOUWEE offers two types of balloons and they are both awesome. As I already mentioned, the Luminous Balloons are amazing. Each balloon contains an LED light that is turned on by removing a plastic tab before inflating. You can inflate the balloon by blowing into it or using helium. The balloons make a great accessory for any party and would be a blast on New Year’s Eve. Our favourite thing to do with the balloon is to blow them up, turn off the lights and have a glow in the dark dance party. The kids can’t get enough of them.

NOUWEE also offers Piñata Balloons which are filled with confetti. These are also a lot of fun for parties. The box contains stars which you cut out and use to pop the balloons. I let my kids try one as a lead up to New Year’s Eve and they had so much fun they went through all four. The paper circles are easy to clean and don’t really stick to anything. There is no glitter in the balloon which makes clean up a lot easier than it looks.

Adding magic to winter celebrations

Snow Colour

Unfortunately, there is still no snow but imagine the faces of your kids when you pull out NOUWEE’s Snow Colour as a surprise during the first snowfall of the year. The Snow Colour kit comes equipped with three large containers of colour powder in green, red and purple. The powder looks exactly like the powder used in the colour races that are gaining popularity across Canada. The containers have an option for sprinkling the snow with colour and an easy open lid for quick access to more powder. Ours are lined up by the door while the kids eagerly await the first snowfall. I imagine the colours will keep them outside even longer building snowmen and snow forts and having full on colour-filled snowball fights.

Adding magic to winter celebrations


NOUWEE products are available across Canada. For a complete list of retailers click here. So far every product we have tried has added an extra element of fun to each occasion. I will definitely be stocking up on more before the end of the year.

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