Do Big Small Things: An Update on G Adventures

Last year, I featured G Adventures and their founder Bruce Poon Tip in a Pay It Forward post. At that time I spoke of the future of tourism and how G Adventures was changing the way people travel through the Planeterra Foundation. It turns out that in a year, G Adventures has done just that and more. Here’s an update on what G Adventures and Bruce Poon Tip are doing to change how people travel through technological innovation and exciting new partnerships and the desire to help people along the way.

G Adventures New Overland Trucks

G Adventures literally is changing the way people travel by bringing new equipment and technology into safari experiences in Africa. Last month, they introduced the new G Adventures Overland Adventure Vehicles- the Lando. I was in a room full of people that were blown away by the new design. Instead of waiting for car companies to introduce something new, G Adventures decided to design their own with 21st century travellers in mind. As you would expect, that meant adding modern day conveniences like a 250 litre water tank to refill water bottles from the truck daily and chargers to keep cameras and electronics ready to capture that perfect safari moment. The Lando is also designed with a larger more fuel efficient engine making it better able to get out of tough spots and giving it better fuel economy. Let’s face it, it also looks really cool.

Checking out the Lando: G Adventures new overland vehicle

G Adventures For Good: 50 in 5 Campaign

When I last told you about G Adventures, I wrote about the changes G Adventures was making in the communities where the company ran tourism trips. These included ongoing projects like New Delhi Street Kids Project which supports an organization that provides safe housing and education to over 5000 children in New Delhi, India.

Although G Adventures was already known for its incredible impact, they decided to challenge themselves and this year announced their new 50 in 5 campaign. Through the G Adventures for Good Campaign, the company has committed to raising $5 million to establish 50 new community projects in the next 5 years.

The most unique aspect of these projects is that the projects are designed to become self-sustaining meaning that the communities will be able to invest the income of the projects into other areas of community development making the G Adventures Good Campaign good for even more people.

Exciting Partnerships

As G Adventures continues to grow and succeed, they have also made some pretty impressive partnerships. If you are a fan of travel journalism and astounding travel photos, you know the name of their newest partner well: National Geographic. Together the two companies who share a belief in the impact that travel can have on the world are launching a line of 70 trips through National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures.

G Adventures announces partnership with National Geographic introducing 70 new trips in their National Geographic Journeys line

Do Big Small Things

To celebrate all G Adventures has accomplished, G’s founder Bruce Poon Tip has also written a second book as a follow up to Looptail which became an international bestseller last year. Do Big Small Things which was just released is a unique adult activity book. Its not only beautiful to look at but filled with fun ways to help you document your life’s journey whether travelling or at home. I’ve had an advance copy for about a month and can tell you mine is filled with personal anecdotes, doodles and drawings already. As someone who lost a parent to Alzheimer’s, it gives me great joy to know that my life and thoughts are so easily captured in writing through this book.

Bruce Poon Tip's new book Big Small Things is a travellers dream

Even more fun is that I have an extra copy of Do Big Small Things to give away to one of you. Click here to head on over to my Instagram account and just tag yourself in the comments to enter to win! I can’t wait to share this fun and stunning book with one of you!


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