Disneyland Tours: Everything You Need to Know

Headed to Disneyland and wondering how to elevate your vacation? If you know the park well, you may not have thought to look into tours or discount disneyland tickets maybe! Still, I believe, for first-time visitors and seasoned vets, a Disneyland tour can add a touch of magic to your Anaheim Vacation. Here’s what you need to know before booking any Disneyland tours.

Disneyland Tours: Which One To Take?

There are a variety of options for families looking to book Disneyland Tours. Disneyland itself offers a variety of tours at both parks and even the Disneyland Resorts. You can check out Disneyland’s official tours here.

Stone VIP Tours

While Disneyland offers a variety of private, themed and group tours, various companies have also created tours with unique perspectives. Recently, while visiting Disneyland with another family, we decided to book a Disneyland tour with Stone VIP Tours.

Our main reason for booking with Stone VIP Tours was that both families felt our day would be more fun without any of us having to lead the way. Having previously tried VIP tours at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, I knew that a tour guide would be able to set a fun tone and take over most of the decision making. Choosing a private company also meant that we saved a few dollars compared to booking a tour directly from Disneyland.

Planning Our Stone VIP Tour Itinerary

A few weeks before departing for Disneyland, our Stone VIP Tour guide reached out to start planning our day. Both families had booked 2-day park hopper passes for both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. We also had added the Disney MaxPass option. This meant we would be able to book fastpasses on the day of our visit by using the Disneyland app. While both families had previously visited Disneyland, no one had experience using the MaxPass system. We shared with our guide that since our kids were older, we would like to concentrate on Disney thrill rides.

An Unexpected Injury

Before arriving at Disneyland, we had one major change. Only a few weeks before the trip, I ruptured my Achille’s Tendon meaning I was not only in a cast but I also could not bear any weight on my left leg. I truly was nervous that I would completely derail the tour but our guide Ashley reassured me she could work around my injury. Luckily, I was able to book an EVC scooter rental from Cloud of Goods. Not only did I book last minute and online but the cost of the scooter was significantly cheaper than the scooters for rent in the parks. The scooter was delivered to me at Disney’s Grand Californian hotel. I cannot recommend this service enough for anyone who needs mobility assistance at Disneyland.

Review of Our Stone VIP Tour

On the morning of our tour our guide, Ashley, met us bright in early in the lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel. She easily blended into our group and took the time to introduce herself to each of our kids. Her excitement and enthusiasm set the tone for what would be an incredible day.

Ashley began the day at my favorite spot, Cars Land. Ashley used the line at Radiator’s Springs Racers to help me understand how I would be able to enter and exit some of the vehicles. Even with my injury, we were able to ride all the rides in Cars Land and get in some amazing photo-ops in the first hour of the day.

As the day continued, Ashley was able to use the MaxPass system to book all seven of us on every thrill ride in the park with little to no wait. She also took the time to explain to me how best to plan our next day in Disneyland which we would tackle without her help and knowledge.

In total, our tour lastest 8 hours. From my count, we were able to ride over 15 rides and attend a few shows. We also opted to escape the Disneyland heat and enjoyed a sit-down BBQ lunch Ashley had pre-arranged for us.

Disneyland VIP Tours: Worth the Cost?

In my opinion, VIP tours are almost always worth the cost. Having tried 5 of them at different parks, I find that the VIP tour always takes a majority of the stress out of your Disney vacation.

While we could have navigated the parks on our own, having Ashley by our side really elevated our experience.

I was a guest of Stone VIP Tours in order to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own.

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