Healthy Food At Disneyland

healthy food options
Charlie, Mickey and Me

Why does my 3 pound weight loss in 4 days at Disneyland matter to the average travelling parent? Basically, it shows you how much has changed at Disney. This year, I went to Disneyland hoping to find a way to fit in healthy snacks between Mickey Mouse ice cream bars and turkey legs. Instead, I found a much more health conscious Disney than I had ever seen. There is a huge amount of healthy food at Disneyland.

To begin, every restaurant we visited had a healthy kids menu which didn’t mention fries at all. My kids love to read the menu for themselves and it never occurred to them to ask for fries instead of fruit or veggies. The restaurants also had great salads and mains for adults that were easily tailored to any dietary request you had.

Most incredible of all was that my fear of not having healthy snacks was defeated by countless booths in all of Disneyland serving fresh fruit. The kids were excited to buy fresh strawberries and pineapple and I was glad Disney chose to provide the option to them.

To top it all off, our hotel room was steps from a Jamba Juice so when we didn’t need a big meal we got smoothies instead.

A helpful tip is that the staff at Disneyland will fill your reusable water bottle for you if you ask.

Kudos to Disney for introducing more healthy food at Disneyland! Its definitely a step towards a healthier vacation for all of us.

*DISCLAIMER: I did happen to eat two corndogs and a Mickey ice cream bar in one sitting but hey I walked a lot and don’t we all deserve a little treat now and then.

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