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Clean the World has a 2 part mission: (1) to collect and recycle soap and shampoo thrown out by hotels; and (2) to distribute the recycled soap as well as other hygiene products to people who can’t afford them in the U.S., Canada and across the world.

Clean the World
Clean the World recently announced that they have distributed over 17 million bars of soap to children in 96 countries. The soap helps to fight the spread of disease and prevent deaths amongst the children and their families.

Clean The World


Currently, over 2071 hotels participate in the program including the hotels at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida where we stayed on our trip. There are three Clean the World recycling centers across North America located in Orlando, Las Vegas and Hong Kong. Any hotels looking to participate in the program can find out more here.

How can you help?

There are a lot of ways people of all ages can get involved with Clean the World.

Financial Donations

Financial donations of any amount can be made to Clean the World to help provide disaster relief kits for children.


Corporations, youth groups, schools, and individual families are invited to volunteer at the Orlando and Las Vegas soap recycling centers. Anyone wishing to help can check the volunteer calendar or email for more information. Kids must be 8 to be able to volunteer. Kids 8 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult. You can volunteer for as little as three hours and do something great while enjoying your vacation.

Clean the World

Soap Drives

Kids, schools, companies and just about anyone else can help Clean the World by organizing soap drives. Clean the World is only able to accept unused and unwrapped soaps from regular people like you and I. Clean the World can also accept soaps and bottled shampoos that have been collected in your travels but remain unused. Once the soap is collected, Clean the World distributes it to local homeless shelters or sends it to one of 45 countries in their disaster relief program.

soap drive photo

The One Project

Clean the World helps locally by distributing One Project Kits to less fortunate people in our communities.  The organization believes that it only takes one person to affect and better the life of one other person in need. The kits include a bar of soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush, a washcloth, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Clean the World works with companies and individuals who want to volunteer to assemble the kits. Each kit includes a positive note from the person who assembled it. More information about the One Project is available here.

Why help?

Since April 1, 2009, over 16,167,991 children have died from diseases preventable with proper hygiene. As I was writing this blog, the number continued to grow by the second. Clean the World provides an easy way to help by staying at hotels who participate in the program, teaching kids to help through school programs and volunteer opportunities and taking financial donations that go directly to distributing hygiene products to those in need.Clean the world

Don’t want to donate? Spread The Word!

If you are not in interested in donating, the best way to help is to spread the word. Post this blog on Facebook or Pinterest, tweet it, or mail it to your friends. You can also find out more by watching this short video from Clean the World.

Pay It Forward Friday

Do you know an organization that should be featured in Pay It Forward Friday? I’m always looking to help spread the word on ways families can help other families, locals, environmental groups or animal groups while on vacation. Leave a comment on this post or email me directly at

Photo Credit: All photos for this post were provided by Clean the World. 

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  1. Clean The World is a great Idea Sarah. My friends and I have been doing this for many years for hostels and shelters. Taking it globally has a lot of merit

    Paul Graham / Reply
  2. This is such a simple, great idea. I always wonder what happens to those little bottles. Happy to spread the word. Thanks for sharing the information. Plus, I love your Pay It Forward Fridays. Nice, Sarah.

    Sherry Wernicke / Reply
  3. I have our Hotel in South Dakota doing this program! There are only 2 Hotels in the State of South Dakota working with Clean the World and I am proud to be one of them!

    Talitha Johnson / Reply
  4. Sarah, I had never heard of Clean the World before but what a wonderful program. I’m not sure that a similar one exists in Canada but I sure hope people reading your post will jump on the bandwagon. The Pay it Forward Fridays is a terrific idea and I would like to suggest the Diaper Bank of Toronto.. They collect diapers to give to families who have a hard time buying them. Terrific Blog Sarah.

    Lenie / Reply
  5. What a wonderful project. As a frequent traveler I must say that I have a small stock of hotel shampoos and soaps that I have picked up. i use them when guests come to the house. I think giving back to others who may not have access to these items. Great post. 🙂

    Susan Cooper / Reply
  6. What a fantastic idea and a great project! I always steal those little bottles from hotels too when I stay in them, (well it’s not really stealing is it!) Now I have a reason to not use them. 🙂

    Michael Huxley / Reply
  7. What a great initiative, I always wondered what happened to hotel toiletries that couldn’t be used.

    Brianna / Reply
  8. We love this idea! I hate leaving half bars of soap or shampoo bottles at hotels because they just throw them out. Not only does this project reduce waste, but it also benefits people who really need soap and shampoo.

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