Celebrating World Water Day

This post is proudly sponsored by Colgate. 

While you may not of heard of World Water Day before now, there are so many reasons World Water Day (March 22nd) should be celebrated in your household not only today but year round. The reality is that our children and their children will inherit the earth as is and right now water is running scarce. Through our travels to places like Kenya, California and the stunning Yosemite National Park whose famous waterfalls are running dry, we have seen first hand what the impact of drought and a lack of water can have on the land and human life.

Making every drop count with Colgate.

Colgate and World Water Day

It was Colgate who introduced me to the concept of World Water Day and I immediately knew it would be a great fit for our family. Make sure to check out their Every Drop Counts campaign at http://www.colgate.com/everydropcounts. We rely on Colgate to keep our teeth clean and now are happy to be able to partner with them to do our part in reducing water waste.

What you may not know about Colgate is that it was one of two “Consumer Staples” companies named to the “CDP Water A List” in 2015 for leadership in water stewardship. Even more remarkable is that since 2005, Colgate has actually saved enough water to fill over 7,300 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Doing Our Part To Make Every Drop Count

The kids and I sat down to brainstorm how we can save water in our own home. Will’s first suggestion and probably the easiest one for all of us was to simply turn off our faucet while brushing our teeth. For a family of 4, this small move can actually save 32 gallons of water a day.  The kids are the first do it and you can see the smiles on their foamy mouths beaming with pride that they are doing their part. Another bigger step we took was actually to have a plumber come in and look at a toilet that was making a lot of noise. It turns out that the water was continuously running and for a few dollars worth of parts, we were able repair the toilet and save a lot of water and money in the process. We have also made a commitment to take much shorter showers. Something I am working on but the kids are already pretty good at.

Ready to make Every Drop Count?

Once you’ve made the decision to make Every Drop Count, head over to http://everydropcounts.colgate.com/ to sign the pledge with your kids.

There is a great calculator that will show you and your kids how many gallons of water you able to actually save per day and per year. The most impactful statistic for my kids was knowing how many bathtubs full of water they could save a year. Something they could easily picture.

Check out this video from more info from Colgate on how small changes in your home can make a big impact.

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