Celebrate National Colouring Day with Indigo

A few weeks ago, I was invited to Indigo‘s headquarters to take a peek at an incredible new line of adult colouring books. At first, I laughed at the idea of colouring in my spare time but quickly realized how soothing the activity was and began enjoying the hobby at home. Now everyone is invited to celebrate National Colouring Day with Indigo this coming Saturday September 26th.

National Colouring Day

Kicking off at 10 AM on September 26th, National Colouring Day will be celebrated at Indigo and Chapters stores across Canada. Families are invited to head to IndigoKids where there will be a storytime hour as well as plenty of opportunities to get colouring. Indigo, Chapters and Coles are also getting in on the action by distributing colouring sheets from their incredible line of literature and travel inspired colouring books for people to try out at home.

Why Colouring?

The trend of adults spending time colouring is sweeping North America with good reason. Art therapists agree that the trend is beneficial as a method of relaxation and an escape from every day stresses. I, for one, am not a person who has any drawing abilities so artwork has never really been my thing. I love being able to colour and relax without stressing about whether what I am drawing on paper will look like anything. In short, the lines help me a lot.


My Favourite Colouring Books

Indigo has an incredible selection of colouring books to choose from depending on what you are interested in drawing. As a passionate reader, I was very taken by the yet to be released Anna Karenina: A Colouring Book Love Story which you can pre-order now and has already been chosen as a Heather’s Pick (more on that in a moment). If cities are  more your thing, Secret Paris: Colour Your Way to Calm is a great way to revisit one of the most romantic cities in the world from home. If you happen to know a Game of Thrones fanatic or be one yourself, there is the Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book coming soon to Indigo and also available for pre-order.


Heather’s Picks

While I was at the Colour Me Fun event at Indigo headquarters, Indigo’s CEO and and book chooser extraordinaire Heather Reisman walked in the room. I got a little fan girly and couldn’t even put the words together to say hello as she checked out all the new books available in stores and coming soon.

Here’s the thing about Heather Reisman. She is sort of Canada’s Oprah in comparison to Oprah’s Book Club. No Heather doesn’t have a show and no one is encouraged to read the books she suggests in a one month period, but like Oprah, and even more so, the woman is very rarely wrong. When I think back to the selection of books I have read and fallen in love with that I probably never would have picked up without her recommendations, it boggles my mind. Books like The Night Circus which didn’t really interest me but turned out to be one of the best books I remember ever reading and Still Alice which explained my father’s early on-set Alzheimer’s to me better than any of his doctors every could have.

Here’s the kicker: If you don’t like Heather’s Picks, you can return them even if you have read the book. Each Heather’s Pick is guaranteed as a great read and if its not you will receive a full refund. This is for both in store and online purchases. Just keep your receipt and if you hate it, you get your money back. I’ve only ever done this once and recently. There were no questions asked as I handed the book over and simply explained I didn’t like it. My money was returned which I immediately spent on another Heather’s Pick that I loved.

Ready to Colour?

If you want to try this new trend or check out Heather’s Picks, head into Indigo this coming Saturday. Charlie and I will be heading over to IndigoKids to get our colour on and enjoy storytime. Doesn’t hurt that there’s also an incredible American Girl boutique on-site.

American Girl Specialty Boutique Indigo Kids

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