Splashworks at Canada’s Wonderland

Recently the kids and I ventured back to Canada’s Wonderland on what can only be described as the hottest day to ever exist ever. Ever. I was slightly hesitant to head to Splashworks but frankly I needed a splash pad/pool situation that I could also get wet in.

So we were off. It was remarkably easy to get to Splashworks from the main entrance but I would suggest depending on your child’s age that you bring a wagon or stroller. By the time we were done swimming my kids were  exhausted. I had opted to rent a stroller which cost me approximately $20 but did make the day a lot easier. Stroller rentals are to the left by the blue lockers at the entrance to the park.
When you enter Splashworks there is a kids area near the lockers that features a small pool and 5 small slides. We spent quite a bit of time there. We made the mistake of not venturing beyond this spot for quite a while and in the end discovered an entire other section for smaller kids behind it that we didn’t have time to explore. This section had its own splashpad and bigger slides.
A few notes on doing this solo with kids. First don’t venture into the lazy river unless one of your children can safely fit into the tube. My five year old didn’t exactly fit and without help we would not have made it through the river. Also you need to be on tubes the whole time so make sure your kids aren’t too young as its hard to get out of the river if they are unhappy. The same warning applies to the large wave pool. It is essentially packed with people and although your kids must wear life jackets, I would definitely work on a buddy system and not venture in outnumbered.
The good news is there is still a lot your kids can do including an incredibly fun water play place with a giant tilting bucket and lots of tubes and water guns attached to it that they can independently operate.

I watched the life guarding carefully in the kids section and was very impressed which made the situation much less stressful. All in all we had a great day and I would return to Splashworks with my two kids any day and feel that even outnumbered we would have a great time.

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