Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Review; Can It Make You a Better Gamer?

I’m a gamer. I have been since the original Nintendo NES hit the market when I was a kid. As my kids have gotten older, gaming has been a huge part of how we relax. At first, I took it easy on them but soon they were kicking my butt at every new game on the market. When Bulletproof approached me to try their products, my immediate response was that I don’t drink coffee. They hit me back with an explanation that I didn’t have to and hinted that as a gamer it may improve my gaming skills. Improve my gaming skills? Alright, Bulletproof let’s see what you’ve got.

Bulletproof and the Brain

As I started researching Bulletproof to see which products I wanted to try, I was intrigued by their Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. As I have shared in the past, my dad was diagnosed with and died of Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I live in fear that I will fall victim to a similar fate. I have 27 years left before I turn 65. My dad fell victim to the disease quite a lot earlier than 65 but it’s the benchmark I have set to conquer the disease.

Brain Octane Oil for Alzheimer’s

I spend hours researching how to stay healthy and delay what may be my pre-determined fate. Beyond wanting to beat my kids at video games, I also want to see where life takes them and be present as long as I can. So I was curious to try Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. In my research, I’ve found that doctors all over the world are now recognizing that coconut oil is highly beneficial to the brain and in some cases can slow Alzheimer’s. The key to coconut oil is that it contain caprylic acid or C8. What surprised me the most is that Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil contains 10x the caprylic acid per tablespoon as one tablespoon of coconut oil. It also has anti-microbial effects that support a healthy gut and immune function. Researchers have also recently released information that a healthy gut may slow the progressional of Alzheimer’s disease. So why not give it a try?

Bulletproof360 Product Review

I knew off the bat that I wanted to try the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. I also thought I would give a few more products a try to see how they fit into my daily lifestyle. I wanted to see what effect they had on my energy levels and ability to focus on things like gaming. In the end, I picked Bulletproof FatWater, Collagen Brownie Bites, and KetoPrime. Here’s what I thought of each.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

The Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil impressed me pretty early on in my testing. I agreed initially to try it for a month but within about a week already felt more alert and able to focus on gaming and writing. The oil is easy to incorporate into my daily routine as it can be added to smoothies, put into soup or even mixed into any salad dressing. A few days I have forgotten to have it in my smoothie and have simply poured it into a little juice and chugged it. There is no taste to it and besides a little oily sheen, it is hardly noticeable.

One thing I’ve really noticed using the oil is that I seem more awake and have a quicker response time to driving games like Mario Kart. I am also more alert in general daily tasks.


My curiosity regarding FatWater revolved around the name. It is flavoured water that contains micro droplets of Brain Octane oil and is sugar-free. It also comes in my three absolute favourite drink flavours; lemon, grapefruit and pineapple.

I pretty much loved FatWater from my first sip. I tend to get tired about 3:oo pm which is also when my kids like to play games. I found that a bottle of FatWater immediately perked me up and made me feel more awake and focused. I only had 12 bottles and on day 13, I really missed this product. It’s one I will continue to order and use.

Collagen Brownie Bites

I was able to try out a box of Collagen Brownie Bites and must admit they weren’t for me. Made with protein from grass-fed cows and containing Brain Octane oil, they met my desire to incorporate the oil into my daily foods but the texture fell flat for me. I am a crunchy over chewy girl and find I would rather drink protein powder than eat it in bar form. That being said if you do like soft protein bars and want to incorporate quality protein, amino acids and brain octane oil into your diet these may be a better fit for you.


KetoPrime is described by Bulletproof as high-performance brain food. It is essentially a daily supplement that helps you get through brain fog days. The primary ingredient is something called oxaloacetate which is already found in your body. Oxaloacetate’s main job is to get rid of excess glutamate, a neurotransmitter that affects your brain and is found in increased numbers in Alzheimer’s patients.  I found the supplement easy to take. It tastes exactly like a vitamin C supplement and it quickly dissolves in your mouth. I tried taking it at different times of the day and found like the FatWater the most noticeable increase in energy and focus was right around the 3:00 pm mark.

So What Does It All Mean?

First off, for me, it means that there are now products on the market easily available to Canadians who are looking for exactly this result. The Brain Octane Oil, FatWater and KetoPrime all worked quickly to make me more energized and focused. I find I am better at gaming and have even beat my kids in some games that they used to blow me away on. More importantly, the products have provided me with enough energy and focus that at 3:00 pm, I’m simply a lot more fun for my kids. I want to play games and feel refreshed and energized without my mid-day slump.

As for whether or not Bulletproof can help me avoid Alzheimer’s, I am not entirely sure. The Brain Octane Oil is in-line with research that shows what will best help people avoid or at least push off the disease for as long as possible. For me, adding Brain Octane Oil to my diet is definitely a change worth making.

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