The Brice, a brand new Kimpton Hotel

DisclosureOne of the things I truly love about Kimpton Hotels is that even though they are all Kimptons, they are completely different from one another. Recently, we had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC and then again got to stay at another Kimpton, the Brice in Savannah, Georgia. The Brice is the newest member of the Kimpton family and here is why its the perfect place to stay with kids and without in Savannah.

Customer Service

The lobby of the Brice is home to an appetizer and cocktail hour each night.

The lobby of the Brice is home to an appetizer and cocktail hour each night.

In the end, if you don’t have great customer service at a hotel, you probably won’t have a great stay. Location, decor, and food matter less when you are not happy with how you are being treated. The Brice displayed the same stellar customer service we received at the Hotel Monaco with an added dash of southern charm. I was dealing with an unfortunate Visa incident (think lost Visa two towns away) and they were incredibly understanding and very quick to offer me a cold glass of wine.

The Brice is a dog-friendly hotel and unfortunately, most of our floor was awakened by a rather enthusiastic and high pitched four-legged guest. A room service staff member, upon hearing the dog while on a breakfast delivery, immediately alerted management and the situation was handled. Those closest to the room were offered complimentary stays and everyone else was given free room service breakfast. Customers left looking content and I felt the situation was dealt with properly.



Savannah’s historic River Street.

With kids, a great hotel in the wrong location becomes a fairly mediocre hotel in the end. The Brice is located steps from the historic River Street in Savannah. This is where people catch trolley tours, eat famous pralines, and is generally the main tourist scene. There are a lot of restaurant choices surrounding the hotel and you are in walking distance to the famous Leopold’s Ice Cream shoppe.

The Brice

The hotel itself is stunning. Housed in what used to be a coca-cola bottling factory, the Brice is modern, clean and fun. The kids loved the butterfly and horse decals on some of the walls and I loved the set up of our room. It’s exactly what you expect of a modern chic boutique hotel. The best parts of the hotel are the lobby and courtyard. Each night, guests are invited to mingle in the lobby while enjoying complimentary drinks and snacks. The courtyard during this time is packed with travelers enjoying the Savannah summer. The kids and I settled down into the courtyard for dinner at the hotel restaurant Pacci and really enjoyed the atmosphere. A lot of families were staying at the hotel and it was nice to share a glass of wine and travel stories while the kids played pirates in the courtyard.

The Brice's Private Courtyard is hurricane and kid-proof.

The Brice’s Private Courtyard is hurricane and kid-proof.

Due to the fact that the hotel is new, there are a few kinks to figure out. Mostly, the pool isn’t yet ready but should be open soon. Otherwise, our toilet paper holder had not been properly screwed into the wall and when I alerted the hotel, it was fixed immediately.

Pacci Italian Kitchen & Bar

SavannahOne of the best features of the Brice is Pacci. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Serving entirely handmade pasta and fresh foods, the smell of the restaurant will get you way before you taste the food. After my emergency glass of wine and Visa stress, I thought it would be cool to treat the kids to dinner at the Pirate House, a nearby tourist establishment. When we arrived, Will immediately turned to me and said the hotel restaurant smelled way better. The two of them told me that they didn’t want to eat at the pirate restaurant and started walking back. Truth be told, I was ecstatic. Turns out they weren’t wrong. We all enjoyed fresh, authentic homemade Italian food in the comfort of a private and beautiful courtyard.

Good decision kids.

The exterior of the Brice Hotel

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  1. I have never stayed at a Kimpton but was walking alongside one in San Francisco not too long ago and it looked very nice. It sounds like they would also accept cats as we are planning on a road trip with kitties in tow next year. Great thing about cats is they don’t typically wake people up or make a lot of noise:)

    Jessica / Reply
  2. I’ve read reviews of Kimpton’s and always impressed by what I read. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when my husband and I head south.

    Tonya / Reply
  3. I love it when a hotel knows how to be dog-friendly in the right way! We travel with our pooch Oliver and it’s always encouraging when the staff know how to deal with disruptive guests (be them canine or human!) in a responsible and professional way.

    Vanessa / Reply
  4. I love love love Kimptons and just wrote about the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Portland! Now I want to stay at the Brice. It sounds — not surprisingly — amazing!

    Lois Alter Mark / Reply
  5. Savannah is one of my favorite places! That is the perfect location for touring the city! I highly recommend the fried chicken at The Pirate’s House if you get to visit again.

    Karen Dawkins / Reply

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