Arbortrek at Smuggler’s Notch

DisclosureI am a pretty adventurous mom but every once in a while I still question whether or not an activity or experience will be suitable for my two explorers. I admit when we arrived at Arbortrek at Smugglers’ Notch and the kids were suited up in harnesses and given zip lining equipment, I was more than nervous. Here are the 5 reasons I was wrong and you should visit Arbortrek now with your kids.

Its Safe

Smuggler's NotchThe main priority at Arbortrek is safety. The men and woman at the tree trekking adventure are constantly working with families and children and understand the importance of safety. More so, they understand the importance of teaching children to be safe. Will, who is now 6, took to tree trekking like a fish to water. At first, I questioned him using the safety equipment but our guides Ryan and Javier reassured me that he was old enough to properly learn to zip line and trek. Instead of rushing through the lesson, Ryan and Javier checked to make sure the kids were listening, asked them to questions to make sure they understood and stressed the importance of being safe to them. It was a lesson I was glad to witness.

Its Fun

Once I got passed my nervous mom moment, I realized how much fun this was going to be. Arbortrek is split into two courses. One is for adults and bigger kids and one is a smaller course for families with kids as young as 4. I was almost brought to tears seeing how much fun the kids were having and to be fair I was having fun too. Even though the course wasn’t as high up it was fun to explore, zip line and challenge ourselves. Will on the way out begged to come back to Vermont just to try the course again.

Smuggler's Notch

Its Encouraging

During our afternoon at Arbortrek, I was trying to decide where and how the two guides were raised. Not because of their names or accents but because they were by far the two most encouraging people I have ever encountered. They coached Will and Charlie through obstacles neither or them would have tried before today and cheered and shouted whenever the kids finished a leg of the course. They taught me better ways to challenge myself and the course and made us all feel like champions. I had to ask in the end if they were students in some kind of sports psychology course and they laughed in said no. Either way they were some of the best young men I have ever met. You can see and hear them in action in this footage I shot during our tour.

Its the Perfect Family Afternoon

IMG_0412Although the kids and I have now had a lot of great adventures, we don’t always have a chance to work as a team. Arbortrek pits your family against the course. Along with the guides, we each encouraged each other and taught each other tricks we learned as we went through the course. I really felt connected to my kids during this experience and didn’t want it to end. The sun was shining, the bugs were, well, bugging and all three of us were smiling from ear to ear. My face still hurts from smiling.

Its Ridiculously Well Priced

When you arrive with your family, you are given an intro and a 2.5 hour session. For kids the whole thing is only $30 each. For adults the cost is $60. Essentially, it costs more than a movie and less than an amusement park. At the end, you will be really glad you chose Arbortrek over either of those.

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