Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary

Last year, my sister and I were lucky enough to be able to escape to Antigua. Our most memorable activity was definitely the Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary.

We found out about the Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary on Rental cars are quite cheap on the island and we were able to rent a car for the day to go meet the rescue donkeys.

The main road on the island was well sign-posted and it wasn’t difficult to find our way. Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary is located on the eastern side of the island near the town of Bethesda. We arrived to find a few volunteers on site and no one else visiting that morning.

During our visit, we were given a tour and told that over 150 donkeys live on site. Many of the donkeys the sanctuary takes in are pregnant and we even got to meet some foals.

Even though some of the donkeys have a bad history with humans, the donkeys are all exceptionally loving and cuddly. A few of the donkeys chose to follow us around and kept putting their heads under our hands to signify they wanted to be pet.

Ushi Antigua Donkey Sanctuary

Giving Ushi a kiss goodbye

While there is no cost to visit the Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary, visitors on site and online are given the opportunity to adopt a donkey for $25 US. I adopted Ushi, who had followed me around the whole morning, since I felt like we had a good connection. The money collected from adopted donkeys is used to buy feed and provide the donkeys with veterinary care.

If you are visiting Antigua, don’t hesitate to take a few hours away from the beach and go visit this amazing charity. The hope is that all stray and roaming donkeys on the island will be brought to the sanctuary to keep them safe from cars and abuse. If you happen to see Ushi at Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary, give him a hug from one of his biggest fans.

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