5 Reasons to Head to Horseshoe Resort This Summer

Ontario, CanadaWhen we were invited to spend a weekend at Horseshoe Resort, I figured why not check it out. In truth, I expected it to be very similar to other resorts we have visited in the area. There were definite similarities but Horseshoe Resort stands apart in the array of activities it offers for kids and adults. Here are the 5 reasons to head to Horseshoe Resort this summer.

Ogo Balls

Ogo balls are awesome. They are 11 foot transparent balls that have water placed in the bottom before you enter. You are your family members then squeeze into the ball and head down a hill. I loved them. The kids loved them. We literally spent hours in the Ogo Balls. Getting out of the Ogo Ball is essentially like being born again. Don’t bother trying to do it gracefully, rest assured no one looks good sliding out of an Ogo ball. Horseshoe Resort is the only resort in Canada with Ogo Balls.

Ogo Balls

Adventure Buggy Tours

Adventure Buggy ToursThis morning, I was lucky enough to be invited out on an Adventure Buggy Tour. I had to do this solo as neither of the kids met the required minimum weight of 75 pounds. Instead, I got to ride with Chris, an awesome instructor from the Yamaha Riding Centre. The buggies are a mix of small car and 4×4. They have a lot of power and are really fun to drive.

We started the tour learning how to drive the buggies and handle hills. After that it was out to the trails to explore the forest. Chris taught me how to head up and down hills, over boulders and through massive puddles. We finished the tour soaking wet and I had dirt in my teeth from laughing and smiling so much. Definitely a do not miss if you are in the area.

Adventure Park

Adventure ParkThe Adventure Park at Horseshoe Resort is a great way to spend a weekend. From rock climbing, to horse back riding, zip lining and mountain biking, you can really do it all in one place. What I noticed most about the adventure park was that while we were there, no one complained or cried. There was no fighting. No one asked to play with my iPhone. We just played together and enjoyed our weekend as a family. Horseshoe Resort uses the hashtag #rediscoverfun which is exactly what you will do in the Adventure Park. When you are ready to rest, there are plenty of places to relax in the shade and still be able to see what your kids are up to. I loved sitting back in a Muskoka chair and watching my two have a ton of fun rock climbing and mining for gems.

 The Inn at Horseshoe Resort

Although not particularly different than many of the other resorts in the area, the Inn at Horseshoe Resort is a great place to stay. Walking into our room, I was not blown away or disappointed by the room. It was a renovated hotel room with a nice bathroom and 2 queen beds.

My favourite thing about the room was the beds. Our beds were so comfortable, that we all had an amazing rest. Combine that with being exhausted from the Adventure Park and you will never want to get out of bed. The kids fell asleep so early last night, that I ordered dinner from Silks Dining Lounge in the hotel. I had a great salad and delicious charcuterie plate in enjoyable silence.


The Staff

Being Canadian, I am used to a lot of very polite people. I also tend to stay at great hotels that focus on customer service. That being said, I was blown away by the staff at Horseshoe Resort. From the two guys in the Hitching Post food trailer to the people trying to help me get out of the Ogo Ball, everyone was absolutely wonderful. The staff at Horseshoe Resort look like they want to be there. They smile and say hello, help in anyway you need and are great conversationalists. I truly enjoyed meeting the staff at the resort and hope to return to see them again soon.


During my stay at Horseshoe Resort, I created a vlog showcasing what we did each day. Check them out here and let me know what you think!

Day 1

 Day 2


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  1. Great videos!! You make me want to go and I don’t even know where it is!

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