New Nintendo 2DS XL Giveaway!

It’s summer. Are your kids driving you up the wall yet? My secret to getting a little me-time is letting the kids have some play time on their favourite new consoles from Nintendo of Canada. I wanted to share with you a quick review of the new Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 2DS XL plus give you the chance to enter our New Nintendo 2DS XL giveaway!

Nintendo Switch

We picked up the Nintendo Switch on the day it was released. It was love at first plug-in. We can’t go anywhere without people asking what it is. The kids enthusiastically answer that it’s the new Nintendo Switch. I also know it as a lifeline when traveling and in other situations.


The Nintendo Switch is essentially an at home console that also works on the go. No unplugging. Just pull out the portable screen and go. The portable portion has a kick stand that we have used to play as a family on airport floors, hospital beds and even on a highway that was closed due to an accident for a grueling 6 hours.

New games are being released regularly and so far 1-2-Switch, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2 are big hits are our house. The kicker? They are still quite hard to come by but if you see one snatch it up before the Christmas rush.

New Nintendo 2DS XL

The Nintendo Switch isn’t the only new console Nintendo of Canada has recently released. In fact, their newest release is the New Nintendo 2DS XL and you are going to love it. We’ve been testing it out for about a week and my kids can’t say enough about it. Seriously, they don’t stop talking.

So what is it? The New Nintendo 2DS XL is a modern and sharp version of its predecessors the Nintendo 2Ds and 3DS. What’s the difference? The 3D feature is gone. In reality, most kids won’t notice. Due to the fact, Charlie is 7, I have yet to let her turn on the 3D function on a 3DS. 3D is not recommended for kids 6 and under.



Beyond the missing 3D function, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is actually much sleeker than earlier models. It now folds closed like the 3DS family making it easier to pack and store.  The console has some noticeable changes including an extra analog controller and two additional Z buttons. It is also compatible with Amiibos something I appreciate as the owner of over 50 Amiibos. As an extra bonus, it plays all 3DS games and most DS games. With the release of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo has also released two awesome new games: Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia. Both games have been a huge hit at our house with Charlie spending her entire electronic time conquering Miitopia while Will is taking on Hey! Pikmin. Both games are extremely kid-friendly and both are included in our New Nintendo 2DS XL giveaway.

New Nintendo 2DS XL Giveaway

Ready to win? Enter below before September 9, 2017. Canada only excludes Quebec.

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  1. My son has been begging for one for his upcoming bday!

    Crystal Byron / Reply
  2. I’ve never actually played on a Nintendo. But I’m willing to give it a go :0

    Alison Braidwood / Reply
  3. I do love Nintendo. I have great memories playing with my brother on our Super Nintendo when I was young. Now my kids love Nintendo too!

    Erika Letson / Reply
  4. We do, we do! My son has had his 3DS since he was 8 and it has been well used! However, he doesn’t always let his sister play with it, so it would be nice for her to have her own 🙂 I love that this is compatible with the older games, and that it comes with new games too! Thanks Sarah. Fingers crossed!

    ruth moreira-lozon / Reply
  5. I grew up loving Nintendo and now my boys loves Nintendo as well. It’s so great to have a console that can play games that are children friendly!

    Jeannie Lam / Reply
  6. My daughter Miss R loves Nintendo and would be over the moon if she received a DS.

    Lee-Ann S / Reply
  7. I have never played on a Nintendo but my daughter loves it and she says it helps her relax. Although she would probably have to hide it from her kids. 🙂

    Suzanne G / Reply
  8. We love nintendo! We have never owned a gameboy boy I am a big fan of the NES, the SNES and the N64… brings back memories 😉

    Leigha / Reply
  9. I love my NES system! It’s something my son and I bond over; hours of Mario and Zelda games!!!

    Mary / Reply
  10. I’ve never played on a Nintendo handheld device, but I want to! You see an improvement in visual when you play on one. 🙂

    Leslie / Reply
  11. Thanks for the giveaway

    Jay W / Reply
  12. Our sons would love these! Nintendo was a huge part of our childhood 🙂

    sonya / Reply
  13. Who doesn’t love Nintendo 😀 I grew up playing Super Mario on rainy days.

    Cheryl / Reply
  14. Would love to have one for my son!

    Kristina / Reply
  15. My daughter would love the new Nintendo 2DS XL!

    yvonne / Reply
  16. My kids love Nintendo … I remember playing Nintendo Gameboy when I was younger too! My son loves the new Nintendo Switch!

    Anu Chopra / Reply
  17. yes! Have always been a fan of the brothers Mario! 😀

    joy / Reply
  18. I grew up playing Nintendo and LOVED it!! I still have the original gaming system and most of my original games (sadly some were stolen when our house was broken into). I should hook it up and play it with my kids! I think they’d probably prefer the more modern smaller systems like this one though.

    Jennifer P. / Reply
  19. Crazy fan for years, and years, and years.

    jan / Reply
  20. I’d love to win this for my nephews

    Shannon / Reply
  21. It’s good to know people are starting to love Nintendo.

    Wil Claveria / Reply
  22. We love Nintendo! We actually have 8 full sized Nintendo arcade cabinets!

    Maryanne / Reply
  23. I’ve had my 3DS since late 2012 so this would serve as a significant upgrade for me.

    Mark Liotta / Reply
  24. Really happy with 2DS and then they go and release this new version. I don’t know whether to rejoice or tear my hair out in frustrated..jealousy? Hahaha.

    I will likely be trading in my 2DS for this XL version very soon.

    Jomi Manalo / Reply
  25. My little niece loves Nintendo so this would be the perfect gift.

    linda / Reply
  26. Yes – love Nintendo. I grew up playing Nintendo.

    Jenny B / Reply
  27. Absolutely love Nintendo! Practically have every console.

    Sandra Tang / Reply
  28. Who wouldn’t love this… super cool… my little guy would be over the moon to win the new 2DS XL

    heidi mcilmoyle / Reply
  29. Quite the change from the older generation Nintendo & I am sure my grandchildren would love to try this new generation!

    Angelene Ashawasega / Reply
  30. We love Nintendo in our house!!!

    Gina Narvaez / Reply
  31. I grew up playing Nintendo! ! I loved it then and I still love it now! My favorite game is Mario anything! ! But if I had to pick only one Id have to say Mario Kart!! I’ve spent many long hours playing that game! ! Lol

    Kristin Smith / Reply
  32. My son begs for the new Switch on a daily basis. He really wants to play Splatoon 2. I love how you explained the benefits of the portability of this system, as I have been on the fence! The new DS looks great! Is it a bigger screen as well? My son is currently enjoying Super Smash brothers on his DS. But he would love a new one! He has become a huge Nintendo fan!

    Brandee H / Reply
  33. Pick me!! I want to win so bad

    Jason Kinnin / Reply
  34. Yes I love Nintendo, grew up playing it. Always have been a big fan of Mario!

    Judy Cowan / Reply
  35. We love Nintendo. Would love to win this for my kids.

    Francine / Reply
  36. Pick me!! 🙂 the kids would totally love this

    Crystal Pigeon-Way / Reply
  37. I have such good memories of Nintendo from when I was a kid.

    Linda / Reply
  38. Nintendo is one of my childhood memories! Who wouldn’t want to share this with their kids!

    Rebecca / Reply
  39. The first game console we had when I was growing up was a Nintendo NES. I still have mine and it’s great for my boys to play. My boys could definitely use this, especially for day excursions, road trips or for filling their time at appointments or the airport. 😀

    Kirsten Munn / Reply
  40. Would love to get this for my 3 year old son 🙂

    Mike Newman / Reply
  41. I loved playing Super Mario on my brothers Nintendo when I was younger. I don’t own a Nintendo now though.

    Michelle W / Reply
  42. Wow what a prize to won .love Mario. I would love to win this for my daughter for her birthday.

    Olivia clow / Reply
  43. Thanks for the chance! My family are all pro-Nintendo. My son’s 2DS broke and in need of replacing.

    Rick R / Reply
  44. I have always loved Nintendo from when I was a kid, and now my kids love Nintendo too.

    Robyn Bellefleur / Reply
  45. Love this! Gosh, Nintendo was a huge part of my childhood. This would be amazing yo gift to my children

    Holly myke / Reply
  46. Yes I love Nintendo, big fan of Mario here. Thanks!

    Carole D / Reply
  47. Nintendo has been my fave since I was a kid and now that I have 2 kids, they LOVE Nintendo also ❤️

    Darrah Bailey / Reply
  48. Nintendo was such a big part of my childhood and I love seeing my kids enjoy it too. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the tiny classic NES systems they released last year and we have a blast playing all the old games.

    Jonnie / Reply
  49. Oh gosh, is the Pope Catholic? LOL. My son loves his Nintendo DS and hasn’t seen this one yet. I’d love to surprise him with one!

    Julie D / Reply
  50. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Nintendo. My kids are now at the age that they want to play games. My oldest loves games now. We don’t have anything crazy only the Super Nintendo with one game and my kids should be grateful for that but I would love to win this and surprise my oldest for his birthday which Is around the corner. Thank you so much

    Alicia Boisvert / Reply
  51. Gosh YES!!! I remember playing it in my younger years. MARIO!!!! lol My son enjoys playing our mini Nintendo also! I know he would just LOVE a DS! He is 8! Thanks!

    Amy Heffernan / Reply
  52. I grew up with Nintendo and still love it 🙂

    Soozle / Reply
  53. I love that I can get away from the world for a few hours and just play Nintendo games. I am still a dire hard Mario fan! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

    Pauline Milner / Reply
  54. Heck yes I do! I grew up with 2 younger brothers and it was because of Nintendo that really gave us that bonding time and something that we could all like and do together. Classic Mario Bros is my fav

    kristen visser / Reply
  55. I love Nintendo! Going back years ago to the original Mario bros and rescuing princess peach lol. We have hours of fun on the Nintendo with our kids, great contest 🙂

    michelle tremblett / Reply
  56. My kids love Nintendo! Would love to be able to give this to them

    Cheryl H / Reply
  57. I like to play the games with the kids. We have great fun and encourage each other to do good.

    Kim Tanti / Reply
  58. Our whole family loves Nintendo ! So much fun

    Maria / Reply
  59. This would be awesome, it’ll definitely make our long drive into work and school more quiet LOL and you cant put a price on peace and quiet so this win would be outstanding 🙂

    Dolly Butler / Reply
  60. My older daughter has a DSi XL and I know my younger daughter would love one! We have the original Nintendo system and my girls love to play Mario!

    Nancy T / Reply
  61. love this so much hehe

    tk / Reply
  62. My boys would go crazy for this…. their sister has a tablet so she wouldnt need this but the boys would be estatic and so would i. Thanks for the chance

    Amber barrett / Reply
  63. We are huge nintendo fans here. We recently got the nintendo NES classic system and love it! I am hoping to get the super nintendo one too

    ivy pluchinsky / Reply
  64. Huge fan since elementary school days!

    Casey Miller / Reply
  65. My daughter loves it!

    Jolie / Reply
  66. My house hold is a HUGE jam if Nintendo

    Julie bolduc / Reply
  67. I loved Nintendo growing up.Now my nephews are huge Nintendo fans.

    Elaine G / Reply
  68. Just a bit … we a Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy DS (x3), Gameboy DS lite, 2 GameCubes, Wii, and the WiiU so ya we are fans.

    Cathy C / Reply
  69. We have loved Nintendo since we got our first console in the early 90’s!

    Julie F / Reply
  70. Yes, we love Nintendo and it’s a big part of our home.

    Catherine Brown / Reply
  71. I love Nintendo! I’ve had every console growing up

    Brenda Penton / Reply
  72. The guys in my house would love this – the 6 year old and the 43 year old!

    LisaM / Reply
  73. I had an original Nintendo game system. I gave it away and still kick myself in the butt for it.

    Gord / Reply
  74. I have been a niiiiinteeenooo FAN since I was little …. pretty sure the only reason my dad wanted a kid was to have a gaming buddy…

    krystyl olson / Reply
  75. Our family loves Nintendo

    Jenny Major / Reply
  76. I loved my Original Nintendo as a kid. Spent hours playing. I would love to introduce my kids to Nintendo. 🙂

    Kristy / Reply
  77. Yes Nintendo is awesom

    SHIRLEY / Reply
  78. Ayy this iss awesome nintendo is cool

    sage / Reply
  79. My son is just getting into video consoles. This would be a great one!!

    Ambre / Reply
  80. Yes my kids and I love Nintendo. We had a wii and now have a wii U and far too many games to count.

    Travelbuds / Reply
  81. Definitely a fan of Nintendo, still have the original console and gameboy!

    Laurie P / Reply
  82. Yes! I have loved Nintendo since i was a kid and still do!!

    Michelle Policelli / Reply
  83. We actually dont have Nintendo in our house – but I did when I was a kid TY

    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard / Reply
  84. yes we LOVE Nintendo in our house –Super Mario Bros is the best game ever

    Lisa Neutel / Reply
  85. always loved Mario!! first video game system we had!

    Sandra McG / Reply
  86. I love Nintendo! Been playing it since I was young with the original Nintendo system! Super Mario Bros is still my fave!

    Jackie M / Reply
  87. I have always been a fan of Nintendo – from Nintendo to Super NES to the different versions of Gameboy.

    Paul A / Reply
  88. I grew up playing Nintendo… it’s time for my kids!

    Elena / Reply
  89. Yes! I loved Nintendo since I was a kid – everyone was going crazy over the Playstation but I was interested in N64! And let’s not forget the iconic gameboy!

    Jenn / Reply
  90. We are big Nintendo lovers here and I think at one time or another we have owned nearly every console. Still have yet to get the switch though but looking forward to playing the new Zelda on it someday.

    crystal porter / Reply
  91. Yes, been a fan since I was a kid!

    Lisa L / Reply
  92. I’ve loved Nintendo since I got A Super Nintendo for Christmas as a kid from my grandma. I would love to share my love of Nintendo with my little girl and I think a handheld system would be just perfect for her to start on. Thanks so much for the chance!

    Marra / Reply
  93. My son has an older one it would be so great to give him a new one.

    Bethany halupa / Reply
  94. I grew up on Nintendo consoles as a child and absolutely love it. There was nothing more fun than challenging my family members to races in Mario Kart on our N64.

    Valerie Mallette / Reply

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