Disney Live!

disclosureWhen we were invited to see Disney Live!, I wasn’t quite sure what we were in for. I imagined it being sort of like the shows you would be able to catch on a Disney Cruise or at Disney World. Sort of like Disney on Ice without the ice. Turns out I was exactly right except I didn’t envision quite how much fun it would actually be. Here is why we loved Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival.

 Gender Neutral

Mickey's Musical FestivalWith one boy and one girl, I am often trying to weigh the princess aspects of Charlie’s life with Will’s more diverse interests. When I say the word Disney he often groans and starts chatting about how much he dislikes princesses. Still, he was interested  in the seeing the show and was glad in the end that he didn’t miss out on the fun.

I interviewed him after and his direct quote was “it was 100% good actually 100% great” which is a pretty high approval rating from my 6 year old reserved usually for video games and authentic Italian pizza.

The show really does appeal to a variety of children as even the princess stories featured, Aladdin and the Little Mermaid, concentrate more on the fun characters and not the love story.


Of course Mickey’s Music Festival would be nothing without good music and some of the songs chosen are hysterically funny. I loved watching Ariel’s single sisters break into Beyoncé’s All the Single Ladies. The music isn’t restricted to Disney tunes but includes remixed top 40 hits with a Disney spin.


Even Will couldn’t help but sing along to Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Minnie Mouse.

Sony Centre

The choice of location for the show is perfect. The Sony Centre is easily accessible by transit and there is tons of parking that surrounds it including underground lots. The staff at the Sony Centre was amazing and made it a lot of fun for kids. I caught a few ushers singing and dancing along and they very kindly let kids stand up and dance.

Running Time

The show runs for about an hour and a half but has an intermission which is extremely helpful for tiny pre-schooler bladders. I left thinking it wasn’t too short but also didn’t stretch out for too long. My kids never got bored but seemed to also get their fill.


The characters in the show are amazing and try very hard to interact with the kids. Ariel made direct eye contact with Charlie and even pointed at Charlie’s Little Mermaid Dress and smiled. Woody and Buzz did a great job too. All in all the Characters understand they are there to connect with the kids and do their absolute best to do so. They also can really dance. We particularly loved some of the duets and the moves the background dancers broke into.

Disney Live

This weekend!

Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival continues through January 11 with a 5:oo pm showing on Saturday, January 10th and three shows the 11th at 10:30 am, 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Ticket prices start at $28 and can be purchased here.

My kids are begging to go back which is always a good sign of a great show!

Mickeys Musical Festival

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