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This Father’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of my favourite Dad bloggers. These guys blog about parenthood, travel, and all things Dad. I have included links to their social media accounts as they also make me laugh on a pretty regular basis. Definitely something all moms need every once in a while.

Paul Eisenberg

Dad Bloggers

Paul wrote a great series on traveling alone with his teenage daughter. Photo Credit: Paul Eisenberg

I began to follow Paul’s writing when I started writing for Paul is the editor of and beyond that has an incredible CV. He is a Lowell Thomas Award-winning journalist, blogger for genConnect and writer-in-residence for Micato Safaris. He also was editorial director at Fodor’s. More importantly, Paul’s writing is educational, quick to the point and laugh out loud funny.

He currently lives in New York City and writes about a range of topics including things to do in NYC, traveling with teens (think dealing with periods) and just wrote a post about testicle eating festivals. If reading the testicle post doesn’t make you spit out your Father’s Day brunch, nothing will.

You can follow Paul on Twitter.

Josh Bender

Josh Bender. Photo Credit:

Josh Bender. Photo Credit:

Josh is part of the four person family that makes up Travel with Bender. Along with his wife, Erin, Josh and his family are living the nomadic life and blogging about it. In the past 574 days, the family has been to 35 countries. What I particularly like about Josh is that he takes incredible pictures. He also obviously knows a thing or two about websites. As someone who blogs religiously, I can attest it takes a lot of knowledge and photography skills to make a blog look as good as Travel with Bender does.

Whether or not you want to live a similar nomadic lifestyle, following Josh and his family will inspire you to travel. Here is a quote from his blog which truly captures the father that he is – “I love my wife and kids more than anything else. Family is my first priority. And it’s because of this that I am giving the gift of travel to my kids while they’re young. It will shape and mould them to become more well-rounded individuals and develop more compassion and understanding for their fellow man. It will also give them a deeper appreciation for this planet we call home and provide them with unique learning experiences that they won’t find within the four walls of a classroom“. Josh Bender, Travel with Bender

You can find Josh on Twitter and Facebook.

My Dad- Robert Topp

My dad didn’t have a blog and has now passed but I wanted to include him in this post as an inspiration. Here is the thing – my dad was a pretty terrible traveler. He got stressed, drove for hours without stopping and generally hated new places. He once took us to France as children and determined within a few days of being there that he actually hated France- all of it. He couldn’t get over the fact that people ate chocolate on toast and there was no peanut butter. He also once drank windshield washer fluid on a roadtrip thinking it was water and made my mother rush him to the emergency room. Turns out he was completely fine.

All this being said, my dad insisted we travel. When my mother passed away, he regretted never having taken her to the Great Wall of China and never having been to Africa. As children, he brought us places he had no interest in seeing just to make sure we saw them. He lit a travel light in all of us that still has not dimmed.father'sday

He had an strange love for Cartersville, Georgia and bought a condo in Florida so he could sit and count the waves from the balcony. Every time I look at the stamps in my children’s passports, I know he would be proud that I’ve continued his tradition of educating and enriching the lives of my kids through travel.

Thanks Dad. xoxo

Do any Dad bloggers inspire your travels? If so, leave a link to their blogs in the comments below.

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  1. Great post Sarah. Wonderful idea. Glad someone thought of it!!!

    Sherry Wernicke / Reply
  2. This was such a lovely thing to find. Thank you very much and thanks for following. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad!

  3. I love that your dad instilled a love of travelling in you even though it wasn’t something that he necessarily loved himself. What a beautiful thing.

    Viv Sluys / Reply
  4. Very touching. Loved, loved, loved.

    Suburbtastic / Reply

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