Recently I was offered a great opportunity to join the women of TravelingMom.com. I was even more excited to be invited to join them at Walt Disney World for a blogging retreat. Beginning next Thursday, you can follow the adventure at TravelingMom.com, on twitter and Instagram under #tmomdisney and here on my site.

Part of the excitement in my house is that the kids don’t know that this is happening. Yesterday we made a list of places to go next and of course Disney World was at the top of Charlie’s list. I told the kids that when I want to go somewhere I contact the hotel in a letter that is called a pitch. Last night, they sat down and wrote a pitch to the main man himself, Mickey Mouse. We immediately mailed it.


We leave for Orlando bright and early Wednesday morning. The kids will be awakened by the doorbell ringing and an envelope left on the front step by Mickey himself (okay me). Inside a letter will instruct them to head to the airport and get on the flight. Stay tuned for a video of this surprise!

After that its all Disney for 5 days. In preparation, I’ve been checking out all the Disney posts on TravelingMom.com. If you are looking into Disney, check out the site first as these ladies know Disney.

The trip is sponsored by an incredible list of sponsors: Disney, Chevrolet, OnStar, Panasonic USA, Techlicious, Reelio Labs, Britax and Philips Sound. I can’t wait to see all the things that are in store for me and the kids! Follow along on Twitter and Instagram and head over to TravelingMom.com to give the girls some love too.

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