Saying Yes to the Mess

As a mom, I can be a lot of fun especially when on the road or in the great outdoors. As a homeowner, I am not quite as lax about what happens inside our home. The fact is I am exhausted at the end of the day and anything that might be a little too messy tends to be pushed aside. This past week, I threw caution to the wind and finally said yes to the mess! Okay to be fair, it was at my friend’s cottage but here’s what happened and what you need to know about embracing messes.

Yes to the Mess with Swiffer

Before we begin, I must admit that in the past year of using Swiffer products I have become much more relaxed about messes or as my kids call them “crafts”. It still broke my heart to read in the second annual Swiffer Cleaning Index that while the majority (70%) of parents feel that letting kids make a mess helps encourage their creativity as many as 68% have said no to their kids’ request because of the mess it could make. I decided enough was enough. It was time to let the kids get down and dirty for a change. 

An Invitation Up North

While I was fully prepped and ready to get messy at our house, a last minute invitation to a cottage up north seemed like a great opportunity for some messy fun. We packed up our Swiffer supplies and hit the road for two days of playtime with our friends.


Not only did I bring along some Swiffer supplies but I picked up the messiest game I could find: Pie Face. If you don’t know this game, it requires a lot of whipped cream. Essentially, kids take turns getting hit in the face with whipped cream. Fun for all and a mess for the record books!

After a lot of laughter and an incredible amount of whipped cream consumption, the kids even got in on the Swiffer action and helped clean up.  Using the Swiffer Wet Jet even the youngest had a lot of fun making sure the floor was clean and mess free.


A Mess at Our House

Since returning from the cottage, my no-mess rules have loosened to the point that we have rediscovered a love of baking, spent time painting and even used a little glitter in our crafts. It’s been a lot of fun reconnecting with my crafty side and letting the kids creativity levels explode.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I am part of the #SwifferFanatic team receiving perks and benefits and as always all views and experiences are always that of my own.

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