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Paying it Forward in the Communities You Visit

Today’s Pay It Forward Friday, features Toronto based tourism company G Adventures and its philanthropic arm the Planeterra Foundation. G Adventures is best known for its trips that allow travellers to visit almost every corner of the world through group based adventures.

The founder of G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip, created Planeterra in order to show appreciation to the places G Adventures operates in by giving back to the communities and the people who live there.

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Planeterra is Working Where You Play

G Adventures operates in the communities it helps, which means the Planeterra team is able to easily understand the issues faced by locals. Planeterra goal is to design long-term solutions to help the local people and conserve their environments.


Helping Through Tourism

G Adventures makes it easy for travellers to donate by giving people the option to give $3 per booking and recommending their Dollar-A-Day program, both of which are completely optional. The Dollar-A-Day program allows tourist to give a dollar for each day of their trip with the donation going directly to to the place that they are visiting. G Adventures matches dollar for dollar, all donations made to the Planeterra Foundation (up to $30,000 per year).  G Adventures also funds all of Planeterra’s operational costs, which means that 100% of donations go to the people and projects they are helping.


The list of Planeterra’s ongoing projects is impressive. It includes building paediatric centres and schools in Africa, animal preservation and youth training programs in the Arctic, and street kids projects in Asia.


Helping from Home

If you, like me, are waiting for your kids to reach the minimum age of 5 for a G Adventures family trip or for another reason are not traveling with them but want to donate, you can donate to any of their existing projects through their website. I particularly like that you can choose to give to the project in greatest need or pick any project you want to give to.

The Future of Tourism

For more on the Planeterra Foundation and their belief that responsible tourism better impacts the world, watch this short video created by G Adventures and Planeterra. If you are interested in Bruce Poon Tip’s philosophy on how “purpose-driven business models centered around happiness can transform lives” (his own words), make sure to visit or check out his new book Looptail: How One Company Changed the World by Reinventing Business.

Bruce Poon Tip


Pay It Forward Friday

Do you know an organization that should be featured in Pay It Forward Friday? I’m always looking to help spread the word on ways families can help other families, locals, environmental groups or animal groups while on vacation. Leave a comment on this post or email me directly at

Photo Credit: All photos were provided by G Adventures and the Planeterra Foundation.


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  1. Hi Sarah; first, i want to commend you on the idea of pay it forward friday. Not only is it a way to share good causes, but its almost guarantee to bring us some good happy news on friday. And this group sounds very interesting. It sounds like a perfect partnership especially when you remember that tourism does contribute to a lot of the environmental damage caused in the world. thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to next friday. Take care, Max

    maxwell ivey / Reply
  2. I love the idea of paying it forward when visiting a location. When I visited Morocco, I was sad that they don’t promote tourism very much because as you said, tourism really benefits an economy.

    Beth Niebuhr / Reply
  3. Paying it forward in any fashion is a great idea and it is the idea itself that needs promoting so I applaud you for that. One of the greatest adventures I ever had in my life was working with a medical group in the Himalayas. The trip taught me a lot more about myself and gave me a lot more than I ever think I provided. But that’s a good thing.

    Tim / Reply
  4. Hi Sarah. Paying it forward is a good principle and this is an excellent example of it. Look forward to seeing more of your posts on BHB

    Paul Graham / Reply
  5. Love this idea! Hope it multiplies over and over again! I’d never thought of the tourism aspect, but now I won’t forget it!

  6. I live within driving distance of Toronto and had never heard of the Planeterra Foundation. What a wonderful idea and what an opportunity for people, not only to visit countries, but to actually experience them.
    Much success to this great venture.

    Lenie / Reply
  7. Often we forget that we are all connected and this is never more evident than when I think about the selfless acts of heroism performed by our service men every day.

    55 Drive-Thru Customers Part Of ‘Pay It Forward’ Chain At Amesbury Donut Shop
    As another clerk said, “it put everybody in a good mood.” It was a really nice gesture that could have brightened someone’s day. The best part is that it was heart warming and unexpected. That is the whole idea around the concept of Pay It Forward. When you pay it forward it means you reciprocate an act of kindness to another person rather than back to the person who had done something for you. Then that person pays if forward to another and on and on… It is a great way to keep a good thing going.

    There is a wonderful movie that was released in 2000 Called Lay it Forward with Kenvin Spacey. It is worth watching

    Arleen / Reply
  8. My wife and I oive to pay it forward but I never heard of doing it through donations. This is a great idea and I wish you the best and know you will succeed.

    jay / Reply
  9. How can paying it forward ever fail? I think it’s fantastic that the Planterra Foundation gives back tot the communities via tourism. Donations are a great way to make their program a success.

    Laurie Hurley / Reply
  10. I love pay it forward Friday! My organization is Watoto in Uganda, Africa.I sponsor an girl there so she can go to school. They honestly make the best jewelry and homemade items there. They take their time to craft something amazing. I think they need more tourism there. Great idea and great article! =)

    Crystal Ross / Reply
  11. Hi Sarah!
    Paying it forward is a great initiative, tourism should always contribute to causes like this.

    Ilaria / Reply

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