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Like everyone else, I spend a lot of time online. Most of it is spent vacation planning but in the past few years, I have fallen in love with a few other travel blogs that I wanted to share with you today. Each has something distinctly different that keeps me coming back for more. Here they are in no particular order.

Lego Travellers

These tiny travellers don’t actually have a blog but run Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can follow their adventures right now as they travel across Australia. I literally wake up and check Instagram to see what my tiny yellow friends are up to each morning. The amazing part of these accounts is the actual detail and precision that goes into each shot. It’s not about the Lego couple but the amazing backgrounds they are able to display in such a fun way.

Lego Travellers

Photo Credit: Lego Travellers

Lego Travellers is an excellent way to show your kids that they can research and see other countries online. My 5 year old loves Lego and loves travel so this was a no brainer introduction to him. He since seems to think we are going to carry tiny lego people wherever we go and pose them in incredible shots. As much as I don’t want to add Lego people to my packing list, its probably a pretty great way to teach him photography.

Lego Travellers

Photo Credit: Lego Travellers

The geniuses behind this idea are Craig McCartney and Lindsey Haggerty both from Scotland who are half way through a trip around the world. I can’t wait to see what their plastic alter egos get up to next.

Flat Tires and Slow Boats

I recently found Flat Tires and Slow Boats on Linked In through the creator Tim OCallaghan and I haven’t stop reading since. Tim has been travelling since 1986 and has literally seen the world. What inspires me most about this blog is the incredible love of travel that exudes from every post. Tim didn’t win the lottery or save tons of money to go on a once in a lifetime trip. Instead his whole life has simply been one.

Photo Credit:

His photography skills are incredible and his writing is extremely genuine. No sugar coating it here. But somehow the truth of sleeping near crocodiles and being stranded at sea in Cambodia is even enticing. I highly recommend following this blog whether or not you have a love of travel. You will by the end of the week. Tim can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo Credit:

R We There Yet Mom?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

I am proud to be able to call this next blog author a friend of mine. Rebecca Darling from R We There Yet Mom? is exactly what you would expect from reading this blog. A down-to-earth incredible mom who loves to provide her kids with as many vacation experiences as she can. What I like about this blog is that it matches my own ideas in that every trip does not need to be a great one. Its the adventure that counts. Rebecca profiles trips across North America and literally will take her kids anywhere. A philosophy I am proud to share. We also write together for

R We There Yet Mom? also embodies so of the improvements I would like to see in my own blog. With excellent use of graphics and better skills than I currently have in computer design, I hope one day my blog will be as visually attractive as hers. In the meantime, I hope to learn from Rebecca while also following her travels. Rebecca can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

An example of Rebecca's graphic skills. Photo Credit:

An example of Rebecca’s graphic skills. Photo Credit:

What blogs do you follow?

Do you have a favourite travel blog? List it in the comments and I will be sure to check it out this week.

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