Keeping Fit on a Road Trip

Keeping fit on road tripMy kids and I will be leaving Thursday for a huge road trip driving from Toronto to Texas. I’ve just started working out with a new trainer, Ryan Shanahan, and I asked him how I can fit in workouts while out on the road. Like a lot of moms, I travel solo and can’t always sneak down to the hotel gym or head out for a run. After a great chat, we came up with a plan to make sure I have the energy to get through this over 3500 Mile / 5000 Kilometre road trip. Here is my guide to keeping fit on a road trip.

Make It About Fitness and Not Being Slim

If you look up diet on Google, you will get 136,000,000 results. The reality is the last thing you want to do in front of your kids is diet. I am not a size 4 but I have shown my kids that I can swim laps, run marathons and climb rock walls. On vacation, the kids watch me do yoga and more often than not join in. This to me is far more important that showing my kids that I am slim.

Rock Climbing

Because I travel alone with my kids, I make sure to eat for energy, stay as healthy as I can and also have a lot of fun with them. I don’t always worry about every calorie and love sharing ice cream cones as much as any other mom. I usually try and stick to an 80% 20% rule of 80% healthy and 20% fun.

Pack the Right Gear

When traveling I like to wear clothes that I look good in but can also be active in. I always see the moms in sundresses that can’t join in on the rock climbing wall and am glad I packed differently. My go-to for active mom wear is Lululemon Athletica. I usually call it my “Momiform” as I wear it on a daily basis. Since I began wearing Lululemon, the brand has gone from simple black yoga pants to a line of clothes that are perfect for active moms who want to go from playing to dinner and still feel great about themselves. The other thing I personally love about Lululemon is that it doesn’t wrinkle so I tend to look a little more put together.

Rollin' with my om'ies tank Photo Credit:

Rollin’ with my om’ies tank Photo Credit:

My new favourite item that I picked up a few nights ago is my rollin’ with my om’ies tank. It will definitely work for a day out on the beach and then a nice dinner with a glass of white wine. I was able to pack seven days of Lululemon clothing in the same size container as each of my kids clothes for a week. They fold flat, don’t wrinkle and you can wear them for fitness and fashion. What’s not to love.

Put Aside 10 Minutes to Do a Hotel Room Workout

Any mom knows that traveling with kids is exhausting. Its still really important to take time to take a few moments for yourself. When I described my worry of not working out to my friend and trainer Ryan, he reassured me he could provide me with a quick hotel workout that would work for me. I immediately asked if I could share it with my Traveling Mom friends and my readers.  He agreed and offered to video tape the workout so I could share it here. I’ll be trying it out on the road and hope you will let me know if you use it too. It also has great stretches that will help you feel better after a long drive or flight. Here is the video:

Are you heading out on the road this summer? How do you keep fit while having fun? Feel free to leave your suggestions below.

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