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DisclosureWith all the time we spent in Niagara Falls, I get near daily questions about Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls. Here’s what you need to know to make you Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls trip a perfect one.

1. Where can I find deals for Great Wolf Lodge Niagara?

The simplest answer is to sign up for Great Wolf Niagara Falls exclusive member deals. This is essentially a newsletter but a much less annoying one. I rarely get an email from Great Wolf Niagara Falls but when I do it always includes a decent coupon code.

All your questions answered about Great Wolf Lodge

2. What kind of room do we need at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara?

I’ve seen quite a few rooms at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls and can tell you this depends on the size of your family. I personally prefer the Majestic Bear Suites because they come with a large eating area, separate bedrooms and a large sitting area. They also have large balconies perfect for watching the sunset.

My kids on the other hand beg to stay in the Wolf Den Suite. These rooms come equipped with bunk beds and a literal wolf den where you kids can sleep and have their own television. The wolf den is sort of built in to the room with no door so don’t expect any privacy. There are two sizes of Wolf Den Suites. The larger size comes with a sleeper sofa for families larger than 4.

All your questions answered about Great Wolf Lodge

3. Why do I see pictures of kids at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls carrying wands around?

At first pictures of Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls can be confused with other wizard attractions because you often see kids doing magical things. The reason is that the halls of Great Wolf Lodge are equipped with the MagiQuest game. Kids can purchase quest books and wands at the store in Great Wolf Lodge and then embark on magical quests through the hotel.

Is it necessary to do? No. Is it a lot of fun? Yes. My kids are 5 and 6 and were old enough to really get into the game. I watched kids up to about 15 participating in MagiQuest and they were also pretty into it.

You can buy just a wand, buy an entire MagiQuest Package or get a wand with the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls Paw Pass which I will discuss next. I found that we really only needed one wand as a family and it wasn’t necessary to purchase the add-ons like wand toppers or a wand belt.

4. What is a Paw Pass and should I buy one?

A Paw Pass is sort of like a tasting menu of Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls. It costs 64.99$ saving you 46% off the retail price of $119.89. The paw pass includes the following:

  • One MagiQuest game;All your questions answered about Great Wolf Lodge
  • One MagiQuest wand;
  • One quarter pound of fudge;
  • One animal from our Great Wolf Stuffing Station;
  • One 5×7 Paw Prints water park action photo;
  • 20 Paw Points and game card for Northern Lights Arcade;
  • One gift at Scoops Kid Spa (nail polish or a cupcake piggy bank);
  • Two games of bowling at Ten Paw Alley or one game at Wacky Wilderness Mini Golf;
  • Two Great Wolf Kids activities in the Cub Club (think puzzles or colouring books; and
  • One pair of wolf ears

I bought the Paw Pass knowing that my kids would want to do at least half of the above activities. We found that as a family we really only needed on Paw Pass. My kids were able to play MagiQuest together and share the wand, a quarter pound of fudge was more than sufficient and we were able to get a family photo from the water park. Only Charlie, my youngest, really wanted to wear wolf ears.

The only time only having one Paw Pass became an issue was when they both wanted a Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls stuffed animal. Will opted for a really cute character pillow and Charlie chose Violet, the hotel’s wolf mascot. I paid an additional $30 for the second stuffed animal.

All in all, I was glad we bought the Paw Pass. Bowling was a great family activity and the 20 Paw Points and game card at the arcade were sufficient for our time onsite.

Whether you need one depends on whether you just want to enjoy the waterpark or want to try a few more things. You can get by easily without one and can also purchase a MagiQuest wand separately. There are also plenty of free activities on-site include the extremely popular story times.

In the end the Paw Pass did save us money as there was no way I was getting out of Great Wolf Lodge without buying at least a wand, wolf ears and a stuffed animal (which alone cost about the same as the Paw Pass). The rest was just gravy.

4. When is the best time to go?

I prefer Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday night but in reality any day of the week is good. The hotel knows how to handle a crowd so don’t be too afraid to go on weekends.

5. Is Great Wolf Lodge Niagara worth the cost?

In my opinion yes. You will find other water parks in Niagara Falls but there is definitely something unique about Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls. The staff is on point and your kids will have a lot of fun. The water park from what I could see is extremely well managed and I had no concerns at any point even being alone with my two kids.

All your questions answered about Great Wolf Lodge

One thing to keep in mind is that you actually get 2 days of play per one night stay at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls. You are allowed access to the waterpark from 1:00 pm on the day of check-in and are allowed to stay the entire next day. We checked out of our room on the second day, put our suitcases in the car and just kept a bag of clothes to change into.

Don’t be afraid to indulge in the free activities. Our favourite moment of the entire stay was the family story time.

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  1. We took our kids to Great Wolf Lodge one year, and they loved it 🙂 Magic Quest was crazy fun, but tiring, as it had us running all through the hotel. A great place for a family adventure 🙂

    TheAdventureAhead / Reply
  2. I was debating whether to get the Paw Pass or the Magi-cal Adventure. Are the games the same?

    Julie / Reply
    • Hi Julie,
      The Paw Pass includes Magiquest. If you want to complete the whole adventure schedule a good block of time. You can pick up the wands for around $17 which include the booklet you need to complete the tasks. The Paw Pass just adds a little more fun with surprise gifts, a stuffed toy, bowling and arcade games.

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