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If you have been following along on this blog for a few years now, you’ve probably realized that behind the photos of gorgeous landscapes and beautiful hotels there have been some less than photo worthy moments. We’ve built our vacation memories on the incredible adventures we’ve taken, the amazing people we’ve met and the many hotels we have been fortunate enough to call home. Those memories also include some hospital stays, a broken arm, and let’s face it a lot of vomit. When Preferred Hotels & Resorts asked me to spend the summer sharing my family travel truth, I immediately said yes. Read on to find out how sharing your #FamilyTravelTruth may make you 1 of 4 lucky Instagramers to win a 2 night stay at a Preferred Hotels & Resort property and 25 Instagram photo prints from Artifact Uprising.

That Night in Miami

A few years back, we checked into the incredible Trump International Beach Resort, A Preferred Hotel & Resort in Miami. We had the best day ever playing in the pool, flying kites and swimming in the ocean.


I decided to wrap it all up with dinner at one of the more hippest restaurants in Miami Beach; Barton G. Dinner went off without a hitch. Until there was a big hitch. Out of nowhere, Will said his throat felt tight. I was scared he was having an allergic reaction but then it all became clear that the pool water, ocean waves and sunshine had been a little too much on my 6 year old traveler.

He simply stood up in the middle of the restaurant and threw up. EVERYWHERE. I was worried and then I was mortified. I tried to help but it just kept coming. By the end of the “incident” we were both covered in vomit while Charlie happily finished off her dessert.

I took Will to the bathroom and stripped him down to his underwear. I tried to clean myself off as much as possible. After that I had to calculate how to find Charlie, pay the bill and get a practically naked 6 year old home in a cab.

Luckily the server was impeccable. She brought Charlie into the bathroom, helped me gather my stuff and let me pay the bill from there. Let’s just say, I left a pretty hefty tip. She showed me the quickest way out of the restaurant and we made our escape.

The best part of all this was that as we walked back into the hotel room, we all burst out laughing. Hysterical gut wrenching tear jerking laughter. Charlie was rolling on the ground and Will couldn’t contain himself.



The Scarier Moments

While the last incident was funny some of our travel truths included much scarier moments. Allergic reactions and broken bones have meant finding hospitals and solutions along the way. Still, these moments have never been enough for us to stop traveling in fact they’ve just made our family a stronger traveling tribe.


The Incredible Moments

Through the past 6 or so years, we have been blessed to share so many incredible blooper moments as a family. We were lucky enough to get a flat tire on the Masai Mara and be one of the few families who were able to huddle together as a group while standing near long grass known to hide prides of lions. In this photo, we were trying to decide who would be tastiest.


There was that time I attempted to ride a Segway which ended again in all three of us on the ground laughing hysterically.

10517502_706867249350694_5850003729833599837_nInstead we hiked to the peak of Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont and swam with frogs and newts. Well– I screamed a lot and got out of the water but the kids swam with the newts.

And of course the time I was so proud of Will after his first ski race in Michigan that I went to hug him not knowing he couldn’t stop. I came to hearing the crowd screaming “MEDIC” and then hearing someone on a walkie talkie confirming that the injury was in fact at the bottom of the hill.

Your Family Travel Truth

My friends at Preferred Hotel & Resorts, the world’s largest independent hotel brand, want you to share your #FamilyTravelTruth for a chance to win a two-night stay at one of the brand’s family-friendly luxury hotels and 25 Instagram photo prints from Artifact Uprising.


Post your best unfiltered family travel moments, past or present, to Instagram and use hashtags #FamilyTravelTruth and #contest as well as tag @PreferredHotels between July 26, 2016 and August 23rd, 2016. One winner will be selected each week over the four week contest period. Full T&Cs.

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